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Background Information
NameGiordano Pereira
Country of Birth
BirthdayMarch 29, 1998 (age 23)
TeamUnisinos Duckslogo std.pngUnisinos Ducks
Bot Laner
Favorite Champs
Social Media & Links
Infobox Facebook Fanpagelogo std.png
Infobox Instagramlogo std.png
Infobox Twitchlogo std.png
Infobox Twitterlogo std.png
Infobox Youtubelogo std.png
Team History
??? ???? - Feb 2015
Logo std.pngNexus Pub
Mar 2016 - ??? 2016
CNB Trinitylogo std.pngCNB Trinity Blue
Mar 2017 - Apr 2017
Iron Hawks e-Sportslogo std.pngIron Hawks Ultimate
Jun 2017 - Jul 2017
Merciless Gaminglogo std.pngMerciless Academy
Aug 2017 - ??? 2017
ETES e-sportslogo std.pngETES e-sports
Aug 2018 - May 2019
Missouri Valley Collegelogo std.pngMissouri Valley Coll.
Aug 2019 - Present
Unisinos Duckslogo std.pngUnisinos Ducks

Giordano "Gikko" Pereira is a League of Legends esports player, currently bot laner for Unisinos Ducks.



  • Is the first Brazilian player to earn college scholarship for LoL in the US.
  • He is the brother of Hearthstone player LegolaS.

Tournament Results[edit]

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Minimum place

Gikko Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultRoster
2019-03-03NQ 2019 North Conference
3 - 3Blanklogo std.pngRR
Missouri Valley Collegelogo std.pngMVC Boya,  Yilean,  Just keep trying,  Gikko,  Fenrir,  Ryzgo
2019-02-019 - 12 Wichita eSports 20k 2019
0 - 2Blanklogo std.pngRR
Missouri Valley Collegelogo std.pngMVC Boya,  Yilean,  Gikko,  Ryzgo,  Fenrir
2017-09-235 - 6 Experience League Playoffs
1 : 2Logo std.pngFACT
ETES e-sportslogo std.pngETES Glowcore,  RTunes1,  Milo,  Gikko,  drewzera
2017-09-182 Experience League Group Stage
2 - 1Blanklogo std.pngRR
ETES e-sportslogo std.pngETES Glowcore,  RTunes1,  Milo,  Gikko,  drewzera
2017-08-15NQ BRCC 2018 Split 1 Promotion Access
1 : 2Stay Gaminglogo std.pngStay
Logo std.pngHOW  Glowcore,  Bpaz,  Milo,  Gikko,  Sadoski
2017-07-083 BRCC 2018 Split 1 Promotion Access Q3
1 : 0En9my Teamlogo std.pngEn9my
Merciless Gaminglogo std.pngMGG.A Skywaf,  FinalDeath,  Milo,  Gikko,  Sadoski
2017-07-013 BRCC 2018 Split 1 Promotion Access Q2
1 : 0Sons of Tzu Gaminglogo std.pngTZU
Merciless Gaminglogo std.pngMGG.A Skywaf,  FinalDeath,  Milo,  Gikko,  Sadoski
2017-06-245 - 8 BRCC 2018 Split 1 Promotion Access Q1
0 : 1Neo Llamas & Friendslogo std.pngNLlamas
Merciless Gaminglogo std.pngMGG.A Skywaf,  FinalDeath,  Milo,  Gikko,  Sadoski
2017-05-108 ESL BRPL Season 3
0 - 7Blanklogo std.pngRR
Iron Hawks e-Sportslogo std.pngHKS.U Uri,  Misor Wyvern,  Fafnyr,  wayzerah,  Gary,  Mills,  Gikko,  Daniquest


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