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Buff was removed in Patch 6.22.
Gift of the Toadstool
Poisons enemies who attack you in the next 90 seconds, dealing 10 + [+5% bonus health] as magic damage to them over 3 seconds.
Additional Information
Map AvailabilitySR
SourceSmiting a [[
Lost On DeathNo

The Gift of the Toadstool is a buff granted upon using  Smite onto a [[


  • As with other jungle buffs, the Gift of the Toadstool could only be harvested once per spawn regardless of who killed the monster.


  • This buff counted as a poisonous effect and worked with
    's Twin Fang.png Twin Fang.

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Patch History[]

Patch 6.22

Smite bonuses (the benefits you get from Smiting a camp) are a feature we actually think functions pretty well at giving junglers tools to contest objectives and control the map. However, we think we can do better, so we’re removing Smite bonuses to give us room to make improvements elsewhere. However, there is one important function of Smite bonuses that we haven’t reliably replicated elsewhere: sustain. Smite will continue to carry that burden whenever used on any camp.

NO MORE WOLF SPIRIT Large monsters no longer grant bonuses when Smited. (Red and blue buffs still exist!)

Patch 5.7

We know this is a pretty sizable damage reduction on Gromp buff for lategame tank junglers, but there were two reasons: first, this thing was getting a little bonkers against squishy auto-attacking marksmen (with little to no meaningful counterplay). Second - and more important - from a philosophical perspective no smite buff should be so insanely head and shoulders above any other, but Gromp buff was getting very close to that. We want all jungle buffs to have varying degrees of usefulness (based on the state of the game), but it's important there be at least some choice in the matter.

DAMAGE SCALING : 10% bonus health 5% bonus health

Patch 5.5

Say that three times fast. Gromp buff now scales with bonus health so jungle tanks can scale better in their jungle clears, even without Cinderhulk.

GROMP POISON : 4 + (8 x level) 10 + 10% of bonus health

Patch 4.21
More poisonous toadstool armor.

The Gromp buff was designed to establish a baseline clear speed for tank junglers, as we expect most would rely on the toadstool armor over their basic abilities to clear camps. This is just an example of the ways we can tweak jungle parameters to benefit groups of junglers in healthy ways!

DAMAGE SCALING : Gift of the Toadstool'd champions deal 6 + (6 x level) magic damage over 3 seconds 4 + (8 x level) magic damage over 3 seconds

Patch 4.20
Smite a camp, get a reward. Simple!

Smite is a pretty unique resource for a jungler, but the choices they make with this spell are pretty basic ("is it off cooldown?"). By giving camps unique rewards, we can offer more ways for a jungler to react to a situation while giving great junglers the chance to differentiate themselves from the good junglers. Sorry, I'll rephrase that: "we can separate the good junglers from the great junglers.

GROMP : Smiting the Gromp grants Gift of the Toadstool - attackers are poisoned for 6 (+ 6 per level) magic damage over 3 seconds. Lasts 90 seconds.