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Background Information
NameEvgeny Andryushin (Евгений Андрюшин)
Country of Birth
BirthdaySeptember 24, 1988 (age 32)
Bot Laner
Favorite Champs

Soloqueue IDsKalinkaMalinka (NA), SilentSStorm, Genja007
Social Media & Links
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Team History
Oct 2010 - ??? 2011
Logo std.pngMTG (Russian Team)
Feb 2011 - Mar 2011
Logo std.pngLiquicity
Mar 2011 - May 2011
Logo std.pngmyRevenge Russia
Oct 2011 - Dec 2011
Team Empirelogo std.pngTeam Empire
Dec 2011 - Jan 2013
Moscow Fivelogo std.pngMoscow Five
Jan 2013 - Aug 2014
GambitLogo std.pngGambit Gaming
Aug 2014 - Dec 2015
GambitLogo std.pngGambit Gaming

Evgeny "Genja" Andryushin (Cyrillic: Евгений Андрюшин) is a retired League of Legends esports player, previously bot laner for Gambit Gaming.


Genja hails from Moscow, Russia. He gained notice in Season 1 of League of Legends, reaching 2.3k in the high elo ladders playing mainly
. He started in the competitive scene after brief stints playing with Liquicity, myRevenge Russia and MTG, where he met future teammates Alex Ich and Darien.

Pre Season 2[edit]

He started making headway though in the scene when joining Team Empire as their AD Carry in late 2011, who made a large splash at IEM Season VI Qualifiers, winning it to be invited to play at IEM Season VI - Global Challenge Kiev but also due to making a now famed highlight vs SK Gaming, which gave birth to the meme and saying of players shouting "EMPIRE!". [9]

Season 2[edit]

Alex and the rest of Team Empire - Darien, Diamondprox, Alex Ich, and GoSuPepper (who would later rename to EDward) - were recruited by organization Moscow Five in December 2011. Their first major appearance was at IEM Kiev, where they made an international name for them selves by undefeated in group stage against Dignitas, against All authority, and Sypher and then beating SK Gaming and Team SoloMid to win the tournament; the only game they dropped in their entire tournament run was to TSM.[10][11]

After IEM, Moscow Five competed in the online Kings of Europe tournament. Again they had an undefeated group stage, though this time they lost to Counter Logic Gaming EU in the finals after a semi-final win over Team Sypher.[12][13]

Moscow Five's next tournament was the IEM World Championship in Hanover, which they also won, this time one-upping their IEM Kiev performance by going undefeated.[14] Later tournament results included second-place finishes in the online Corsair Vengeance Cup and offline at DreamHack Summer 2012, both of which were won by CLG.EU. They got their revenge at European Challenger Circuit: Poland, which they won with a 2-0 finals victory over CLG.EU.[15] At the Season Two Regional Finals, M5 qualified for the [Season 2 World Championship]] with the top seed from Europe after defeating EloHell, Fnatic, and SK Gaming.[16]

At Worlds, Moscow Five were considered by many analysts to be the favorites to win the entire event.[17] Due to their regional final victory, the team had a group stage bye and then beat Invictus Gaming in the quarterfinals 2-0, with strong midgame play. However, after winning game 1 in the semifinals against Taipei Assassins, M5 dropped the series 1-2 and finished the tournament in 3rd-4th; TPA went on to win the entire event.

Pre-Season 3[edit]

After Worlds, Moscow Five placed fourth at the European tournament Tales of the Lane before flying to Shanghai to attend the TGA Winter 2012 event; they didn't participate in the tournament itself, but they played and won show matches against Team WE and Invictus Gaming and interacted with fans, hoping to boost their Chinese popularity.[18][19] Upon leaving China, the team flew to Las Vegas to attend IPL 5, where they placed fourth, once again eliminated from a tournament by the Taipei Assassins, this time in an 0-2 loss despite Alex Ich farming to a 538 creep score in the first game.

In January 2013, due to Moscow Five's CEO having been arrested in July of the previous year and leaving the organization with a lack of funding, the League of Legends roster was released.[20][21] Four days later, on January 14, the team joined Gambit Gaming.

Season 3[edit]

Moscow Five's Season 2 Worlds attendance granted the roster a seed into Riot's new professional league for Season 3, the European League of Legends Championship Series, despite the roster's organizational switch. They dominated the 10-week regular season with a 21-7 overall record and then finished second in the playoffs behind Fnatic. Partway through the season, they attended IEM Hanover, where they placed third after a semifinal loss to CJ Entus Frost. They also played at the 2013 MLG Winter Championship exhibition tournament, where they placed second.

After the end of the LCS Spring Split, Alex Ich was publicly voted to represent Europe at the All-Star tournament. Teammates Diamondprox, Genja, and Edward were also voted in by the region, but due to a rule requiring that only up to three members of a single team could be voted into the tournament, Yellowpete from Evil Geniuses replaced Genja; sOAZ from Fnatic was the top laner. The European team placed last out of the five regions' teams in attendance.

In the summer season of the LCS, Gambit finished in fourth place with a 15-13 record in the round robin and then in third place in the playoffs, which was sufficient to send them to Worlds. At Worlds, Gambit made it out of groups in second place with a 5-3 record after beating Samsung Ozone in a tie breaker; however, they were eliminated in the first round of the bracket by NaJin Black Sword.


  • Despite living in Russia, he was never a CIS resident officially because by the time residency rules were introduced he declared European residency.
  • Known for his AD
    Miss Fortune
    (Solo Bot at IEM Season VI - World Championship) and popularizing Wriggle's Lantern on AD carries.
  • At IEM Season VI - Global Challenge Kiev he was asked what it was that M5 made so strong. He replied with: "Any team could do the same. The way to kill other heroes so fast is you see hero, you kill hero. It's not special".
  • Got 2.3k ELO after only playing
    in Season 1, using a special Brutalizer-Sword of the Occult-Boots of Mobility-Infinity Edge build.
  • Played a lot of AD
    at the beginning of Season 2.
  • Never plays with a skin.
  • Favors Mercury's Treads and Ninja Tabi over Berserker's Greaves.
  • One of the few AD carries that stack two Bloodthirsters, especially as
    Miss Fortune
  • Has been named by Diamondprox to be the "brain" of Gambit Gaming as he usually comes up with their team comps and strategies
  • Used to play CDR (blue)
    long before it got popular; he built Glacial Shroud and The Brutalizer.
  • Also used to Max W on
    , which got nerfed.
  • Was the one who came up with
    Xin Zhao
    jungle and
    Top lane combination, which got popular fairly quickly.
  • One of his favorite champions is Tryndamere. He has multiple smurfs on which he played
    up to Diamond. Told Alex Ich to play
    against Froggen's Anivia and beat him in cs with him.
  • Came up with the
    2v1 with
    roaming strategy. He says that he came up with this strategy because he used to not like playing with Edward in lane.
  • Buys GA as a second or third item, because his team plays a specific playstyle in which he won't get protected. Gambit likes to dive a lot with Darien and Diamondprox.
  • Likes to run armor pen runes on
    and some other AD carries.
  • One of his many smurfs is SilentSStorm, on which he only plays
  • Popularized
    , which got nerfed heavily.
  • Came up with the Zeke's Herald tactic, where he buys no lifesteal items at all and relies on his support for that.
  • Popularized the Blue
    . Genja, was also the first player to build tear of the Goddess on
  • Likes to invent and popularize many champions, builds and strategies.
  • Smurf's name comes from the game "Silent Storm", it's from 2003 and was made by a Russian company. The game itself plays in WW2, probably the reason why he has the "SS" in his smurf's name.
  • Is praised by many for his positioning.
  • Popularised Trinity Force on
  • Likes to build his AD carries without any attack speed items. He once said in an interview that he mainly wants to deal damage with his spells and then with his autoattacks. Might be the reason why he plays a ton of
    , and
    Miss Fortune
  • Popularized the Trinity Force
    build at season 3 world championships.
  • Known for his triple Doran's Blade for a safer early game.
  • Got the nickname Genja Timelord for playing with unconventional builds that would later become meta.


EU LCS 2014 Spring PlayoffsGambitLogo std.pngCHWLogo std.png
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Tournament Results[edit]

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Minimum place

Genja Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultRoster
2014-07-317 EU LCS 2014 Summer
8 - 20Blanklogo std.pngRR
GambitLogo std.pngGMB Darien,  Cabochard,  Kubon,  Diamondprox,  loulex,  niQ,  Genja,  Fury III,  Edward,  Hiiva
2014-04-175 EU LCS 2014 Spring Playoffs
2 : 1CHWLogo std.pngCW
GambitLogo std.pngGMB Darien,  Diamondprox,  Alex Ich,  Genja,  EDward
2014-04-035 EU LCS 2014 Spring
14 - 14Blanklogo std.pngRR
GambitLogo std.pngGMB Darien,  Zorozero,  Diamondprox,  Hulberto,  Alex Ich,  nukeduck,  Genja,  fury III,  Edward
2014-03-153 - 4 IEM Season 8 World Championship
0 : 2KT Rolsterlogo std.pngKT.B
GambitLogo std.pngGMB Darien,  Diamondprox,  Alex Ich,  Genja,  Edward
2013-11-241 IEM Season 8 Cologne Amateur - Pro Tournament
2 : 0Fnaticlogo std.pngFNC
GambitLogo std.pngGMB Darien,  Diamondprox,  Alex Ich,  Genja,  Edward
2013-10-045 - 8 Worlds Season 3
1 : 2Najin Black Swordlogo std.pngNJBS
GambitLogo std.pngGMB Darien,  Diamondprox,  Alex Ich,  Genja,  Voidle
2013-08-253 EU LCS 2013 Summer Playoffs
2 : 1Eglogo std.pngEG
GambitLogo std.pngGMB Darien,  Diamondprox,  Alex Ich,  Genja,  Voidle
2013-08-174 EU LCS 2013 Summer
15 - 13Blanklogo std.pngRR
GambitLogo std.pngGMB Darien,  Spontexx,  Diamondprox,  Alex Ich,  Genja,  D4rker,  Voidle
2013-04-282 EU LCS 2013 Spring Playoffs
2 : 3Fnaticlogo std.pngFNC
GambitLogo std.pngGMB Darien,  Diamondprox,  Alex Ich,  Genja,  Edward
2013-04-142 EU LCS 2013 Spring
21 - 7Blanklogo std.pngRR
GambitLogo std.pngGMB Darien,  Diamondprox,  Alex Ich,  Genja,  Edward


  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015
  • July 24, "Interview with Genja" (Russian) [ (English Translation)] with , and on Penta News

Post-Match Interviews

2013-04-06EU LCS 2013 Spring
Fnaticlogo std.pngFNC
GambitLogo std.pngGMB



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