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Background Information
NameAaron Asher
Country of Birth
United States
BirthdayJuly 16, 1996 (age 25)
North America
Favorite Champs
Soloqueue IDsgallex (NA), miúna (NA), miunas legacy (NA), midnight miuna (NA)
Social Media & Links
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Team History
Nov 2014 - Feb 2015
Logo std.pngSteel Fist
Feb 2015 - Mar 2015
Cerberus eSports (North American Team)logo std.pngCerberus eSports
Apr 2015 - Sep 2015
Legacy Esportslogo std.pngLegacy Esports
Apr 2015 - Oct 2015
Legacy Genesislogo std.pngLegacy Genesis
Sep 2015 - Jan 2016
Legacy Esportslogo std.pngLegacy Esports
Sep 2017 - Aug 2019
University of Denverlogo std.pngUniversity of Denver
Nov 2018 - Mar 2020
University of Denverlogo std.pngUniversity of Denver

Aaron "Gallex" Asher is a League of Legends esports personality, previously manager for University of Denver.


Asher was originally introduced to the game through his friends from high school around the time of the Season 2 World Championship. He began playing on the Quinn patch.

While living in Los Angeles, Asher attended NALCS events, which inspired him to dive into the strategy behind the game. In late 2014, he began freelancing as a journalist at GoldPer10.com, where he met then-Dire Wolves coach Jish, who recommended him the Legacy Esports job.

Asher joined Legacy eSports for OPL 2015 Split 2 in April 2015, and was announced as the Head Coach, with Maxxy and Malaz as analysts, in May.[6] After falling to The Chiefs eSports Club in Split 2 Grand Finals, he moved to a lesser role with the organization before being released from his contract and returning to school.[7][8]

In September 2017, Asher took over coaching the League of Legends program at the University of Denver. Between 2017 and 2018, the program grew from 5 players to 3 full rosters, each with a dedicated coaching staff. In August 2019, Asher moved from head coach to the director of the program, and continues to mentor the current coaching staff.

Asher left the University of Denver program in March 2020.[9]


Tournament Results[]

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Minimum place

Gallex Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultTeamRoster
2020-03-01NQ 2020 West Conference
3 - 3Blanklogo std.pngRR
University of Denverlogo std.pngDU Saeta,  Pharaoh,  Forever Lonely,  GoWhereIPlease,  Duckgirl3,  W E S H l,  Neuron,  gallex
2015-09-20Q OPL 2016 Split 1 Promotion
3 : 0Sudden Fearlogo std.pngSF
Legacy Genesislogo std.pngLGG Pacman,  Impaired,  Claire,  Edition,  Regalia,  gallex,  Maxxy
2015-08-082 OPL 2015 Split 2 Playoffs
1 : 3Chiefs Esports Clublogo std.pngCHF
Legacy Esportslogo std.pngLGC Minkywhale,  Carbon,  ChuChuZ,  Claire,  Tallywhacka,  flyingJoo,  gallex
2015-07-162 OCS 2015 Split 2
1 : 3Logo std.pngKRIS
Legacy Genesislogo std.pngLGG Pacman,  Impaired,  Claire,  Edition,  Becky,  gallex
2015-07-092 OPL 2015 Split 2
10 - 4Blanklogo std.pngRR
Legacy Esportslogo std.pngLGC Minkywhale,  Carbon,  Impaired,  ChuChuZ,  Claire,  Tallywhacka,  flyingJoo,  gallex


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