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The Greek Legends Wings League awards Championship Points throughout the 2022 Season which are used at the end of it to determine teams sent to the promotion tournament.


  • The two teams that accumulate the most points across Spring and Summer are sent to the Promotion tournament.
  • If two or more teams have the same number of points, the team with the most points obtained in the Summer Split receives the highest place.

Points Distribution[]

Place Spring Points Summer Points
1 105 140
2 75 100
3 60 80
4 45 60
5 30 40
6 18 24
7 12 16
8 0 0


1Wild Panthers Esportslogo std.pngWild Panthers45140185
2Pentagon Mazelogo std.pngPentagon Maze7580155
3Panathinaikos AC eSportslogo std.pngPanathinaikos AC110540145
4Emperor Gaminglogo std.pngEmperor Gaming6060120
5Project Sinnerslogo std.pngProject Sinners18100118
6Ionikos Nikaias Esportslogo std.pngIonikos Nikaias2301646
7Visual Perceptionlogo std.pngVisual Perception122436
8Silent Revolution Gaminglogo std.pngSilent Revolution-00
9Umbra Divinus Gaminglogo std.pngUmbra Divinus0-0
1 3D Revolution's spot was acquired by Panathinaikos AC eSports prior to Summer.
2 The Spawn Esports' spot was acquired by Ionikos Nikaias Esports prior to Summer.