Frozen Mallet

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Frozen Mallet
ItemSquareFrozen Mallet.png
UNIQUE - Icy: Basic attacks (on-hit) apply a 40% slow to your target for 1.5 seconds, refreshing with every hit.


Additional Information
LimitationsOn ranged champions, applies a 20% slow instead.
Map AvailabilityALL
ItemSquareJaurim's Fist.png + ItemSquareGiant's Belt.png + 900 Goldcurrency.png
Total Cost: 3100 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 2170 Goldcurrency.png


  • Jaurim's Fist
    's bonus health gets lost when upgraded to Frozen Mallet, so there is no benefit in delaying the completion.


  • Frozen Mallet is the basic attack-based counterpart of
    Rylai's Crystal Scepter
  • Frozen Mallet's icon appears to be that of an alpha item with unknown effects called
    Megaton Mallet
    with ice edited on.

Similar Items[edit]

Patch History[edit]


Ranged basic attacks slow for less.

Only a few ranged champions can afford to sacrifice damage to pick up Frozen Mallet, but those champions who can end up being both hard to reach (because of the slow) and hard to kill (because of the health). To make this less of a (can't) Catch-22, we're reducing the ranged slow.

SLOW (RANGED) : [30%] 20%

Health increased, attack damage decreased. Now builds out of Giant’s Belt instead of Pickaxe.

Frozen Mallet’s the kind of item that often seems less effective than it is, thanks to an odd mix of stats only a select few champions really want. That said, seeing some of those performers come to light (Gnar and Tank Yasuo being at the forefront) has shown how powerful the item can be in the hands of our stickier fighters. As a result, we're shifting its statline to favor more defense than offense to align better with the item’s identity. Mallet should be a strong (if occasional) pickup for when you want to opt-in to more of a disruptive role, rather than when you want to kill your opponents faster.

BUILD PATH : [Jaurim's Fist + Pickaxe + Ruby Crystal + 625 gold] Jaurim's Fist + Giant's Belt + 900 gold (total cost unchanged)
HEALTH : [650] 700


TOTAL cost : [3300 gold] 3100 gold
BUILD path : Jaurim's Fist + Pickaxe + Ruby Crystal + 525 gold
health : [700] 650
ATTACK damage : [30] 40


  • Recipe Changed: Giant's Belt + Pickaxe + Ruby Crystal + 950 gold = 3300 total gold
  • UNIQUE Passive – Icy retained


  • Attack Damage increased from 20 to 30
  • Unique Passive is now named "Icy"
  • Cost increased from 3,250 (825) to 3,300 (835)


  • Fixed - Slow duration now correctly lasts for 2.5 seconds instead of 2


  • Tooltip now shows slow percent for melee and ranged attackers


  • Slows from items will no longer stack. The largest slow will take effect until duration wears, then the next largest slow will take effect if it's still active


  • Health reduced from 800 to 775


  • Phage and Frozen Mallet no longer stack


  • Increased slow percent from 25 / 35% (range/melee) to 30 / 40%
  • Increased duration from 2.25 to 2.5

May 15, 2009 Patch

  • Damage reduced from 30 to 20