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Frozen Fist
ItemSquareFrozen Fist.png
UNIQUE - Spellblade: After using an ability, your next basic attack within 10 seconds deals (+100% base AD) on-hit bonus damage (1.5 second cooldown).
UNIQUE - Icy Zone: Triggering Spellblade also deals (+100% base AD) physical damage to enemies surrounding the target and creates a icy zone for 2 seconds, which slows enemies within by 30%. The zone has a radius of 180 (+55% bonus Armor) units.



Additional Information
Map AvailabilityALL
ItemSquareIceborn Gauntlet.png
Total Cost: 2700 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 1890 Goldcurrency.png


  • This item is only obtainable if OrnnSquare.pngOrnn is on your team. Ornn can have up to two Master Craftsman items, but his allies are limited to 1.
  • Icy Zone's area of effect damage does not include the damage from the actual attack itself, or any on-hit effects
  • Spellblade's damage will benefit from life steal.
  • Icy Zone will trigger against structures. The area of effect damage and slow still apply around the structure as normal. As such, it might trigger turret aggro if any enemy champion nearby the turret is hit.
  • Iceborn Gauntlet refers to the Freljordians who were given power by the Frozen Watchers. These people were called Iceborn, with their leader LissandraSquare.pngLissandra.
  • Icy Zone's minimum radius is 215.75 units, because of Iceborn Gauntlet's own 65 armor.
  • The bonus damage does not stack with
    Lich Bane
    Trinity Force
    , or
    since they all have a unique passive with the same name. The effect that would deal the most damage takes priority.
  • However, Icy Zone will trigger regardless of which Spellblade is used.


Similar Items[]

Patch History[]

Patch 9.8

Living Forge's Forgefire Cape, Frozen Fist, and Infernal Mask base stats increased.

We want Ornn to be stronger, but in a way that's unique to him. As such, we're bulking up the items that come out of his passive to strengthen him late-game.

Living Forge.png Passive - Living Forge

FORGEFIRE CAPE : Health increased from [625] and armor increased from [60]
[750] [100]
FROZEN FIST : Armor increased from [95] 125
FORGEFIRE CAPE : Health increased from [550] and magic resist increased from [90]
[750] [100]

Patch 9.1

  • Item added.