Fearless (Mastery)

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  • Season 2017
Ferocity Cunning Resolve


Fearless is a tier 4 resolve mastery with 1 rank.


  • Requires 11 points in Resolve.


  • Gain 10% bonus Armor Mini Icon.pngArmor and MagicResist Mini Icon.pngMagic Resist (+1.5 flat Armor and Magic Resist per level) when damaged by an enemy champion for 2 seconds (9 second cooldown).

Patch History[edit]


Reducing damage from masteries. Meditation mana regen down. Fearless base resistances down.

Ultimately, we want a player’s impact to come from the decisions they make and the actions they take in-game. Masteries supplement that power, but over time the amount of power they bring has crept up. We like the gameplay that is created by impactful Keystone masteries, but we’re looking to trim some of the invisible power from masteries which only provide passive stats.

Mastery Fearless.png Fearless

BONUS RESISTANCES PER LEVEL : [2 (max 36)] 1.5 (max 27) (baseline +10% bonus resistances unchanged)

Mastery Fearless.png NEW Fearless

Extra mitigation at the start of a fight.
BY A SPLIT : Gain 10% bonus armor and magic resist (+2 flat armor and magic resist per level) when damaged by an enemy champion for 2 seconds (9 second cooldown)