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Item was removed in Patch 8.2.
Eye of the Oasis
ItemSquareEye of the Oasis.png
UNIQUE - Favor: Nearby enemy minions, killed by any ally other than you, will sometimes drop a coin that can be picked up to either grant 40 gold or restore (+6% missing mana) (minimum 10). Cannon minions will drop a coin as long as you don't kill them.
UNIQUE - Bandit: Gain 1 gold for each nearby minion killed by an ally (1400 range).
Additionally, gain 10 / 3 gold (Melee / Range Users) when hitting an enemy champion with a basic attack (5 seconds per-target cooldown).
UNIQUE - Quest: Earn 750 gold using this item. REWARD: Favor is upgraded to UNIQUE - Emperor's Favor:
Makes champion takedowns grant both the gold and mana. You also grant 8% bonus movement speed to nearby allied champions moving toward you (1250 range).
UNIQUE - Warding: Consumes a charge to place a
Stealth Ward
at the target location (600 range), which reveals the surrounding area for 150 seconds. Holds up to 4 charges which refill upon visiting the shop.


125% Base Health Regen


+2 Gold per 10 seconds
Additional Information
LimitationsLimited to 1 Jungle or Gold Income item
A player may only have 3
Stealth Wards
Totem Wards
on the map at one time.
Map AvailabilitySR
ItemSquareSightstone.png + ItemSquareNomad's Medallion.png + 250 Goldcurrency.png
Total Cost: 1900 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 760 Goldcurrency.png


  • The quest reward can only be obtained after being out-of-combat for 5 seconds.
  • If the last coin to drop was a gold coin, the next coin will be a mana coin. If the last coin was a mana coin, the next coin will be a gold coin.
  • The coin drop rate starts at 0% and increases by 11.11% for every minion that dies (regardless of whether it drops a coin or not). When a minion drops a coin (including siege minions) the chance drops by 33.33%. This value can go below 0%.


  • Champion takedowns will drop a coin that will chase your champion until it reaches them. After a certain duration, if the coin didn't reach your champion, it will disappear.

Similar Items[]

Patch History[]



WARD ITEM Completing a support item quest now grants Sightstone active, rather than the old quest rewards
GO TO BASE Quest completion will only grant one ward charge until returning to the fountain
LESS QUEST Quests now complete at 500 gold earned, not 750

Remnant of the Ascended

OLD NAME : Eye of the Oasis
BUILD PATH : [Nomad's Medallion + Sightstone + 550 gold]
Nomad's Medallion (or Nomad's Eye) + Ruby Crystal + 550 gold
ALL STATS : Unchanged from old Eye of the Oasis
THE NEW MODEL Upon quest completion, item will upgrade into Eye of Ascension and gain the Sightstone active

Coins restore less mana.

Ancient Coin’s mana restore is meant to allow supports to use their abilities frequently, provided they’re willing to risk walking into the minion wave to pick up their coins. Odd as it sounds, Coin’s mana restore is so generous it’s disincentivizing supports from taking the intended risks. When blue coins are too potent, supports can afford to miss drops while still having enough mana to stay in lane. Why risk taking damage (let alone death) if you’re not even close to OOM?

In this regard, reducing Coin’s mana restore makes the cost of missing a drop higher, since Coin users will need to more consistently pick up their blue coins to stay in lane. That in turn makes it easier for opponents to force Coin users back to base, whether due to low health (they took damage while grabbing coins) or low mana (they didn’t grab their coins).

BLUE COIN REWARD : [10% (min. 15)] 6% (min. 10) missing mana

Mana coins restore less mana.

We recently double-buffed the Ancient Coin line by increasing the gold and mana bonuses provided by coin drops, then reworking its quest reward the following patch. These changes left Coin too strong overall. We’re pulling back on the mana it provides so supports like Soraka and Sona aren’t able to keep their lane partners perpetually healthy.

MANA COIN REWARD : [15%] 10% missing mana

Quest reward now grants movement speed to approaching allies instead of an early skill point.

While an early skill point was a unique and novel reward for Ancient Coin’s quest, it also didn’t line up well with what Coin’s core users want to do: guide their team into and out of fights (your Rakans, your Jannas). We’re replacing it with a more familiar effect that provides supports the means to serve as “GO HERE” guideposts for their teammates, giving them the edge when determining where a fight goes down.

REWARD : Favor upgrades into Emperor’s Favor and [you get an elixir that grants a bonus skill point] nearby allies gain 8% movement speed when moving toward you

Coin rewards increased.

The Coin line is underperforming to a pretty significant degree. Hence, buffs.

GOLD COIN REWARD : [20gold] 25 gold
MANA COIN REWARD : [8% missing mana] 15% missing mana

Nomad's Medallion, Talisman of Ascension & Eye of the Oasis

GOLD COIN REWARD : [30 gold] 40 gold
MANA COIN REWARD : [8% missing mana] 15% missing mana


Cost down.

TOTAL COST : [2400] 2200 gold
COMBINE COST : [350] 450 gold

Just a few usability improvements to the coin drop mechanic.

PENNY PINCHING : Champions no longer pick up mana coins if they’re at full mana
LIMITED-TIME OFFER : Coins now have visual indicators when they’re about to expire

Combine cost decreased. Also affects Talisman of Ascension & Eye of the Oasis.

When we updated Nomad’s Medallion’s build path last patch, the small offset to its combine cost change didn’t go through. Here it is.

COST : [875 (375 combine cost)] 850 (350 combine cost)

Talisman of Ascension

COST : [2425] 2400 gold

Eye of the Oasis

COST : [1925] 1900 gold


We don’t think Ancient Coin needs any major power or directional changes at the moment, but we see room for a few feel-good/quality of life changes.
Favor passive

CONSISTENCY : Siege minions now always drop a coin (overall coin generation unchanged on average)

Quest reward

EMPEROR’S FAVOR : The bonus skill point now behaves as if you’re one level higher than you actually are

Nomad's Medallion

Talisman of Ascension is the more generalist support item, so we’re shifting Nomad’s Medallion and its upgrades to carry some health regeneration (good for everybody).

BUILD PATH : Ancient Coin [+ Faerie Charm + 375 gold] + Rejuvenation Bead + 350 gold (total cost unchanged)
HEALTH REGEN : [+25%] +50% base health regen

Talisman of Ascension

HEALTH REGEN : [+150%] +175% base health regen

Eye of the Oasis

HEALTH REGEN : [+100%] +125% base health regen


While the Targon’s and Spellthief’s lines encourage supports to play an active role in the laning phase (last-hitting/trading), Ancient Coin’s gameplay consists of “be in lane”. We want to make Ancient Coin’s rewards less consistently safe, allowing users more ways to show off skillful aggression while giving opponents more opportunity to punish mistakes.
Favor update

WAHOO! : UNIQUE Favor: Nearby enemy minions killed by anyone other than Ancient Coin’s holder have a chance to drop either a gold or mana coin to picked up by the Coin user. (Think Thresh souls.) After one coin type has spawned, the next spawn is guaranteed to be the other type.
MAGNETISM : Coin pickup range scales moderately with champion attack range
GOLD COINS : 20 gold for Ancient Coin, increased to 30 gold for Nomad's Medallion, Talisman of Ascension, and Eye of the Oasis
MANA COINS : 8% of missing mana (minimum 15 mana)
LET’SA GO Ancient Coin and its upgrades now grant +2 gold per 10 seconds

Supports often lag behind the rest of their team in experience, denying them access to base stats and skill ranks. Ancient Coin’s new quest gives supports a boost to stay competitive in ability ranks, granting them a skill point when they complete it.
Quest rewards

QUEST : Complete Ancient Coin’s quest by earning 650 gold through the Favor passive and upgrading to Nomad’s Medallion or higher (progress preserved through item upgrades)
YOUR EMPEROR HAS RETURNED : Favor is upgraded to Emperor’s Favor on quest completion, causing takedowns on enemy champions to spawn gold and mana coins
ABOVE AND BEYOND : On quest completion, gain an Elixir of Skill that instantly grants a skill point when consumed. (You still have a max of 18 skill points per game meaning you’ll finish leveling your abilities at level 17.) The elixir is automatically consumed if no inventory space is available.


We’re bringing the costs down or the stats up. Everything must go!

Eye of the Equinox


Eye of the Oasis

TOTAL COST : [2200 gold] 1900 gold
COMBINE COST : [550 gold] 250 gold

Zeke's Harbinger

TOTAL COST : [2350 gold] 2250 gold
COMBINE COST : [480 gold] 380 gold

Talisman of Ascension

TOTAL COST : [2500 gold] 2400 gold
COMBINE COST : [450 gold] 350 gold

Frozen Heart

TOTAL COST : [2800 gold] 2700 gold
COMBINE COST : [800 gold] 700 gold

Mana regen down, CDR up.

If you're a support in 2016, mana regeneration's just about everywhere you look when it comes to full item builds. In the interest of providing supports with a different stat (while still keeping these items focused on spellcasting), we're trying out cooldown reduction to make them fit as smoothly as their Tier 3 brethren (Talisman of Ascension and Frost Queen's Claim, respectively).

Cooldown Reduction : [0%] 10%


Part 2. Context above!

TOTAL cost : 2200 gold
BUILD path : Sightstone + Nomad's Medallion + 550 gold
health : 200
BASE health REGEN : 150%
BASE mana REGEN : 150%
UNIQUE passive : Favor: Being near a minion death without dealing the killing blow grants 6 gold and 10 health
UNIQUE passive : Warding: Consumes a charge to place a Stealth Ward that reveals the surrounding area for 150 seconds. Holds up to 4 charges which refill upon visiting the shop.