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The Elite Series: League of Legends awards Championship Points throughout the 2023 Season, which are used at the end of it to determine teams sent to the promotion tournament.


  • The two teams that accumulate the least points across Spring and Summer are sent down to the 2024 Promotion tournament.
  • If two or more teams have the same number of points, the team with the most points obtained in the Summer Split receives the highest place.

Points Distribution[]

Place Spring Points Summer Points
1 105 140
2 75 100
3 60 80
4 45 60
5 30 40
6 18 24
7 12 16
8 0 0


1Team 7AMlogo stdTeam 7AM75140215
2KRC Genk Esportslogo stdKRC Genk Esports105100205
3ZennITlogo stdZennIT128092
4HEETlogo stdHEET454085
5A One Man Armylogo stdA One Man Army1-6060
6MCon esportslogo stdmCon esports30030
7Myth Esportslogo stdMyth Esports1-2424
8Northern Lions Esportslogo stdNorthern Lions01616
9Benelux Unitedlogo stdBenelux United118--
9The Agencylogo stdThe Agency160--
1 Benelux United and The Agency disbanded prior to the Summer Season. AOMA Esports and Myth Esports took their spots, but did not inherit their points from the Spring Season.