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Background Information
NameDaniel Drakos
Country of Birth
United States
BirthdayNovember 17
North America
TeamRiot Games Inc.logo std.pngRiot Games Inc.
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Team History
Apr 2016 - Present
Riot Games Inc.logo std.pngRiot Games Inc.


Daniel "Drakos" Drakos is a play-by-play caster currently working for Riot Games. Until January 2017, he was known as Tsepha. Before joining the EU broadcast crew, he was part of various other League of Legends events both as a color and a play-by-play caster, most notably the 2015 LMS Summer Playoffs English coverage alongside Achilios, the 2015 LoL KeSPA Cup and IEM San Jose in 2015. He then joined the EU broadcast team on April 5, 2016[1].


Casting History[]

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Casting History - Drakos
DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2ScoreVODsPBPColor
2021-08-01 19:00:00LEC 2021 SummerWeek 8G2 Esportslogo std.pngG2Excel Esportslogo std.pngXL1 - 01DrakosCaedrel
2021-08-01 18:00:00LEC 2021 SummerWeek 8Misfits Gaminglogo std.pngMSFMAD Lionslogo std.pngMAD0 - 11DrakosCaedrel
2021-08-01 17:00:00LEC 2021 SummerWeek 8FC Schalke 04 Esportslogo std.pngS04Fnaticlogo std.pngFNC0 - 1DrakosCaedrel
2021-07-31 19:00:00LEC 2021 SummerWeek 8MAD Lionslogo std.pngMADFnaticlogo std.pngFNC1 - 01DrakosCaedrel
2021-07-31 18:00:00LEC 2021 SummerWeek 8FC Schalke 04 Esportslogo std.pngS04G2 Esportslogo std.pngG20 - 11DrakosCaedrel
2021-07-31 17:00:00LEC 2021 SummerWeek 8Team Vitalitylogo std.pngVITRogue (European Team)logo std.pngRGE1 - 01DrakosCaedrel
2021-07-23 18:00:00LEC 2021 SummerWeek 7MAD Lionslogo std.pngMADAstralislogo std.pngAST1 - 01DrakosCaedrel
2021-07-23 17:00:00LEC 2021 SummerWeek 7Team Vitalitylogo std.pngVITMisfits Gaminglogo std.pngMSF0 - 11DrakosCaedrel
2021-07-23 16:00:00LEC 2021 SummerWeek 7FC Schalke 04 Esportslogo std.pngS04Excel Esportslogo std.pngXL0 - 11DrakosCaedrel
2021-07-16 20:00:00LEC 2021 SummerWeek 6Team Vitalitylogo std.pngVITG2 Esportslogo std.pngG20 - 11DrakosCaedrel, thebausffs




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