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Doran's Ring
ItemSquareDoran's Ring.png
UNIQUE - Focus: Basic attacks deal an additional 5 physical damage to minions on hit.
UNIQUE - Drain: Restore 1 mana every second, increased to 1.5 for 10 seconds when you damage an enemy champion. If you can't gain mana, heal 45% of this value instead.


Additional Information
Map AvailabilitySR, TR
Total Cost: 400 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 160 Goldcurrency.png


  • Doran's Blade's Howling Abyss counterpart is
    Guardian's Orb
    , available on the Howling Abyss. It used to be the counterpart of
    Prospector's Ring
    before Dominion's removal.


They say Effrem E. Doran was born with a hammer in his hands and a forge in his heart. Every object he touched, he found ways to improve, and he knew that he was destined to be a brilliant artificer. At the age of 15, he was invited to the League with an offer to assume the role of Master Artificer, a dream come true and an unprecedented honor for one so young. However, fate had other plans. En route, his carriage broke an axle. When he leaned down to inspect it, he was kicked in the head by his donkey, a stern blow. He stumbled back onto the wagon, but when he arrived at the Institute of War he was a different boy. The kick had rendered his mind soft, but it hadn’t robbed him of his passion. He still wanted nothing other than to craft, but where once he may have created singular masterpieces, he now crafted…somewhat simpler items, and many of them. He is a kind, goofy, good-hearted soul, and he takes pride in the work he does. His items are daily selected by champions on the Fields of Justice, and he has a permanent home at the Institute of War.

Doran's Blade, Doran's Shield, Doran's Ring, and Wukong's staff are some of the more famous crafts.

Similar Items[]

Patch History[]


No longer gives base mana regen or mana regen on minion kill. Now gives flat mana regen and bonus damage vs minions.

We're pushing Doran's Ring away from "csing gives you mana". Basically, incentivizing "use spells on waves because you'll get the mana back" puts mages in a weird cycle where trading is generally a worse choice than simply waveclearing. The new Doran's Ring will help mages feel better about csing without using spells, allowing them more opportunities to trade directly with their laning opponents.

BASE MANA REGEN No longer gives base mana regen
MANPIRE No longer returns mana on minion kill
FLAT MANA REGEN Now gives 5 mana regen per 5 seconds
MANA PUNCH Now gives +5 on-hit damage vs minions

Removed various starting, vision, and alternate-map-specific items.

This section's a bit of a grab bag, so we'll rapidfire a few explanations. First: we like the safe efficiency of Doran’s items, but not the inventory bloat of stacking them. We're replacing the Doran's series with the Guardian's items - see below. Next: Arcane Sweeper and Lightbringer were meant to balance out Howling Abyss's lack of wards, but ended up as permanent, mandatory counters to certain champs (even if their stats weren't desirable). We're retiring them and beefing up Oracle's Extract instead. Finally: Entropy and Wicked Hatchet were what we call 'trap' choices: they could be cool, but never lived up to their potential and were usually just wastes of gold. Sometimes a 'trap' item’s niche is interesting enough to go back and fill properly, but that's not the case here.

Now, say one final farewell to our departing friends!

FROZEN AND ALONE : The following items have been removed from Howling Abyss:

Doran's Blade

Doran's Ring

Doran's Shield

Arcane Sweeper

The Lightbringer

Orb of Winter


Wicked Hatchet


Less power early-game (for most champs), but scales better as a bench warmer while you transition to more powerful end-game builds.

mana : [REGEN 3 per 5 seconds] 50%


  • Cost reduced to 400 from 475
  • Health reduced to 60 from 80
  • Mana restore on kill reduced to 4 from 5


  • Health reduced to 80 from 100


  • Ability power increased to 15 from 10
  • Health reduced to 100 from 120
  • Mana regeneration per 5 seconds reduced to 4 from 5


  • Dorans items and Gold per 10 items now sell back for 50% (from 70%)

July 10, 2009 Patch

  • Ability power reduced from 14 to 10

June 12, 2009 Patch

  • Mana regen per 5 increased from 3 to 5
  • Increased ablity power from 10 to 14

May 15, 2009 Patch

  • Changed +80 mana to +3 mana regen per 5 seconds
  • Reduced health from 150 to 130
  • Reduced cost from 475 to 435

May 9, 2009 Patch

  • Doran's Ring added