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Definitely Not Dominion
First AppearanceMay 27th, 2016
#PlayersFive per team
Rotating QueueIncluded
MapCrystal Scar


Each champions starts the game at level 3 with 1400 starting gold and a trinket item: the
Seer Stone
which provides a short range burst of vision.

In Definitely Not Dominion, the Crystal Scar has 3 capturable points and two team specific non-capturable turrets situated on the bottom of the map. Each capture points starts as neutral and can be captured by both teams by channeling for a set amount of time. The turrets on each capture points triggers themselves as they are owned by a team, if the capture point is neutral, the turrets are put on standby (The same thing occur if an enemy starts channeling on the allied capture point). The more people channel to capture a point, the faster it gets captured.

Minions only spawn at the bottom of the map on the non-capturable turrets. Minions can be empowered by capturing Ultra Minion Relics situated above the opposite team's non-capturable turrets. Capturing a Relic spawns one Ultra Minion per waves which are more healthy, deals big amount of damage and captures points way faster than regular minions.

The Crystal Scar also have speed shrines located in the middle of the map and health packs that starts spawning at 2 minutes, respawns every 30 seconds and are located near capturable points and speed shrines.

The middle of the map contains a Storm Altar which can be captured by either teams by standing on it for 1 minute (it then can't be contested during that minute). Capturing it gives you the Nimbus Storm buff which gives you 3 charges that do 4/5/6% max HP true damage on any spell or attack. In addition, while your team is controlling the Altar, every team member generates a stack of Nimbus Storm every 4 seconds while in combat.



Both teams starts the game with 500 life points and fights to bring down the opposite team's life points to 0:

  • The opposite team's life points are reduced by 1 per second for each less capture point owned than the allied team.
  • Neutralizing a capture point reduces the opposite team's life points by 3.
  • Capturing a capture point reduces the opposite team's life points by 2.
  • Killing enemy champions reduces the opposite team's life points by 2.
  • Capturing an Ultra Minion Relic reduces the opposite team's life points by 5.

Once a team reaches 100 life points or less, it can only lose life points by having less capture points or when the opposite team captures Ultra Minion Relics.

Each players can additionally gain personal points that doesn't influence the flow of the game:

  • 40 points - Neutralize a point
  • 40 points - Capture a point
  • 40 points - Martyr (dying at turre)
  • 30 points - Kill on point
  • 25 points - Assisting in capture/neutralize (being close but without channeling)
  • 10 points - Assist on point
  • 5 points - Channel interrupt
  • 5 points - Defending a turret (standing on an allied capture point for 10 seconds)
  • 3 points - Picking up an Ultra Minion Relic
  • 2 points - Minion kill
  • 2 points - Picking up health packs
  • 1 point - Assisting an ally

Auras and Rule Changes[]

In Definitely Not Dominion, every players are affected by a permanent aura:

  • Increased ManaRegen Mini Icon.pngMana Regeneration equal to +2% per 1% of missing mana.
  • Increased EnergyRegen Mini Icon.pngEnergy Regeneration by +2 per second.
  • +7.2 experience gained per second.

Definitely Not Dominion also owns specific game rules:

  • Increased gold gain over time (26 gold per 5 seconds).
  • Reduced gold gain by killing champions.
  • Increased gold gain by killing minions.
  • Enhanced Recall that requires only 4.5 channeling time instead of the original 8.
  • Lower Respawn Times.

Additional Content[]