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Dead Man's Plate
ItemSquareDead Man's Plate.png
"There's only one way you'll get this armor from me..."
- forgotten namesake
UNIQUE - Shipwrecker: While moving, build stacks of Momentum, increasing Movement Speed by up to 60 at 100 stacks. Momentum decays while under the effects of a stun, taunt, fear, polymorph, or immobilize effect.
Basic attacks deal 1 magic damage per stack of Momentum, discharging all stacks. At max stacks, if the attacker is melee, they also slow the target by 50% for 1 second.


Additional Information
Limitations* On ranged champions, Crushing Blow cannot deal damage, nor slow. However, Momentum will still discharge on on-hit.
* Limited to 1 Dead Man's Plate.
Map AvailabilityALL
ItemSquareWinged Moonplate.png + ItemSquareRuby Crystal.png + ItemSquareChain Vest.png + 900 Goldcurrency.png
Total Cost: 2900 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 2030 Goldcurrency.png


  • Momentum decays at a rate of 15 per second when immobilized.
  • Basic attacking locks out Momentum generation until your attack timer resets.


  • Gangplank's pauldron is the Dead Man's Plate, fitted on him after his supposed "death" at the hands of Miss Fortune in Act 3 of Burning Tides.
  • Dead Man's Plate was first introduced during the Black Market Brawlers Featured Game Mode, and has later been added to all maps after the Bilgewater event, Burning Tides, had ended.


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Patch History[]


Slow is now magic damage instead of physical. Momentum generation tweaked.

Dead Man's Plate is underperforming at the moment, and we're taking a pass at giving it some love. While we do so, we'd like to sharpen its identity as the item for fighters, who really shine when they get the opportunity to maneuver around a fight laying down damage. As such, we're going under the hood and tweaking the way DMP generates Momentum. If you're able to lock a target in place (hello Maokai/Nautilus) and prevent them from kiting you that much, you won't get as much damage and you're unlikely to get a lot of slows. On the other hand, if you're darting around a fight (Irelia, Renekton) you'll feel the full impact of the passive. Hopefully, when fighters see this item, they'll think to themselves "yes.". When tanks see this item, they'll think to themselves "no."

PROC DAMAGE TYPE : [Physical] Magic
SLOWMENTUM Users no longer lose stacks while Slowed
SOMENTUM Now consumes all momentum on basic attacks even if at less than max stacks, dealing 1 damage per momentum consumed
NEEDS MO'MENTUM : The slow only triggers at max stacks (unchanged; still melee-only)
LOCKING OUT MY GENERATION Basic attacking now locks out momentum generation until your attack timer resets

Health down. Armor up.

Dead Man’s Plate is designed to help melee champions close the gap so they can put the hurting on their opponents, but it was also bringing a lot of unnoticed damage of its own. We’re trimming the smaller damage moments in favor of more uptime on chasing power.

HEALTH : [500] 425
ARMOR : [50] 60
DREADNOUGHT : Gain up to [12.5 Momentum stacks] 20 Momentum stacks per second while moving
SLOW : Crushing Blow’s slow no longer decays over the duration
CRUSHING BOOP Basic attacks while below 100 Momentum stacks no longer purge current stacks to deal damage. Instead, they reduce Momentum stacks by 15 for no bonus effect.

Cost increased. Slow decreased.

If you've played League in the last month, chances are very high you've bought this item. That's not a crime in itself, but Dead Man's Plate brings so many strengths between its stat efficiency, bonus damage, and catch potential that even when you do want a Randuin's Omen (say, vs. a crit-heavy composition), it's hard to give up the value. We're tuning back the general power of DMP to make the decision a little more complex than 'buy this always no matter what'.

TOTAL COST : [2800 gold] 2900 gold

Health down.

Overall usage and data has pointed to Dead Man’s being far-and-away the health and armor purchase for a while now, but we wanted to see how preseason potentially shook things up before pulling the trigger. About a month in and Dead Man’s Plate is more ubiquitous than ever, even when it’s less situationally powerful than, say, Randuin’s or Sunfire - so we’re knocking off some hit points to let the other items compete.

HEALTH : [600] 500


TOTAL cost : [2750 gold] 2800 gold


Because being turned into a squirrel would probably make you lose a bit of your momentum.

ADORIBUS : Lulu’s W - Polymorph now causes the target to lose momentum.

'New' item from Black Market Brawlers - grants armor, health, and ramping movement speed while moving. Basic attack drains your bonus movement speed to deal damage and slow.

By the time you’re reading this, Dead Man’s Plate has already been available in-game for a bit (not to mention its tenure as a Black Market pickup), so we’ll make this short. Originally concepted as a juggernaut item before being shipped off to Bilgewater, DMP is a sort of ‘get-out-of-immobility-jail-free’ card for the more sluggish champions out there. It’ll only work once (as you lose all of your momentum upon attacking the target), but for those that care about getting into the fray and don’t worry about getting out, this item is for you.

Singed. That’s basically what we’re saying. Buy this on Singed.

TOTAL COST : 2750 gold
BUILD PATH : Chain Vest + Giant's Belt + 1000 gold
HEALTH : 600
ARMOR : 50
ALL I WANNA DO IS GO FAST : UNIQUE Passive - Dreadnought: You build Momentum stacks while moving up to 100, granting up to 60 bonus Movement Speed. Momentum rapidly decays while under immobilizing crowd control effects, and decays slowly while slowed.
DAMAGE BOOST : UNIQUE Passive - Crushing Blow: Basic attacks discharge all Momentum, dealing 1 bonus physical damage for every 2 Momentum. If 100 stacks are discharged, the damage is doubled; if this attack is Melee, the target will also be slowed for 75% (decaying over 1 second).