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Current Roster Change Portals:

Aug 15[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Veor Gaming - August (approx.),
On3Sh0t leaves.
EuropeOn3Sh0tVeor GamingMid
SK Gaming Academy - August 15,
Sean and
Uncause leave.
EuropeSean (Sean Radmacher)SK Gaming AcademyMid
EuropeUncauseSK Gaming AcademyBot
Granit Gaming - August 15, ImFurby (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeImFurbyGranit GamingHead Coach
Austrian Force Ice - August 15, Yoko (Assistant Coach) leaves.
EuropeYokoAustrian Force IceAssistant Coach
Dark Tigers Academy - August 15,
Esgi leaves.
EuropeEsgiDark Tigers AcademyBottrue
Austrian Force eSports - August 15, Surge (Assistant Team Manager,Mental Coach) leaves.
EuropeSurgeAustrian Force eSportsAssistant Team Manager/Mental Coach
North AmericaEthiridisArea of Effect RandomsTop
North AmericaJozyArea of Effect RandomsJungle
North AmericaLEO99Area of Effect RandomsMid
North AmericaShorthopArea of Effect RandomsBot
North AmericaFizziArea of Effect RandomsSupport
North AmericaPockusArea of Effect RandomsSupport
North AmericaCompetition9Area of Effect RandomsMidtrue
North AmericaBest Poutine QCArea of Effect RandomsSupporttrue
North AmericaInconspicuousArea of Effect RandomsCoach
Harrisburg University - August 15,
Maykel joins.
North AmericaMaykelHarrisburg UniversityBot
God's Plan - August 15,
Guzke and
Daniel San leave.
Latin AmericaGuzkeGod's PlanMid
Latin AmericaDaniel SanGod's PlanBot
WCS - August 15, Team Liquidlogo std.pngTeam Liquid qualifies for the 2021 Season World Championship.
Hanwha Life Esports - August 15, Heart (Coach) becomes inactive.
KoreaHeartHanwha Life EsportsCoachHanwha Life EsportsCoach
Split Raiders - August 15, XTheBlackRussian (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeXTheBlackRussianSplit RaidersHead Coach
Soulmates Esports - August 15, Mariochs (Head Coach) joins.
Dragón Necro joins as substitute.
Latin AmericaDragón NecroSoulmates EsportsSupporttrue
Latin AmericaMariochsSoulmates EsportsHead Coach
Fox Gaming - August 15,
Virtuozz joins.
MENAVirtuozzFox GamingJungle

Aug 16[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Team Universe - August 16,
Vlaren and
Patos leave.
EuropePatosTeam UniverseMid
EuropeVlarenTeam UniverseJungle
Fløng Esports Elite - August 16,
Kzed leaves.
EuropeKzedFløng Esports EliteBot
Crypto Esports - August 16,
Miyuuri, and SrPlanboy (Coach) leave.
EuropePabloCrypto EsportsTop
EuropeShooLowCrypto EsportsJungle
EuropeMaccafloyCrypto EsportsMid
EuropeBlackV0dkaCrypto EsportsBot
EuropeMiyuuriCrypto EsportsSupport
EuropeSrPlanboyCrypto EsportsCoach
Louisiana State University - August 16,
airren leaves.
North AmericaairrenLouisiana State UniversityBot
North AmericaPrankuruPurdue University NorthwestTop
North AmericaPrankuruGrand View UniversityTop
North AmericaEricZYangGrand View UniversityJungle
North AmericaMesloGrand View UniversityMid
North AmericaairrenGrand View UniversityBot
Saint Louis University - August 16,
Cozy joins.
North AmericaCozySaint Louis UniversityTop
Shu Dai Xiong Gaming - August 16,
CSY and
Forever leave.
ChinaForeverShu Dai Xiong GamingBot
ChinaCSYShu Dai Xiong GamingJungle
ThunderTalk Gaming Young - August 16,
Sakura leaves.
ChinaSakuraThunderTalk Gaming YoungToptrue
MAX (Chinese Team) - August 16,
Medzz moves to starting roster.
lilac leaves.
Chinalilac (Liu Yi-Chen)MAX (Chinese Team)Mid
ChinaMedzzMAX (Chinese Team)MidtrueMAX (Chinese Team)Mid
Exalty - August 16,
Herazor, and
Chucky leave.
Dark Tigers Academy - August 16,
Bery, and
Dejvos leave.
EuropeDemroDark Tigers AcademyJungle
EuropeTenusDark Tigers AcademyTop
EuropeDejvosDark Tigers AcademySupport
EuropeBeryDark Tigers AcademyBot
EuropeSammyDark Tigers AcademyMid
Vikingekrig Esports - August 16,
Koudys leaves.
EuropeKoudysVikingekrig EsportsSupport
MENAAlanoudGalaxy Racer Esports MENA FemaleSupport
Samsung Morning Stars - August 16,
WidowMaker leaves.
EuropeWidowMakerSamsung Morning StarsJungle
Riddle Esports - August 16, Nias (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeNiasRiddle EsportsHead Coach
AGO ROGUE - August 16, Nias (Coach) joins.
EuropeNiasAGO ROGUECoach
Sector One - August 16,
Bravado joins as temporary substitute for EU Masters 2021 Summer Play-In, replacing DrChaos.
EuropeBravadoSector OneSupport
Samsung Morning Stars - August 16,
Conse leaves.
EuropeConseSamsung Morning StarsTop
Wanted Esport - August 16,
Yuna Nya, and
Neey leave.
EuropeEtoWanted EsportMid
EuropeDjinnWanted EsportTop
EuropeKyaaWanted EsportJungle
EuropeYuna NyaWanted EsportBot
EuropeNeeyWanted EsportSupport
Awake Gaming - August 16,
Feeling Good,
Yesidku, and Kenobie (Head Coach) join.

Blast joins as substitute.
Latin AmericaDucaAwake GamingTop
Latin AmericaAmon (Hernán Gómez)Awake GamingJungle
Latin AmericaAraqueAwake GamingMid
Latin AmericaFeeling GoodAwake GamingBot
Latin AmericaYesidkuAwake GamingSupport
Latin AmericaBlastAwake GamingBottrue
Latin AmericaKenobieAwake GamingHead Coach
Future Gaming - August 16,
Laino joins.

ELYUYIN leaves.
Latin AmericaELYUYINFuture GamingJungle
Latin AmericaLainoFuture GamingJungle
Godlike Goats - August 16,
Kunou, and Shere (Head Coach) join.

Astronyx joins as substitute.

xAEvi, and Drakkars (Head Coach) leave.
Latin AmericaMarlon (Marlon González)Godlike GoatsJungle
Latin AmericaExtradarkoGodlike GoatsMid
Latin AmericaxAEviGodlike GoatsSupport
Latin AmericaDrakkarsGodlike GoatsHead Coach
Latin AmericaMtnopsGodlike GoatsJungle
Latin AmericaSkillhardGodlike GoatsMid
Latin AmericaKunouGodlike GoatsSupport
Latin AmericaShereGodlike GoatsHead Coach
Latin AmericaAstronyxGodlike GoatsMidtrue
Braves Rising - August 16, Totoro (Data Analyst) leaves.
Latin AmericaTotoro (Pedro Rossi)Braves RisingData Analyst
Arctic Gaming Mexico - August 16,
Zerkxz leaves.
Latin AmericaZerkxzArctic Gaming MexicoMid
God's Plan - August 16,
Leo leaves.
Latin AmericaLeo (José Rojas)God's PlanJungle
Oz eSports - August 16,
Hugs joins.
Latin AmericaHugsOz eSportsMid
Cienciano Esports - August 16,
Jealow leaves.
Latin AmericaJealowCienciano EsportsSupport
Deliverance Esports Peru - August 16, Lion (Head Coach) leaves.
Latin AmericaLion (Guilherme Viana)Deliverance Esports PeruHead Coach
The Black Lotus - August 16,
Wickychi and
Eryu join.

Kuray, and
Shending MA leave.
MENALilPunisherThe Black LotusBot
MENAVirtuozzThe Black LotusJungle
MENAKurayThe Black LotusMidtrue
MENAShending MAThe Black LotusBottrue
MENAEryuThe Black LotusBot
MENAWickychiThe Black LotusJungle
Austrian Force eSports - August 16, Kaspersky (Head Coach) joins. Ploppi (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropePloppiAustrian Force eSportsHead Coach
EuropeKasperskyAustrian Force eSportsHead Coach
Austrian Force eSports - August 16, Nightcore (Data Analyst) leaves.
EuropeNightcoreAustrian Force eSportsData Analyst
RA'AD - August 16,
Fr0m 0 2 Her0 leaves.
MENAFr0m 0 2 Her0RA'ADJungle
Cyberground Gaming - August 16,
FoX leaves.
EuropeFoX (Valentino Volpato)Cyberground GamingSupporttrue

Aug 17[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Team Universe - August 17,
Kenny leaves.
EuropeKenny (Lukáš Křivánek)Team UniverseSupport
Ronin Esports - August 17,
Zora leaves.
EuropeZoraRonin EsportsTop
Havoc (Danish Team) - August 17,
Vangsted leaves.
EuropeVangstedHavoc (Danish Team)Top
Lanomania - August 17,
Laa7ch and
Ptatis leave.
좋은 친구들 - August 17,
의정부고축구1짱 joins.

분기충천등고자비 leaves.
Korea분기충천등고자비좋은 친구들Jungle
Korea의정부고축구1짱좋은 친구들Jungle
묵직한한방 - August 17,
Raptor leaves.
KoreaRaptor (Jeon Eo-jin)묵직한한방Jungle
Axolotl Academy - August 17 (approx.),
Origini leaves.
EuropeOriginiAxolotl AcademyMid
HAMMER Esports - August 17 (approx.),
Origini joins.
EuropeOriginiHAMMER EsportsMid
구디단게이밍 - August 17,
Raptor joins.
KoreaRaptor (Jeon Eo-jin)구디단게이밍Jungle
Austrian Force Ice - August 17,
Zavee leaves.
EuropeZaveeAustrian Force IceBot
Afreeca Freecs Academy - August 17,
Kingdom leaves.
KoreaKingdom (Kim Seong-kwon)Afreeca Freecs AcademyBot
DWG KIA Academy - August 17,
Kingdom, and
Mint join.
KoreaIraDWG KIA AcademyTop
KoreaLeaf (Lee Eun-jae)DWG KIA AcademyJungle
KoreaKingdom (Kim Seong-kwon)DWG KIA AcademyBot
KoreaMint (Kim Ji-jang)DWG KIA AcademySupport
BRUTE Talents - August 17,
Vizi leaves.
EuropeViziBRUTE TalentsSupport
UniQ Esports Club - August 17,
Snabi leaves.
EuropeSnabiUniQ Esports ClubSupport
Veor Gaming - August 17,
Madi leaves.
EuropeMadiVeor GamingBot
Sector One - August 17,
Bravado (temporary substitute) leaves.
EuropeBravadoSector OneSupport
Sengoku Gaming Academy - August 17,
chilioil, Taka (Coach), and Yutorimoyashi (Coach) join.
JapanYuuSengoku Gaming AcademyTop
JapanAcciySengoku Gaming AcademyJungle
JapanAkainuSengoku Gaming AcademyMid
JapanNaiNaSengoku Gaming AcademyBot
JapanchilioilSengoku Gaming AcademySupport
JapanYutorimoyashiSengoku Gaming AcademyCoach
JapanTakaSengoku Gaming AcademyCoach
KOVA Esports - August 17,
Outlandisch leaves.
EuropeOutlandischKOVA EsportsJungle
Flamengo Esports - August 17,
Ranger leaves.
BrazilRangerFlamengo EsportsJungle
Iron Wolves - August 17,
JAUNATIS leaves.
EuropeJAUNATISIron WolvesJungletrue
SHE Gaming - August 17,
Caprice, and
Ankor join.
Latin AmericaKuramaSHE GamingTop
Latin AmericaUnicornGSHE GamingJungle
Latin AmericaLuprinSHE GamingMid
Latin AmericaCapriceSHE GamingBot
Latin AmericaAnkor (Cristian Martínez)SHE GamingSupport
God's Plan - August 17,
vins leaves.
Latin Americavins (Ángel Pardo)God's PlanTop

Aug 18[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
x25 Esports - August 18,
Teodor leaves.
EuropeTeodorx25 EsportsSupporttrue
Goskilla - August 18,
Savero leaves.
Munster Rugby Gaming - August 18,
JoJo leaves.
EuropeJoJo (Mateus Almeida)Munster Rugby GamingTop
SK Gaming - August (approx.), Velafee (Head of Content) leaves.
EuropeVelafeeSK GamingHead of Content
Bay State College - August 18 (approx.),
Invitrix joins.

Sajed leaves.
North AmericaSajedBay State CollegeBot
North AmericaInvitrixBay State CollegeBot
Mkers - August 18, Red (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeRed (Mattia Caiazzo)MkersHead Coach
RULE - August 18,
Vertigo leaves.
RULE - August 18, Narama (Assistant Coach) leaves.
EuropeNaramaRULEAssistant Coach
Chilly Mountain Bears - August 18,
Techoteco leaves.
EuropeTechotecoChilly Mountain BearsJungletrue
Granit Gaming - August 18,
Techoteco leaves.
EuropeTechotecoGranit GamingJungletrue
EuropeModyKrokietDom Spokojnej StarościBot
EuropeNunjucksDom Spokojnej StarościBottrue
EAS Team ESCA Gaming - August 18, Dom Spokojnej Starościlogo std.pngDom Spokojnej Star. renames to EAS Team ESCA Gaminglogo std.pngEAS ESCA Gaming.
EAS Team ESCA Gaming - August 18,
Biosun joins.
EuropeBiosunEAS Team ESCA GamingBot
Vega Squadron - August 18,
Wysek leaves.
CISWysekVega SquadronJungletrue
Gentlemen's Gaming - August 18,
Wysek and
Xavieles join.

Ben3k leaves.
EuropeBen3kGentlemen's GamingJungle
EuropeWysekGentlemen's GamingJungle
EuropeXavielesGentlemen's GamingSupport
Eintracht Frankfurt - August 18,
Kaymin leaves.
EuropeKayminEintracht FrankfurtMid
UniQ Esports Club - August 18, Number99 (Positional Coach) leaves.
EuropeNumber99UniQ Esports ClubPositional Coach
Jovers Esports - August 18,
Loco Vargas,
El Trip,
SilentSebast, and StrickNight (Coach) join.
Latin AmericaLoco VargasJovers EsportsTop
Latin AmericaReaper (Juan Saa)Jovers EsportsJungle
Latin AmericaJillJovers EsportsMid
Latin AmericaEl TripJovers EsportsBot
Latin AmericaSilentSebastJovers EsportsSupport
Latin AmericaStrickNightJovers EsportsCoach
Hipotenusa Esports - August 18,
Vincent leaves.
Latin AmericaVincent (Daniel Lugo)Hipotenusa EsportsJungle
Waia Phoenix - August 18,
Pastelyuuki, Kubax (Coach), and Lowbasz (Assistant Coach) join.

Fabled joins as substitute.
Latin AmericaRexusWaia PhoenixTop
Latin AmericaVincent (Daniel Lugo)Waia PhoenixJungle
Latin AmericaSevenAsterWaia PhoenixMid
Latin AmericaEggsyWaia PhoenixBot
Latin AmericaPastelyuukiWaia PhoenixSupport
Latin AmericaKubaxWaia PhoenixCoach
Latin AmericaFabledWaia PhoenixMidtrue
Latin AmericaLowbaszWaia PhoenixAssistant Coach
Hooked Esports - August 18,
Cezz, and Skinned (Coach) join.

IPataDePollo joins as substitute.
Latin AmericaNaxferHooked EsportsTop
Latin AmericaProyectoHooked EsportsJungle
Latin AmericaBlOoMiHooked EsportsMid
Latin AmericaEidozHooked EsportsBot
Latin AmericaCezzHooked EsportsSupport
Latin AmericaSkinnedHooked EsportsCoach
Latin AmericaIPataDePolloHooked EsportsToptrue
Flamengo Esports - August 18, Absolut (Positional Coach) leaves.
BrazilAbsolutFlamengo EsportsPositional Coach
AGD E-Sports - August 18, Gypsi (Bot to Top) and Waffles (Sub/Mid to Bot) change positions.
Nurtz moves to substitute.
Latin AmericaGypsiAGD E-SportsBotAGD E-SportsTop
Latin AmericaWafflesAGD E-SportsMidtrueAGD E-SportsBot
Latin AmericaNurtzAGD E-SportsTopAGD E-SportsToptrue
DRX - August 18, Cpt Jack (Streamer) joins.
KoreaCpt JackDRXStreamer
Aethra Esports Strijders - August 18,
Rosco joins.
EuropeRoscoAethra Esports StrijdersSupport
UCAM Esports Club - August 18,
Shyelander is removed from the GCD.
EuropeShyelanderUCAM Esports ClubJungletrue
UCAM Esports Club Academy - August 18,
Shyelander is removed from the GCD.
EuropeShyelanderUCAM Esports Club AcademyJungle
S2V Esports - August 18,
Jervo and
Ibai are removed from the GCD.
EuropeIbai (Ibai Yuste Martin)S2V EsportsJungletrue
EuropeJervoS2V EsportsToptrue
S2V Esports Academy - August 18,
Jervo and
Ibai are removed from the GCD.
EuropeIbai (Ibai Yuste Martin)S2V Esports AcademyJungle
EuropeJervoS2V Esports AcademyTop
Arctic Gaming Mexico - August 18,
Mayhem leaves.
Latin AmericaMayhem (Samuel García)Arctic Gaming MexicoTop
Earth Revolution Gaming - August 18,
Eneino leaves.
EuropeEneinoEarth Revolution GamingBottrue
Fox Gaming - August 18, M1chael M (Assistant Coach) leaves.
MENAM1chael MFox GamingAssistant Coach

Aug 19[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
mCon LG UltraGear - August 19,
Michlit is set to leave on October 17th.
EuropeMichlitmCon LG UltraGearSupportmCon LG UltraGearSupport
NRAX Esports - August 19, Toxicness (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeToxicnessNRAX EsportsHead Coach
Team AURORA Academy - August 19,
thatsick leaves.
TurkeythatsickTeam AURORA AcademyTop
Lanomania - August 19,
Scroody leaves.
GGEsports - August 19, CloudStrikee (Team Manager) leaves.
EuropeCloudStrikeeGGEsportsTeam Manager
Europe Saviors Ice - August 19,
Trungi leaves.
EuropeTrungiEurope Saviors IceTop
BCN Squad - August (approx.),
Spooky and
Vzz are removed from the GCD.
EuropeSpooky (Miroslav Gochev)BCN SquadJungle
EuropeVzzBCN SquadBot
Team ESCA Gaming - August (approx.),
marlon is removed from the GCD.
Europemarlon (Igor Tomczyk)Team ESCA GamingSupport
Riddle Esports - August (approx.),
Kektz and
SlowQ are removed from the GCD but are still part of the organization.
EuropeKektzRiddle EsportsTopRiddle EsportsTop
EuropeSlowQRiddle EsportsMidRiddle EsportsMid
Team AURORA - August (approx.),
Neos, and Aredian (Coach) are removed from the GCD.
TurkeyAredianTeam AURORACoach
TurkeyFleckTeam AURORAMid
TurkeyKebapTeam AURORATop
TurkeyNeos (Önder Akbaşoğlu)Team AURORABot
TurkeyReifoasTeam AURORAJungle
Team AURORA Academy - August (approx.),
Mxe, DooMBuLL (Coach), and Revuo (Coach) are removed from the GCD.
TurkeyNakoTeam AURORA AcademyBot
TurkeyDooMBuLLTeam AURORA AcademyCoach
TurkeyMxeTeam AURORA AcademySupport
TurkeyWonkaTeam AURORA AcademyJungle
TurkeyRevuoTeam AURORA AcademyCoach
TurkeyFade (Muhammed Fatih Kurşun)Team AURORA AcademyMid
TurkeynypmhTeam AURORA AcademyMid
PENTA 1860 - August 19, Anton (Head of LoL)'s joining is confirmed.
EuropeAnton (Anton Boye)PENTA 1860Head of LoL
PENTA 1860 - August 19, Fenriz (Managing Director), Sh!ft (Press Officer), and Vuest (Product Developer) join.
EuropeFenrizPENTA 1860Managing Director
EuropeSh!ftPENTA 1860Press Officer
EuropeVuestPENTA 1860Product Developer
Dark Tigers Academy - August 19,
Sadlo leaves.
EuropeSadloDark Tigers AcademyJungle
Esport Factory - August 19,
Paul227 leaves.
EuropePaul227Esport FactoryMid
Tricked Esport - August 19, Hidon (Coach) joins.
EuropeHidonTricked EsportCoach
TeamOrangeGaming - August 19,
Sky leaves.
EuropeSky (David Koppmann)TeamOrangeGamingTop
Flamengo Esports - August 19, Halier (Assistant Coach) is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
BrazilHalierFlamengo EsportsAssistant CoachFlamengo EsportsAssistant Coach
LOUD Academy - August 19, Samyy (Analyst) is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
BrazilSamyyLOUD AcademyAnalystLOUD AcademyAnalyst
LOUD - August 19, jUc (Positional Coach) and Riyev (Positional Coach) are allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
BrazilRiyevLOUDPositional CoachLOUDPositional Coach
BraziljUcLOUDPositional CoachLOUDPositional Coach
Shadow LNG - August 19,
Lucifer, and Value (Coach) leave.
KoreaRaccoon (Choi Hyeon-kyu)Shadow LNGTop
KoreaArdor (Jeon Su-min)Shadow LNGJungle
KoreaLucifer (Kim Dong-hyeon)Shadow LNGSupport
KoreaValue (Yoon Jae-min)Shadow LNGCoach
DWG KIA Academy - August 19,
3279 joins.
Korea3279DWG KIA AcademySupport
TGB - August 19,
Heru leaves.
Winners - August 19,
JJoon, and
Stage leave.
시윤 공주 - August 19,
JJoon and
Sloth join.
KoreaJJoon시윤 공주Bot
KoreaSloth (Bae Jeong-sub)시윤 공주Support
TREND GAMING - August 19,
Nanyang and
Stage join.
KoreaStageTREND GAMINGSupport
KoreaBaekAfreeca Freecs AcademyTop
Koreanyx (Kim Min-su)Afreeca Freecs AcademyJungle
Koreasnail (Cho Jong-hwi)Afreeca Freecs AcademyMid
KoreaMeaningAfreeca Freecs AcademyTop
Korea신드라오리아나Afreeca Freecs AcademyMid
KoreaHeruAfreeca Freecs AcademyMid
KoreaCleverAfreeca Freecs AcademyBot
T1 Academy - August 19,
POBY joins.
KoreaPOBYT1 AcademyMid
Shadow Corp - August 19,
Whitehorse, and Stella (Coach) leave.
KoreaSnake (Jeong Hyeong-min)Shadow CorpTop
KoreaMing9 (Kim Min-woo)Shadow CorpTop
KoreaScyIIaShadow CorpJungle
KoreaSwampShadow CorpJungle
KoreaWhitehorseShadow CorpMid
KoreaStellaShadow CorpCoach
트위치 라지1 팔로우 - August 19,
Large and
Warhend join.
KoreaLarge트위치 라지1 팔로우Top
KoreaWarhend트위치 라지1 팔로우Support
Once (Korean Team) - August 19,
Nugget join.

ScyIIa rejoins.
KoreaScyIIaOnce (Korean Team)Jungle
KoreadongnanOnce (Korean Team)Mid
KoreaDANKINGOnce (Korean Team)Bot
KoreaNugget (Yoo Hyeon-woo)Once (Korean Team)Support
Shadow Dreamer - August 19,
Muckgoza and
peace leave.
KoreaMuckgozaShadow DreamerMid
Koreapeace (Hong Yoon-seon)Shadow DreamerSupport
Shadow Boxing - August 19,
Stella, and Humble (Coach) join.

ChoKong and Value (Coach) leave.
KoreaChoKongShadow BoxingSupport
KoreaValue (Yoon Jae-min)Shadow BoxingCoach
Koreasnail (Cho Jong-hwi)Shadow BoxingMid
KoreaStellaShadow BoxingSupport
KoreaHumble (Hwang Shin-woong)Shadow BoxingCoach
Shadow Boxing - August 19, Stella renames to Pulse.
Shadow Battlica - August 19,
Basic joins.

Mulgae leaves.
KoreaMulgaeShadow BattlicaTop
KoreaBasic (Lim Seong-min)Shadow BattlicaTop
Shadow ELG - August 19,
ChoKong, and
peace join.

bard boy and
Regista leave.
Koreabard boyShadow ELGSupport
KoreaRegistaShadow ELGSupport
KoreaCherry (Choi Seung-bin)Shadow ELGBot
Koreapeace (Hong Yoon-seon)Shadow ELGSupport
KoreaChoKongShadow ELGSupport
Shadow Battlica Y - August 19,
bard boy, and Value (Coach) join.
KoreaMing9 (Kim Min-woo)Shadow Battlica YTop
KoreaSwampShadow Battlica YJungle
KoreaMuckgozaShadow Battlica YMid
Koreabard boyShadow Battlica YSupport
KoreaValue (Yoon Jae-min)Shadow Battlica YCoach
Shadow Battlica Y - August 19, Muckgoza renames to Noname.
퇴물도살자 - August 19,
Regista joins.
Gen.G Academy - August 19,
Mulgae joins.

Basic leaves.
KoreaBasic (Lim Seong-min)Gen.G AcademyTop
KoreaMulgaeGen.G AcademyTop
Fredit BRION Academy - August 19,
Whitehorse rejoins.
KoreaWhitehorseFredit BRION AcademyMid
DRX Academy - August 19,
HakaM and Conus (Coach) leave.
KoreaHakaMDRX AcademyBot
KoreaConusDRX AcademyCoach
Game Coach Academy - August 19, Saroo (Coach) joins.
Baek rejoins.
KoreaBaekGame Coach AcademyTop
KoreaSarooGame Coach AcademyCoach
ROX COOL - August 19,
Osu and
Fox B - August 19,
Osu and

Neulu and
Mat leave.
KoreaNeuluFox BTop
KoreaMat (Kim Joon-hwa)Fox BSupport
KoreaOsuFox BTop
KoreaGAMBLEERFox BSupport
Vikingekrig Esports - August 19,
Kulvas leaves.
EuropeKulvasVikingekrig EsportsTop
Kaos Latin Gamers Academy - August 19,
KearZy leaves.
Latin AmericaKearZyKaos Latin Gamers AcademyMid
Incubus - August 19,
Kanra leaves.
Latin AmericaKanraIncubusTop
Zephyr Esport - August 19,
Einard leaves.
EuropeEinardZephyr EsportMid
GamersOrigin Academy - August 19,
Ashanome retires with an interest in coaching.
Aquinas College - August 19, Coach Antor (Director of Esports,Head Coach) leaves.
North AmericaCoach AntorAquinas CollegeDirector of Esports/Head Coach
Florida Southern College - August 19, Coach Antor (Director of Esports) joins.
North AmericaCoach AntorFlorida Southern CollegeDirector of Esports
Mkers - August 19,
Hiro leaves.
EuropeHiro (Nguyên Đại Hải)MkersBot
AGD E-Sports - August 19, Penguin (Head Coach) leaves.
Latin AmericaPenguin (Mario Mendoza)AGD E-SportsHead Coach

Aug 20[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Dark Tigers Academy - August (approx.),
Vezzy and
Majkkl leave.
EuropeVezzyDark Tigers AcademyJungletrue
EuropeMajkklDark Tigers AcademyBottrue
WLGaming Esports - August 20, WouLou (Coach,Content Creator) leaves.
EuropeWouLouWLGaming EsportsCoach/Content Creator
Olympiacos Alimou - August 20, WouLou (Head Coach) joins.
EuropeWouLouOlympiacos AlimouHead Coach
X7 Esports - August 20,
Syn leaves.
EuropeSynX7 EsportsBot
Nativz - August 20,
Only Angel,
Hoiz, and
PederseNN leave.
EuropeOnly AngelNativzTop
Austrian Force eSports - August 20,
Dmitar leaves.
EuropeDmitarAustrian Force eSportsJungle
Gaming Team Kravaře - August 20,
Adamson leaves.
EuropeAdamsonGaming Team KravařeTop
mYinsanity - August 20, Beasttg (Team Manager) leaves.
EuropeBeasttgmYinsanityTeam Manager
Umbra Divinus Gaming - August 20, Hades (Analyst) leaves.
EuropeHades (Nikolaos Zachariadis)Umbra Divinus GamingAnalyst
Anorthosis Famagusta Esports - August 20, Hades (Analyst) joins.
EuropeHades (Nikolaos Zachariadis)Anorthosis Famagusta EsportsAnalyst
Bulldog Esports - August 20,
Thomas Goh and Rox (Head Coach) leave.
EuropeThomas GohBulldog EsportsMid
EuropeRox (Alessandro Rossetti)Bulldog EsportsHead Coach
Vanir - August 20,
Thomas Goh,
Krallex, and Rox (Coach) join.

Valiant and BanRammus (Coach) leave.
EuropeValiant (Magnus Østmo)VanirMid
EuropeThomas GohVanirMid
EuropeRox (Alessandro Rossetti)VanirCoach
UniQ Esports Club - August 20,
Sn1lle leaves.
EuropeSn1lleUniQ Esports ClubJungle
- August 20,
Nji retires with an interest in coaching.
Land of Kings - August 20,
KAAUS, and Howl (Head Coach) join.
Latin AmericaZ3taLand of KingsTop
Latin AmericaGranToddyLand of KingsJungle
Latin AmericaEliijahLand of KingsMid
Latin AmericaComaseUnPanLand of KingsBot
Latin AmericaKAAUSLand of KingsSupport
Latin AmericaHowl (Nelson Ortiz)Land of KingsHead Coach
X Gaming - August 20,
Te Ka2, and Sly Fox (Head Coach) join.
Deliver joins as substitute.
Latin AmericaShadowsongX GamingTop
Latin AmericaAltairInfernX GamingJungle
Latin AmericaRumyX GamingMid
Latin AmericaWamdejoX GamingBot
Latin AmericaTe Ka2X GamingSupport
Latin AmericaSly FoxX GamingHead Coach
Latin AmericaDeliverX Gamingtrue
Cattleya Gaming - August 20,
Ayaka joins.
Latin AmericaAyakaCattleya GamingSupport
Blood Gaming - August 20,
Minero random,
Romina, and No soy Zekken (Head Coach) join.
Latin AmericaAlienceroBlood GamingTop
Latin AmericaARTlBlood GamingJungle
Latin AmericaMinero randomBlood GamingMid
Latin AmericaWinners (Latin American Player)Blood GamingBot
Latin AmericaRominaBlood GamingSupport
Latin AmericaNo soy ZekkenBlood GamingHead Coach
Santiago Wanderers eSports - August 20,
Woohee leaves.
Latin AmericaWooheeSantiago Wanderers eSportsSupport
AceS GaminG - August 20,
Yaelonu leaves.
Latin AmericaYaelonuAceS GaminGJungle
True Neutral - August 20,
Tano leaves.
Latin AmericaTanoTrue NeutralMid
Simplicity Gaming - August (approx.),
Hi im iheb, and
Zayrone leave.
MENAShadow (Abderrahmen Smati)Simplicity GamingTop
MENAChouraSimplicity GamingBot
MENAHi im ihebSimplicity GamingSupport
MENAPerfectBeingSimplicity GamingMid
MENAScar (Sami Guezmir)Simplicity GamingJungle
MENAZayroneSimplicity GamingSupporttrue
Twareg Esports - August (approx.),
Choura, and
Hi im iheb join.
MENAShadow (Abderrahmen Smati)Twareg EsportsTop
MENAChouraTwareg EsportsBot
MENAHi im ihebTwareg EsportsSupport
MENATiltLordTwareg EsportsJungle

Aug 21[]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
MnM Gaming - August 21, Milo (Head Analyst) leaves.
EuropeMilo (Michael Maurer)MnM GamingHead Analyst
WCS - August 21, Gen.Glogo std.pngGen.G qualifies for the 2021 Season World Championship.
Flayn eSports - August 21,
Music leaves.
EuropeMusic (Sean Wishko)Flayn eSportsJungle
Cyberground Gaming - August 21,
Gotzy leaves.
EuropeGotzyCyberground GamingBot
Cyberground Gaming - August 21,
Calmsky leaves.
EuropeCalmskyCyberground GamingSupport
Cyberground Gaming - August (approx.),
Frle leaves.
EuropeFrleCyberground GamingMid
mCon LG UltraGear - August 21,
Noodle is set to leave on October 17th.
EuropeNoodle (Kim Kroon)mCon LG UltraGearJunglemCon LG UltraGearJungle
AXIZ Academy - August 21,
Dicey, and KirinBoss (Coach) join.
Japantol2AXIZ AcademyTop
JapanMuttonAXIZ AcademyJungle
JapannolisioAXIZ AcademyMid
JapanDeantAXIZ AcademyBot
JapanDiceyAXIZ AcademySupport
JapanKirinBossAXIZ AcademyCoach
CUT Esports - August 21,
Wickychi leaves.
MENAWickychiCUT EsportsJungle
ResQue Esports - August,
Murph leaves.
MENAMurphResQue EsportsTop
Team Occupy - August (approx.),
Biskoo leaves.
MENABiskooTeam OccupySupport
CUT Esports - August (approx.),
Biskoo, and
Venmox join.

Megz joins as substitute.

Hisoka and
Airen leave.
MENAHisokaCUT EsportsBot
MENAAirenCUT EsportsToptrue
MENAMurphCUT EsportsTop
MENADartzCUT EsportsJungle
MENANepheryosCUT EsportsMid
MENADamaCUT EsportsBot
MENAMegzCUT EsportsToptrue
MENAVenmoxCUT EsportsSupport
MENABiskooCUT EsportsSupport