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Current Roster Change Portals:

May 09[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Infernal Void MENA - May 9,
Julio v1 leaves.
MENAJulio v1Infernal Void MENAJungle
University of Western Ontario - May 9 (approx.),
Winston leaves.
North AmericaWinstonUniversity of Western OntarioJungletrue
Wanted Esport - May 9,
LewaR leaves.
EuropeLewaRWanted EsportTop
Wanted Esport - May 9,
Ereshkigal leaves.
EuropeEreshkigalWanted EsportMid
BlueWhites - May 9,
KappaBeetle leaves.
Wildcard Gaming Red - May (approx.), Arrow changes residency from
North America
Playing Ducks - May 9,
Navarra leaves.
EuropeNavarraPlaying DucksMid
Granit Gaming Black - May 9,
Acrozo leaves.
EuropeAcrozoGranit Gaming BlackJungle
Wichita Wolves - May 9,
PhenomEX, Dheinzen2 (Coach), Big Daddy Colton (Team Manager), and Croe (General Manager & Analyst) leave.
North AmericaPhenomEXWichita WolvesTop
North AmericaDheinzen2Wichita WolvesCoach
North AmericaBig Daddy ColtonWichita WolvesTeam Manager
North AmericaCroeWichita WolvesGeneral Manager & Analyst
For The Win Esports - May 9,
Creon leaves.
EuropeCreonFor The Win EsportsBot
EuropeLunddorfGaia EsportsTop
EuropeRawbinGaia EsportsJungle
EuropeChapapiGaia EsportsMid
EuropeCreonGaia EsportsBot
EuropeBravadoGaia EsportsSupport
Gaia Esports - May 9, Doc Quick (Head Coach), Emiserra (Assistant Coach), Rowe (Assistant Coach), Ego (Analyst), and Faith (Analyst) join.
EuropeDoc QuickGaia EsportsHead Coach
EuropeRoweGaia EsportsAssistant Coach
EuropeEmiserraGaia EsportsAssistant Coach
EuropeEgo (Italian Player)Gaia EsportsAnalyst
EuropeFaith (Thodoris Kiriakopoulos)Gaia EsportsAnalyst
Gaia Esports - May 9, Dife (General Manager), Dodi (Esports Manager), Gattowski (Assistant Manager), and Marmottino (Community Manager) join.
EuropeDifeGaia EsportsGeneral Manager
EuropeDodiGaia EsportsEsports Manager
EuropeMarmottinoGaia EsportsCommunity Manager
EuropeGattowskiGaia EsportsAssistant Manager
Team WeForge - May 9,
Tirex joins.
EuropeTirexTeam WeForgeMid
Santiago Wanderers eSports - May 9, Tebo (Head Coach) and Dooals (Strategic Coach) rejoin.
Latin AmericaTeboSantiago Wanderers eSportsHead Coach
Latin AmericaDooalsSantiago Wanderers eSportsStrategic Coach
Area of Effect Randoms - May 9, Saturn (General Manager) and Assisted (Director of Esports Management) join.
North AmericaSaturnArea of Effect RandomsGeneral Manager
North AmericaAssistedArea of Effect RandomsDirector of Esports Management
Earth Revolution Gaming - May 9,
HopHopJr, Vareitor (Coach), and Calyn (Analyst) leave.
EuropeKenRutoEarth Revolution GamingTop
EuropeKASAPINAEarth Revolution GamingJungle
EuropeAki (Daniel Lauri)Earth Revolution GamingMid
EuropeSandaloEarth Revolution GamingBot
EuropeHopHopJrEarth Revolution GamingSupport
EuropeVareitorEarth Revolution GamingCoach
EuropeCalynEarth Revolution GamingAnalyst

May 10[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
MENASaikenArmoured BrothersTop
MENADean (Haithem Attia)Armoured BrothersJungle
MENAOsmoArmoured BrothersBot
MENAXicorArmoured BrothersBot
MENASelsonArmoured BrothersSupport
MENARevenge (Saudi Arabian Player)Armoured BrothersToptrue
MENAitachi eyesArmoured BrothersSupporttrue
MENAJinzuArmoured BrothersSupporttrue
MENACristaInsideArmoured BrothersCoach
Ultra Prime Academy - May (approx.), EStar Younglogo std.pngeStar Young rebrands as Ultra Prime Academylogo std.pngUP Academy.
eStar Young - May (approx.),
Miaoniu, and Juicy (Coach) leave.
ChinamogueStar YoungTop
ChinaEmiteStar YoungJungle
ChinayekaieStar YoungJungle
ChinabadboyeStar YoungMid
ChinaGazeeStar YoungBot
ChinaGone2eStar YoungSupport
ChinaGYUeStar YoungMid
ChinaFantasy (Liu Ze-Yu)eStar YoungBot
ChinaMiaoniueStar YoungSupport
ChinaJuicyeStar YoungCoach
Ultra Prime Academy - May (approx.),
Miaoniu, and Juicy (Coach) join.
ChinamoguUltra Prime AcademyTop
ChinaEmitUltra Prime AcademyJungle
ChinayekaiUltra Prime AcademyJungle
ChinabadboyUltra Prime AcademyMid
ChinaGazeUltra Prime AcademyBot
ChinaGone2Ultra Prime AcademySupport
ChinaGYUUltra Prime AcademyMid
ChinaFantasy (Liu Ze-Yu)Ultra Prime AcademyBot
ChinaMiaoniuUltra Prime AcademySupport
ChinaJuicyUltra Prime AcademyCoach
TOOOLS eSports - May 10,
manumatador leaves.
EuropemanumatadorTOOOLS eSportsJungle
KRC Genk Esports - May 10, The Law (Head of Performance) joins. DrSaw (Top to Assistant Coach) changes position.
EuropeDrSawKRC Genk EsportsTopKRC Genk EsportsAssistant Coach
EuropeThe LawKRC Genk EsportsHead of Performance
KRC Genk Esports Talent Team - May 10, DrSaw (Head Coach) joins.
EuropeDrSawKRC Genk Esports Talent TeamHead Coach
Pulse Lambda - May 10,
xHitotsu leaves.
EuropexHitotsuPulse LambdaBot
PSV Esports - May 10,
Lumerion leaves.
EuropeLumerionPSV EsportsTop
PSV Esports - May 10,
Anthrax retires with an interest in coaching.
Romulea eSport - May 10,
Taikki, and
OMON join.

Counter and
FoX rejoin.
EuropeLumerionRomulea eSportTop
EuropeTaikkiRomulea eSportJungle
EuropeOMONRomulea eSportMid
EuropeCounterRomulea eSportBot
EuropeFoX (Valentino Volpato)Romulea eSportSupport
Romulea eSport - May 10, XTheBlackRussian (Head Coach), PhoenixPasc (Assistant Coach), Sonzo (Assistant Analyst), and Zest (Performance Coach) join. VoV (Head Coach) and Storm (Analyst) leave.
EuropeVoVRomulea eSportHead Coach
EuropeStormRomulea eSportAnalyst
EuropeXTheBlackRussianRomulea eSportHead Coach
EuropeZest (Francesco Dell'Accio)Romulea eSportPerformance Coach
EuropePhoenixPascRomulea eSportAssistant Coach
EuropeSonzoRomulea eSportAssistant Analyst
Vodafone Giants.Spain - May 10,
Eckas leaves.
EuropeEckasVodafone Giants.SpainJungle
1907 Fenerbahçe Esports - May 10,
Elramir is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
TurkeyElramir1907 Fenerbahçe EsportsJungle1907 Fenerbahçe EsportsJungle
Movistar Optix - May 10,
Ominick leaves.
Latin AmericaOminickMovistar OptixJungle
Latin AmericaBluuxKaos Latin Gamers AcademyMidtrue
MTP Esport - May 10,
Krique joins.

Rakhoon leaves.
EuropeRakhoonMTP EsportSupport
EuropeKriqueMTP EsportSupport

May 11[edit]

Other pages are creating news for this date! Here is a list:

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Vanir - May 11, BanRammus (Coach) joins. D4rkZelda (Coach) leaves.
4Elements Esports - May 11, PaulH (Founder,Chief Executive Officer) leaves.
EuropePaulH4Elements EsportsFounder/Chief Executive Officer
Nuxeria Esport - May 11,
Arkadia, and
Todorokki leave.
EuropeFreazyNuxeria EsportMid
EuropeArkadiaNuxeria EsportBot
EuropeTodorokkiNuxeria EsportSupport
MENALeyoSummon Aery (Lebanese Team)Top
PSV Esports - May 11,
albetrayber leaves.
EuropealbetrayberPSV EsportsJungle
Movistar Riders - May 11,
Rayito leaves.
EuropeRayitoMovistar RidersBot
Outplayed Academy - May 11,
imnxtamess and
Enryy leave for main roster.
EuropeimnxtamessOutplayed AcademyBot
EuropeEnryyOutplayed AcademySupport
Outplayed - May 11,
Quixeth, and Coeus (Head Coach) join.

Enryy joins as substitute from academy roster.

imnxtamess rejoins as substitute from academy roster.

Bullet and
DrMatt leave.
EuropeCoeusOutplayedHead Coach
Axolotl - May 11,
Afm joins.
K1CK - May 11, Flash (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeFlash (Michał Kosicki)K1CKHead Coach
Dusty - May 11, Flash (Head Coach) joins.
EuropeFlash (Michał Kosicki)DustyHead Coach
INTZ - May 11,
Shini leaves.
River Plate Gaming - May 11,
Dandy and
lRoma leave.
Latin AmericalRomaRiver Plate GamingToptrue
Latin AmericaDandy (Mariano Masolini)River Plate GamingMid
Arena Quesito - May 11,
Snow joins.

ByGuntZ leaves.
EuropeByGuntZArena QuesitoTop
EuropeSnow (Boris Nicolas)Arena QuesitoTop
No Org - May 11,
V1per and
AnDa leave.
North AmericaV1perNo OrgTop
North AmericaAnDaNo OrgJungle
No Org - May 11,
Value leaves.
North AmericaValueNo OrgBot
No Org - May 11 (approx.),
Big, zig (Head Coach), Stunt (Assistant Coach), and Figurative (General Manager) leave.
North AmericaBigNo OrgSupport
North AmericaFigurativeNo OrgGeneral Manager
North AmericazigNo OrgHead Coach
North AmericaStuntNo OrgAssistant Coach
Immortals Academy - May 11,
V1per and
AnDa join.
North AmericaV1perImmortals AcademyTop
North AmericaAnDaImmortals AcademyJungle
The Kings - May 11,
Skeeto joins.

Ichik46 leaves.
Latin AmericaIchik46The KingsTop
Latin AmericaSkeetoThe KingsTop
Supernova - May 11, Saturn (General Manager) leaves.
North AmericaSaturnSupernovaGeneral Manager
RED Academy - May 11,
NiT Cesar, and
sorahed join.
BrazilsorahedRED AcademyBot
BrazilNiT CesarRED AcademyJungle
BrazilPromise (Leonardo Braga)RED AcademyTop
Latin AmericaCpt ArcoirisQuantum Gravity GamingBot
Latin AmericaBlind WalkerQuantum Gravity GamingJungle

May 12[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Repre Gold - May 12,
Fujaa joins.
EuropeFujaaRepre GoldMid
Rulers Esports - May 12,
Adampongo and
Ady join.

Mildorff moves to substitute.
Away and Danda (Coach) leave.
EuropeDandaRulers EsportsCoach
EuropeAwayRulers EsportsJungle
EuropeMildorffRulers EsportsMidRulers EsportsMidtrue
EuropeAdampongoRulers EsportsJungle
EuropeAdyRulers EsportsMid
Glory4Builders - May 12,
Weiko, Damon (Coach), Crunk (Assistant Coach), and Everyse (Manager) leave.
EuropeCrunkGlory4BuildersAssistant Coach
KoreavitalNongshim RedForce AcademyBot
KoreaSUP (Jeong Yoon-su)Nongshim RedForce AcademySupport
Nongshim RedForce Challengers - May 12,
vital and
SUP join from academy roster.

Bull leaves.
KoreaBullNongshim RedForce ChallengersBot
KoreavitalNongshim RedForce ChallengersBot
KoreaSUP (Jeong Yoon-su)Nongshim RedForce ChallengersSupport
Nongshim RedForce Challengers - May 12, SUP renames to Peter.
Crvena zvezda Esports - May 12,
Vrow leaves.
EuropeVrowCrvena zvezda EsportsMid
Grand View University - May 12, Draher (Head Coach) joins.
North AmericaDraherGrand View UniversityHead Coach
Purdue University - May 12, Draher (Coach) leaves.
North AmericaDraherPurdue UniversityCoach
Dead Rabbits Club - May 12,
Trortro joins.

ImAntizero moves to substitute.
EuropeImAntizeroDead Rabbits ClubSupportDead Rabbits ClubSupporttrue
EuropeTrortroDead Rabbits ClubSupport
Zerolag Esports - May 12,
Delitto leaves.
EuropeDelittoZerolag EsportsTop
MS Company - May 12, Yaresh (Coach to Head Coach) changes position. Mikasama (Head Coach) leaves.
EuropeMikasamaMS CompanyHead Coach
EuropeYareshMS CompanyCoachMS CompanyHead Coach
Karmine Corp - May 12,
Adam leaves.
EuropeAdam (Adam Maanane)Karmine CorpTop
Harrisburg University - May 12,
LikeAMaws is set to leave.
North AmericaLikeAMawsHarrisburg UniversityMidHarrisburg UniversityMid
ad hoc gaming - May 12, Atom (Assistant Coach) leaves.
EuropeAtom (Peter Thomsen)ad hoc gamingAssistant Coach
Cyberground Gaming - May 12, Raven (Head Coach) joins.
EuropeRaven (Renato Dimas)Cyberground GamingHead Coach
Team Refuse - May 12,
Vaynedeta leaves.
EuropeVaynedetaTeam RefuseBot
Atletec - May 12,
Diablo leaves.
EuropeDiablo (Dorian Lefebvre)AtletecMid
Warthox Esport - May 12,
Nox joins.

Vigil leaves.
EuropeVigilWarthox EsportMid
EuropeNoxWarthox EsportMid
Boca Juniors Gaming - May 12,
Izaenk and
Tufi leave.
Latin AmericaIzaenkBoca Juniors GamingTop
Latin AmericaTufiBoca Juniors GamingSupport
FURIA Esports - May 12,
Follow leaves.
BrazilFollowFURIA EsportsJungle
Riot Games Inc. - May 12, Plugo (Analyst) leaves.
Latin AmericaPlugoRiot Games Inc.Analyst
Globant Emerald - May 12,
Plugo, and
Fix join.

Kytra moves to substitute.
Latin AmericaKytraGlobant EmeraldMidGlobant EmeraldMidtrue
Latin AmericaFollowGlobant EmeraldJungle
Latin AmericaPlugoGlobant EmeraldMid
Latin AmericaFixGlobant EmeraldBot
Descuydado Esports - May 12,
Chanteur leaves.
Latin AmericaChanteurDescuydado EsportsJungle
Respawn Esports - May 12,
Koala moves to starting roster.
Niles leaves.
Latin AmericaNiles (Humberto Ponce)Respawn EsportsTop
Latin AmericaKoala (Braulio Hernandez)Respawn EsportsToptrueRespawn EsportsTop
Team Secret (Vietnamese Team) - May 12, Archie (Coach) is added to the GCD.
Coated is removed from the GCD.
VietnamCoatedTeam Secret (Vietnamese Team)Top
VietnamArchie (Trần Minh Nhựt)Team Secret (Vietnamese Team)Coach
LOUD - May 12, Piroxz (Analyst) leaves.

May 13[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
UCAM Esports Club Academy - May 13, Kiino (Assistant Manager) joins.
EuropeKiinoUCAM Esports Club AcademyAssistant Manager
X7 Esports - May 13,
Nadsat joins as substitute.
EuropeNadsatX7 EsportsBottrue
Misfits Gaming - May 13, F1RE (Analyst) is set to leave on May 31.
EuropeF1REMisfits GamingAnalystMisfits GamingAnalyst
4Elements Esports - May 13, Fluxeh (Chief Creative Officer) leaves.
EuropeFluxeh4Elements EsportsChief Creative Officer
4Elements Esports - May 13, Low5 (Head of Team Management) leaves.
EuropeLow54Elements EsportsHead of Team Management
KV Mechelen Esports - May 13,
Robba leaves.
EuropeRobbaKV Mechelen EsportsTop
BlueWhites - May 13,
lastis and
Desrim join.

jupe leaves.
Crvena zvezda Esports - May 13, Colamax (Coach to Coach/Team Manager) changes position.
EuropeColamaxCrvena zvezda EsportsCoachCrvena zvezda EsportsCoach/Team Manager
NRG Esports - May 13, NRG Esportslogo std.pngNRG Esports partners with CMG.Asia to form NRG Asia. NRG Asia acquires MESlogo std.pngGAM Esports.
GAM Esports - May 13, Team is acquired by NRG Asia.
Tricked Esport - May 13, Krog (Assistant Coach) leaves.
EuropeKrogTricked EsportAssistant Coach
Cienciano Esports - May 13, Daeasy (Head Coach) leaves.
Latin AmericaDaeasyCienciano EsportsHead Coach
AceS GaminG - May 13,
Skoll leaves.
Latin AmericaSkollAceS GaminGJungle
Zeu5 Bogota - May 13,
Zelt joins.

Sander moves to substitute.
Latin AmericaSanderZeu5 BogotaTopZeu5 BogotaToptrue
Latin AmericaZeltZeu5 BogotaTop
Samsung Morning Stars - May 13, Dagon (Assistant Coach) joins.
EuropeDagonSamsung Morning StarsAssistant Coach
Anorthosis Famagusta Esports - May 13, Qiori (Analyst) leaves.
EuropeQioriAnorthosis Famagusta EsportsAnalyst
AOE Esports - May 13, AOE Esportslogo std.pngAOE Will's Kittens renames to AOE Esportslogo std.pngAOE Esports.
North AmericaFaisalArea of Effect Will's KittensTop
North AmericaTrixterArea of Effect Will's KittensJungle
North AmericaDarkWingsArea of Effect Will's KittensMid
North AmericaSketchdreamsArea of Effect Will's KittensBot
North AmericaFizziArea of Effect Will's KittensSupport
North AmericasallyeojuseyoArea of Effect Will's KittensMidtrue
North AmericaTempest (Andrew Stark)Area of Effect Will's KittensMidtrue
North AmericaSrkenjiArea of Effect Will's KittensSupporttrue
North AmericaArgentumSkyArea of Effect Will's KittensHead Coach
North AmericaSunlightArea of Effect Will's KittensToptrue
AOE Esports - May 13,
Fizzi, pookar (Head Coach), and Julius (Assistant Coach) join.
North AmericaFaisalAOE EsportsTop
North AmericaRBMAOE EsportsJungle
North AmericaDarkWingsAOE EsportsMid
North AmericaSketchdreamsAOE EsportsBot
North AmericaFizziAOE EsportsSupport
North AmericapookarAOE EsportsHead Coach
North AmericaJuliusAOE EsportsAssistant Coach
AOE Esports - May 13, Qiori (Analyst) joins.
North AmericaQioriAOE EsportsAnalyst
Area of Effect Randoms - May 13, pookar (Head Coach), Julius (Assistant Coach), and Qiori (Analyst) join.
North AmericapookarArea of Effect RandomsHead Coach
North AmericaJuliusArea of Effect RandomsAssistant Coach
North AmericaQioriArea of Effect RandomsAnalyst
Fredit BRION Academy - May 13,
Roast leaves.
KoreaRoastFredit BRION AcademyTop
Afreeca Freecs Academy - May 13,
Roast joins.
KoreaRoastAfreeca Freecs AcademyTop
Shadow corp - May 13,
Basic leaves.
KoreaBasic (Lim Seong-min)Shadow corpTop
Gen.G Academy - May 13,
Basic joins.

ToongE leaves.
KoreaToongEGen.G AcademyBot
KoreaBasic (Lim Seong-min)Gen.G AcademyTop
Shadow corp - May 13,
illlima and
ToongE join.
KoreailllimaShadow corpTop
KoreaToongEShadow corpBot
Vin (Korean Team) - May 13,
Wise leaves.
KoreaWise (Lee Hyeon-seo)Vin (Korean Team)Jungle
BBA - May 13,
Wise joins.
KoreaWise (Lee Hyeon-seo)BBAJungle

May 14[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
STRAT Esport - May 14,
Loop and
Algoria join.
EuropeLoop (Dorian Varin)STRAT EsportTop
EuropeAlgoriaSTRAT EsportJungle
X7 Esports - May 14,
Hinnamori joins as substitute.
EuropeHinnamoriX7 EsportsSupporttrue
Team Infamous - May 14, Organization disbands.
Warizar, Dingo (Assistant Coach), ShinigamiXchan (Social Media Manager), and Valinor (Social Media Assistant Manager) leave.
EuropeYoftTeam InfamousTop
EuropeChuffylolTeam InfamousJungle
EuropeSlowlaTeam InfamousMid
EuropeJabuticabaTeam InfamousBot
EuropeWarizarTeam InfamousSupport
EuropeDingoTeam InfamousAssistant Coach
EuropeShinigamiXchanTeam InfamousSocial Media Manager
EuropeValinorTeam InfamousSocial Media Assistant Manager
Excel Esports - May 14,
Czekolad and
Tore leave.
EuropeCzekoladExcel EsportsMid
EuropeToreExcel EsportsSupport
MTW Gaming - May 14, team disbands. PRM 1st Div spot is acquired by TeamOrangeGaming.
MTW Gaming - May 14,
Zilax, Nice Guy Ben (Coach), Sivi (Assistant Coach), JolyThePsych (Psychologist), and MC Tapout (Team Manager) leave.
EuropeCrossoverMTW GamingBot
EuropeZilaxMTW GamingToptrue
EuropeNice Guy BenMTW GamingCoach
EuropeSiviMTW GamingAssistant Coach
EuropeMC TapoutMTW GamingTeam Manager
EuropeJolyThePsychMTW GamingPsychologist
TeamOrangeGaming - May 14, team acquires the PRM 1st Div spot of MTW Gaming.
404 Multigaming e.V. - May 14, Slip (Team Manager) leaves.
EuropeSlip404 Multigaming e.V.Team Manager
Cyberground Gaming - May 14, Click (Strategic Coach) joins.
EuropeClick (Vsevolod Tikhomirov)Cyberground GamingStrategic Coach
Kaos Latin Gamers Academy - May 14, Mitohara (Head Coach) leaves.
Latin AmericaMitoharaKaos Latin Gamers AcademyHead Coach
Wildcard Gaming - May 14,
TeamLuke leaves.
North AmericaTeamLukeWildcard GamingBot
North AmericaSkyTecUniversity of Western OntarioSupport
Area of Effect Brady - May 14,
SkyTec leaves.
North AmericaSkyTecArea of Effect BradySupport
Axolotl - May 14,
Ploxy joins.
Evil Geniuses Prodigies - May 14,
SkyTec joins.

Shoryu joins from academy roster.

Mist leaves.
Shiro leaves for main roster.
North AmericaShiro (Kyle Sakamaki)Evil Geniuses ProdigiesBot
North AmericaMist (Lin Zi-Lan)Evil Geniuses ProdigiesSupport
North AmericaShoryuEvil Geniuses ProdigiesBot
North AmericaSkyTecEvil Geniuses ProdigiesSupport
Evil Geniuses Academy - May 14,
TeamLuke joins.

Shoryu leaves for academy roster.
North AmericaShoryuEvil Geniuses AcademyBot
North AmericaTeamLukeEvil Geniuses AcademyBot
Evil Geniuses.NA - May 14,
Shiro joins from academy roster.

Deftly leaves.
North AmericaDeftlyEvil Geniuses.NABot
North AmericaShiro (Kyle Sakamaki)Evil Geniuses.NABot
Evil Geniuses.NA - May 14, Shiro renames to Danny.
W5 Team - May 14,
PikaBoss leaves.
Latin AmericaPikaBossW5 TeamSupport
Newstar - May 14,
PikaBoss, Mitohara (Head Coach), and Asseryo (Assistant Coach) join.

Linker and
1Defu join as substitutes.
Latin AmericaAntimagicNewstarTop
Latin AmericaDounyNewstarJungle
Latin AmericaFear (Joel Reyna)NewstarMid
Latin AmericaKouZZeNewstarBot
Latin AmericaPikaBossNewstarSupport
Latin AmericaLinkerNewstarMidtrue
Latin America1DefuNewstarSupporttrue
Latin AmericaMitoharaNewstarHead Coach
Latin AmericaAsseryoNewstarAssistant Coach
The Kings - May 14,
Froststrike joins.

Agonistic leaves.
Latin AmericaAgonisticThe KingsJungle
Latin AmericaFroststrikeThe KingsJungle
Ualá New Pampas - May 14,
Kbstible leaves.
Latin AmericaKbstibleUalá New PampasSupport
Naguara Team - May 14,
Kimi, and
Kbstible join.

SryNotSry rejoins.

Alfred and Vamoyo leave.
Latin AmericaAlfredNaguara TeamSupport
Latin AmericaVamoyoNaguara Teamtrue
Latin AmericaBurritoNaguara TeamTop
Latin AmericaSryNotSryNaguara TeamJungle
Latin AmericaFersitoNaguara TeamMid
Latin AmericaKimi (Cristian Aparicio)Naguara TeamBot
Latin AmericaKbstibleNaguara TeamSupport
Savage Esports - May 14,
Woofi leaves.
Latin AmericaWoofiSavage EsportsJungle
Ualá New Pampas - May 14,
Tulz, and Absolut (Team Manager) join.

Keishao joins as substitute.

Xypherz and
Agressiv leave.
Latin AmericaXypherzUalá New PampasJungle
Latin AmericaAgressivUalá New PampasBottrue
Latin AmericaIzaenkUalá New PampasTop
Latin AmericaStyle (Ignacio Pezoa)Ualá New PampasJungle
Latin AmericaDandy (Mariano Masolini)Ualá New PampasMid
Latin AmericaTulzUalá New PampasSupport
Latin AmericaKeishaoUalá New PampasSupporttrue
Latin AmericaAbsolut (Ian Selmi)Ualá New PampasTeam Manager
Movistar Optix - May 14,
Kayse leaves.
Latin AmericaKayseMovistar OptixBot
Rebirth eSports - May 14,
Kayse, and
Duivel join.

SkyMind and
Tammz leave.
Latin AmericaSkyMindRebirth eSportsMid
Latin AmericaTammzRebirth eSportsSupporttrue
Latin AmericalRomaRebirth eSportsTop
Latin AmericaSami (Nicolás Veliz)Rebirth eSportsJungle
Latin AmericaAlowhedRebirth eSportsMid
Latin AmericaKayseRebirth eSportsBot
Latin AmericaDuivelRebirth eSportsSupport
Cienciano Esports - May 14,
Pishilon leaves.
Latin AmericaPishilonCienciano EsportsMid
Respawn Esports - May 14,
Pishilon joins.

Byako leaves.
Latin AmericaByakoRespawn EsportsMid
Latin AmericaPishilonRespawn EsportsMid
SuperMassive Academy - May 14,
Rhemio is removed from the GCD.
TurkeyRhemioSuperMassive AcademyMid
Beşiktaş Academy - May 14,
Furkoazki and Zetsu (Head Coach) are removed from the GCD.
TurkeyZetsuBeşiktaş AcademyHead Coach
TurkeyFurkoazkiBeşiktaş AcademySupport
5 Ronin Academy - May 14,
Algos is removed from the GCD.
TurkeyAlgos5 Ronin AcademySupport
NASR eSports Turkey Academy - May 14,
Poibos is removed from the GCD.
TurkeyPoibosNASR eSports Turkey AcademyTop
Immortals Academy - May 14,
V1per and
AnDa's contracts are updated in the GCD, expiring on 22 November 2022.
Area of Effect Brady - May 14,
Clam and
RobbyBob leave.
North AmericaClamArea of Effect BradyJungle
North AmericaRobbyBobArea of Effect BradyMid
Wildcard Gaming - May 14,
Daption, and
Yasin leave.
North AmericaQwackerWildcard GamingTop
North AmericaPanda (James Ding)Wildcard GamingJungle
North AmericaDaptionWildcard GamingSupport
North AmericaYasinWildcard GamingSupport
Wildcard Gaming Black - May 14,
Yasin, and Draher (Head Coach) join.
North AmericaQwackerWildcard Gaming BlackTop
North AmericaClamWildcard Gaming BlackJungle
North AmericaRobbyBobWildcard Gaming BlackMid
North AmericaMinuiWildcard Gaming BlackBot
North AmericaYasinWildcard Gaming BlackSupport
North AmericaDraherWildcard Gaming BlackHead Coach
North AmericaDhoklaWildcard Gaming RedTop
North AmericaWinstonWildcard Gaming RedJungle
North AmericaFreeze (Bradley Benneyworth)Wildcard Gaming RedMid
North AmericaArrowWildcard Gaming RedBot
North AmericaDaptionWildcard Gaming RedSupport
Wildcard Gaming Red - May 14, Freeze renames to Bradley.
Wildcard Gaming - May 14, ADFX (Coach) and Arrow (Two-Way Player Coach) leave for sister team Wildcard Gaminglogo std.pngWildcard Red.
North AmericaADFXWildcard GamingCoach
North AmericaArrowWildcard GamingTwo-Way Player Coach
Wildcard Gaming Red - May 14, ADFX (Head Coach) joins from sister team Wildcard Gaminglogo std.pngWildcard Gaming.
North AmericaADFXWildcard Gaming RedHead Coach
Wildcard Gaming Black - May 14, Taco (Team Manager) joins.
North AmericaTacoWildcard Gaming BlackTeam Manager
Wildcard Gaming - May 14, Taco (Team Manager to Assistant General Manager) changes position.
North AmericaTacoWildcard GamingTeam ManagerWildcard GamingAssistant General Manager
Wildcard Gaming Black - May 14, Arrow (Two-Way Player Coach) joins.
North AmericaArrowWildcard Gaming BlackTwo-Way Player Coach
Wildcard Gaming Red - May 14, Trick (Team Manager) joins.
North AmericaTrick (Justin McGregor)Wildcard Gaming RedTeam Manager
Galatasaray Esports - May 14, Basei (Coach) is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
TurkeyBaseiGalatasaray EsportsCoachGalatasaray EsportsCoach
Galatasaray Esports - May 14,
Luana is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
TurkeyLuanaGalatasaray EsportsTopGalatasaray EsportsTop

May 15[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Shield Esport - May 15,
Axelent leaves.
EuropeAxelentShield EsportBot
Demise - May 15,
Kera joins as substitute.
EuropeKera (Ben Daniel)DemiseJungletrue
Team AURORA - May 15,
Anduril's contract expires.
TurkeyAndurilTeam AURORAJungle
Vanir - May 15,
Valiant joins.
EuropeValiant (Magnus Østmo)VanirMid
Shield Esport - May 15,
Fäpä leaves.
EuropeFäpäShield EsportSupport
4Elements Esports - May 15, Limpix (Manager) leaves.
EuropeLimpix4Elements EsportsManager
PSV Esports Academy - May 15,
Jackie and
Bewis leave.
EuropeJackiePSV Esports AcademyJungle
EuropeBewisPSV Esports AcademyBot
Quimera Esports - May 15,
Togep1 leaves.
EuropeTogep1Quimera EsportsTop
EuropeInferioritiesTOOOLS eSportsTop
EuropeEkko the NeekoTOOOLS eSportsMid
EuropeCartamenioTOOOLS eSportsSupport
EuropeTogep1TOOOLS eSportsTop
Romulea eSport - May 15,
FoX, XTheBlackRussian (Head Coach), PhoenixPasc (Assistant Coach), Sonzo (Assistant Analyst), and Zest (Performance Coach) leave.
EuropeLumerionRomulea eSportTop
EuropeTaikkiRomulea eSportJungle
EuropeOMONRomulea eSportMid
EuropeCounterRomulea eSportBot
EuropeFoX (Valentino Volpato)Romulea eSportSupport
EuropeXTheBlackRussianRomulea eSportHead Coach
EuropeZest (Francesco Dell'Accio)Romulea eSportPerformance Coach
EuropePhoenixPascRomulea eSportAssistant Coach
EuropeSonzoRomulea eSportAssistant Analyst
Crazy Ravens - May 15,
Spadur joins.
EuropeSpadurCrazy RavensMid
Dignitas Mirage - May 15, Ruuxi (Assistant Coach) leaves.
North AmericaRuuxiDignitas MirageAssistant Coach
Vikingekrig Esports - May 15,
Deepe leaves.
EuropeDeepeVikingekrig EsportsMid
Vikingekrig Academy - May 15,
Reedfoo leaves.
EuropeReedfooVikingekrig AcademyBot
Avis Esport - May 15,
djulo leaves.
EuropedjuloAvis EsportSupport
Method2Madness - May 15,
xmar, and
djulo join.

bAZZILISKS, and Kælegrisen (Manager) leave.
EuropeSin (Alin Sin)Method2MadnessMid
Goskilla - May 15,
Energy, and
Toaster join.

Cospect rejoins.
Tsuni (Coach) and Pata (Head Analyst) leave.
EuropePataGoskillaHead Analyst
Cyberground Gaming - May 15,
King joins.
EuropeKing (Luka Kralj)Cyberground GamingJungle
Istanbul Wildcats Academy - May 15, Xhua (Coach) leaves.
TurkeyXhuaIstanbul Wildcats AcademyCoach
Flamengo Academy - May 15,
scary is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.
Brazilscary (Artur Queiroz)Flamengo AcademyJungleFlamengo AcademyJungle
100 Thieves Next - May 15,
Cozy and
Goo leave.
North AmericaCozy100 Thieves NextTop
North AmericaGoo100 Thieves NextJungle
100 Thieves Next - May 15,
Gamsu and
Chad join.
FallenBandit (Head Coach/Sub/Top to Head Coach) changes position.
North AmericaFallenBandit100 Thieves NextHead Coach/Toptrue100 Thieves NextHead Coach
North AmericaGamsu100 Thieves NextTop
North AmericaChad100 Thieves NextJungle
Latin AmericaJealowDeliverance Esports PeruSupport
Cienciano Esports - May 15,
Jealow, and Ewzhier (Head Coach) join.

Panchy joins as substitute.

Narukami and
Bertonrkyxo leave.
Latin AmericaNarukamiCienciano EsportsJungle
Latin AmericaBertonrkyxoCienciano EsportsSupporttrue
Latin AmericaAlambritoCienciano EsportsTop
Latin AmericaFrescoCienciano EsportsJungle
Latin AmericaNashejkzCienciano EsportsMid
Latin AmericaJealowCienciano EsportsSupport
Latin AmericaPanchyCienciano EsportsMidtrue
Latin AmericaEwzhierCienciano EsportsHead Coach
Instinct Gaming - May 15,
Leinad leaves.
Latin AmericaLeinadInstinct GamingJungletrue
Cone Thugs - May 15,
Superbia leaves.
Latin AmericaSuperbiaCone ThugsMid
Diamond Doves - May 15,
Virus04, Dogma (Head Coach), and Cena (Analyst) join.

Piu Piu rejoins as substitute.

Edo Fenix and
Dialto leave.
Latin AmericaEdo FenixDiamond DovesSupport
Latin AmericaDialtoDiamond DovesMidtrue
Latin AmericaJuanDeDiosDiamond DovesTop
Latin AmericaLeinadDiamond DovesJungle
Latin AmericaSuperbiaDiamond DovesMid
Latin America181120Diamond DovesBot
Latin AmericaVirus04Diamond DovesSupport
Latin AmericaPiu PiuDiamond DovesBottrue
Latin AmericaDogma (Hector Mora)Diamond DovesHead Coach
Latin AmericaCena (Eric Cuesta Basagaña)Diamond DovesAnalyst
Zeu5 Bogota - May 15,
Gabenx leaves.
Latin AmericaGabenxZeu5 BogotaBottrue
Outplayed Academy - May 15, Kwan (Coach) leaves.
EuropeKwanOutplayed AcademyCoach