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Current Roster Change Portals:

Jan 05[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
Definitely not washed up - January (approx.),
NF Dawn,
Crow, and
SQ8 join.

lövhögen, and
Divine leave.
EuropeBugundertherugDefinitely not washed upTop
EuropelövhögenDefinitely not washed upJungle
EuropeDivineDefinitely not washed upBot
EuropeNF DawnDefinitely not washed upTop
EuropeTehDefinitely not washed upJungle
EuropeDeanNnDefinitely not washed upBot
EuropeCrow (Luca Nucci)Definitely not washed upSupport
EuropeSQ8Definitely not washed upSupport
Harmony - January 5,
Mr Miks, and
Espadas leave.
EuropeMr MiksHarmonyBot
EuropeFearceAethra Esports OldschoolTop
EuropeAsphyxiaAethra Esports OldschoolJungle
EuropeTacticalNukeAethra Esports OldschoolMid
EuropeBoykuhAethra Esports OldschoolBot
EuropeZenstooAethra Esports OldschoolSupport
Kespa - January 5, PlacementIcon1.pngAfreeca Freecslogo std.pngAfreeca Freecs PlacementIcon2.pngSANDBOX Gaminglogo std.pngSANDBOX Gaming in KeSPA Cup 2019.
V3 Esports - January 5,
Archer, and
Raina join.

Ace's contract is extended.
Neo and
Recap leave.
JapanAce (Kotoji Mugita)V3 EsportsMidtrueV3 EsportsMid
JapanNeo (Moon Ji-won)V3 EsportsJungletrue
JapanRecapV3 EsportsMidtrue
JapanBugiV3 EsportsJungle
JapanArcher (Lee Keun-hee)V3 EsportsBot
JapanRainaV3 EsportsSupport
V3 Esports - January 5, HW4NG (Coach to Head Coach) and Son (Head Coach to Coach) change positions.
JapanHW4NGV3 EsportsCoachV3 EsportsHead Coach
JapanSonV3 EsportsHead CoachV3 EsportsCoach
Vivo Keyd - January 5, Juvasques1 (Social Media Manager) joins.
BrazilJuvasques1Vivo KeydSocial Media Manager
MOBA ROG - January (approx.),
Sadaz leaves.
EuropeSadazMOBA ROGMidtrue
Celestial Gaming - January 5,
Dacreq leaves.
EuropeDacreqCelestial GamingJungle
Riddle Esports - January 5,
Dacreq rejoins.

Brorheim (temporary substitute) leaves.
EuropeBrorheimRiddle EsportsJungle
EuropeDacreqRiddle EsportsJungle
Granit Gaming - January 5,
Cheelm and
R0yals join.

Jenxas and
Dambaj (temporary substitutes) leave.
EuropeJenxasGranit GamingJungle
EuropeDambajGranit GamingBot
EuropeCheelmGranit GamingJungle
EuropeR0yalsGranit GamingBot
Hybrid Esports - January 5,
Fraid joins.

Potatismjöl (temporary substitute) leaves.
EuropePotatismjölHybrid EsportsTop
EuropeFraidHybrid EsportsTop
Free Agent - January 5, Rybson renames to Myself.
GAM Esports - January 5,
Dia1 and
Palette join.

Easylove rejoins.
Kiaya (Mid to Top), Blazes (Mid to Bot), and Slay (Support to Bot) change positions.
Hieu3, and Yuna (Head Coach) will remain with the team for 2020.
Zeros and
Zin leave.
VietnamZerosGAM EsportsTop
VietnamZinGAM EsportsBot
VietnamBlazesGAM EsportsMidGAM EsportsBot
VietnamKiayaGAM EsportsMidGAM EsportsTop
VietnamSlayGAM EsportsSupportGAM EsportsBot
VietnamLeviGAM EsportsJungleGAM EsportsJungle
VietnamHieu3GAM EsportsSupportGAM EsportsSupport
VietnamYunaGAM EsportsHead CoachGAM EsportsHead Coach
VietnamDia1GAM EsportsMid
VietnamEasyloveGAM EsportsBot
VietnamPaletteGAM EsportsSupport
CERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team) - January 5,
Zeldris moves to starting roster.
RonOP, and Icarus (Head Coach) will remain with the team for 2020.
VietnamZeldris (Huỳnh Công Phương)CERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team)BottrueCERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team)Bot
VietnamyTCERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team)TopCERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team)Top
VietnamLL (Ngô Minh Quân)CERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team)TopCERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team)Top
VietnamYadoCERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team)MidCERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team)Mid
VietnamRonOPCERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team)SupportCERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team)Support
VietnamIcarus (Lee In-cheol)CERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team)Head CoachCERBERUS Esports (Vietnamese Team)Head Coach
Istanbul Wildcats - January 5,
Pbd joins.
TurkeyPbdIstanbul WildcatsSupport
SuperMassive Esports - January 5,
Stomaged's contract is extended.
TurkeyStomagedSuperMassive EsportsJungleSuperMassive EsportsJungle
Cyberground Gaming - January 5, Annyka (Streamer) joins.
EuropeAnnykaCyberground GamingStreamer
eEriness - January 5,
Elmo, and
Dáda join.
EuropeElmo (Tomáš Bielik)eErinessBot
EuropeDáda (David Arnolt)eErinessSupport
MAD Lions E.C. - January 5,
Prime, Araneae (Head Coach), and Falco (Assistant Coach) leave.
Freeze's departure is confirmed.
EuropeHatrixxMAD Lions E.C.Mid
EuropePrettyMAD Lions E.C.Mid
EuropeSamuxMAD Lions E.C.Bot
EuropeFreezeMAD Lions E.C.Bot
EuropePrime (Olivier Payet)MAD Lions E.C.Support
EuropeAraneaeMAD Lions E.C.Head Coach
EuropeFalco (Jesús Pérez)MAD Lions E.C.Assistant Coach
MAD Lions Madrid - January 5, MAD Lions E.C.logo std.pngMAD Lions renames to MAD Lions Madridlogo std.pngMAD Lions Madrid.
MAD Lions Madrid - January 5,
Werlyb joins.
EuropeWerlybMAD Lions MadridTop
GameWard - January 5, Lud0 (Coach) joins.
Samsung Morning Stars - January 5,
Cboi joins.
EuropeCboiSamsung Morning StarsJungle
Cyberground Gaming - January 5,
PederseNN leaves.
EuropePederseNNCyberground GamingSupporttrue
For The Win Esports - January 5,
Plasma leaves.
EuropePlasmaFor The Win EsportsSupport
For The Win Esports - January 5,
Truklax rejoins.
EuropeTruklaxFor The Win EsportsTop
Talon Esports - January 5, Baby renames to River.
Talon Esports - January 5,
River joins.
SEARiver (Kim Dong-woo)Talon EsportsJungle
Cloud9 - January 5, Westrice (Assistant Coach)'s contract is updated in the GCD, expiring on 15 November 2022.