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Current Roster Change Portals:

Dec 02[edit]

DateRegionPlayerS TeamS RoleS IsSubS IsTRNE TeamE RoleE IsSubE IsTRNSource
YouthCrew Esports - December 2,
Madness leaves.
TurkeyMadness (Gökhan Uçar)YouthCrew EsportsBot
EGN Esports - December 2,
InKos leaves.
EuropeInKosEGN EsportsJungle
Killabeez - December 2,
xMata (temporary substitute) leaves.
ad hoc gaming - December 2,
Lurox leaves.
EuropeLuroxad hoc gamingJungle
MEGA - December 2,
Lloyd joins.
DetonatioN FocusMe - December 2,
viviD leaves.
JapanviviDDetonatioN FocusMeSupport
Vici Gaming - December 2,
Yueguan leaves.
Xintai's departure is confirmed.
ChinaYueguanVici GamingToptrue
ChinaXintaiVici GamingSupport
Royal Never Give Up - December 2, Heart (Head Coach) leaves.
ChinaHeartRoyal Never Give UpHead Coach
Rogue (European Team) - December 2,
Profit joins.
EuropeProfitRogue (European Team)Top
Chiefs Esports Club - December 2,
ry0ma and
Destiny's departures are confirmed.
Oceaniary0maChiefs Esports ClubMid
OceaniaDestiny (Mitchell Shaw)Chiefs Esports ClubSupport
Excel Esports - December 2,
Caedrel joins.
EuropeCaedrelExcel EsportsJungle
ORDER - December 2,
Tally's contract is extended.
ASUS ROG ELITE - December 2,
Bruno's contract expires but departure is not confirmed.
EuropeBruno (Bruno Romac)ASUS ROG ELITETop
SK Telecom T1 - December 2, Zefa (Coach) joins.
KoreaZefaSK Telecom T1Coach
SuperMassive Esports - December 2,
Frozen joins.
TurkeyFrozen (Kim Tae-il)SuperMassive EsportsMid
SuperMassive Esports - December 2,
Wolf joins.
TurkeyWolf (Lee Jae-wan)SuperMassive EsportsSupport
SuperMassive Esports - December 2,
Stomaged, and
Zeitnot's contracts are extended through 2019.
TurkeyfabFabulousSuperMassive EsportsTopSuperMassive EsportsTop
TurkeyStomagedSuperMassive EsportsJungleSuperMassive EsportsJungle
TurkeyZeitnotSuperMassive EsportsBotSuperMassive EsportsBot
Rainbow7 - December 2,
Acce and
Grell join.
Isurus - December 2,
QQMore is loaned to Pixel Esports Club.
Hafnet eSports - December 2, Ukkyr (Head Coach) leaves.
LASUkkyrHafnet eSportsHead Coach
Undead Gaming - December 2,
Nipphu and
TopLop leave.
LASNipphuUndead GamingTop
LASTopLopUndead GamingMid
Pixel Esports Club - December 2,
Shmebulock, and Ukkyr (Head Coach) join.

QQmore is loaned from Isurus.

Daduu leaves.
LANDaduuPixel Esports ClubSupport
LANNipphuPixel Esports ClubTop
LANTopLopPixel Esports ClubMid
LANShmebulockPixel Esports ClubSupport
LANQQmorePixel Esports ClubJungle
LANUkkyrPixel Esports ClubHead Coach
Misfits Academy - December 2,
Energy leaves.
EuropeEnergyMisfits AcademyMid
Cyberground Gaming - December 2,
Only Angel,
Energy, and
Rufus join.
EuropeOnly AngelCyberground GamingTop
EuropeEckasCyberground GamingJungle
EuropeEnergyCyberground GamingMid
EuropeRufusCyberground GamingSupport
Cyberground Gaming - December 2,
Haruhiro moves to substitute.
EuropeHaruhiroCyberground GamingTopCyberground GamingToptrue
Cyberground Gaming - December 2, Carti (Assistant Manager) joins.
EuropeCartiCyberground GamingAssistant Manager
Cyberground Gaming - December 2,
Kd0, and
anima vestra leave.
EuropeDeghCyberground GamingToptrue
EuropeKd0Cyberground GamingMidtrue
Europeanima vestraCyberground GamingBottrue
Dramatik Royal - December 2,
CHIME joins.
North AmericaCHIMEDramatik RoyalSupport
Gaming Gaming - December 2,
N1njA leaves.
LANN1njAGaming GamingBot
KIYF eSports Club - December 2,
Carzzy leaves.
EuropeCarzzyKIYF eSports ClubBot