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Jul 08[]

"We can’t always win using 'Uzi carry' strategy. That’s why I do feel pressured a lot."Inven GlobalHee Eun "Youii" Yoo, Changsik "Alle" Son, and Yudae "Akiin" OakInterviewUzi
Nisqy: "NA teams play slowly. They think they have time. Whereas EU teams just go in."The ShotcallerParkes OusleyInterviewNisqy
sOAZ And Hylissang: "I believe the way for NA to improve is to pick Heimerdinger because that champion is really broken (laughs)."Inven GlobalJames "Bick" HongInterviewHylissang
Doublelift and Olleh: "There will be a moment when an American team, hopefully Team Liquid, will shine, and it will all be worth it."Inven GlobalJames "Bick" HongInterviewDoublelift, Olleh
3 reasons why Riot needs to bring back Best of 3s to the NALCSThe Game HausRobert HanesArticleNA LCS/2018 Season/Summer Season

Jul 09[]

FNC Bwipo Compares NA Trash Talk To EU: "In EU, it is more like 'You dirty inter' (laughs)."Inven GlobalJames "Bick" HongInterviewBwipo
Wadid delivers banter towards Jankos: "Braum isn't that hard to play, which is why I play Rakan!"The ShotcallerParkes OusleyInterviewWadid
Rekkles: why he benched HIMSELF, NA's impending ADC doom, and moreYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewRekkles
Examining Griffin, LCK's hottest teamESPNEmily Rand and Tyler ErzbergerArticleGriffin (Korean Team)logo std.pngGRFLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season

Jul 10[]

Fnatic's Bwipo: "I feel like we have a lot of individually strong mechanical players and we're not scared to fight."ESPNEmily RandArticleFnaticlogo std.pngFNC
Kasing: "I appreciate every single comment from you fans, negative and positive"The ShotcallerParkes OusleyInterviewKaSing
¡Plugo de soporte! - Jugada de la Semana - Esports - League of Legends (Spanish)LoL Esports LASArticlePlugoCLS/2018 Season/Closing Season

Jul 11[]

What's Not Given: Episode 2100 ThievesArticle100 Thieveslogo std.png100.A
Jayj: “At least 10 players in the LCS have wrist problems, but no one talks about it.”The ShotcallerParkes OusleyInterviewJayJ
Caps believes Rift Rivals will help EU prepare for WorldsYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewCaps
Jankos says NA has worse mechanics, maybe because they suckYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewJankos
Profit: "We want to reach Playoffs, so we often flame each other to motivate ourselves."The ShotcallerDarius MatuschakInterviewProfitEU LCS/2018 Season/Summer Season
Hanwha Life Esports Sangyoon: "The ADC bot lane will prosper again."Inven GlobalByungho "Haao" Kim,Dasol "Viion" JangInterviewSangyoonLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
Griffin Tarzan: "If we went to the Rift Rivals, I wanted to play against RNG."Inven GlobalByungho "Haao" Kim,Dasol "Viion" JangInterviewTarzanLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
Griffin Lehends: "All champions are good when you're good."Inven GlobalDasol "Viion" JangInterviewLehendsLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
Kingzone DragonX: Poor Performances and Confronting CriticismsThe Game HausVi LamArticleKingzone DragonXlogo std.pngKZLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
Picking up the Pieces: Post-Rift Rivals NAThe Game HausBrandon SturakArticleTeam Liquidlogo std.pngTLEcho Foxlogo std.pngFOX100 Thieveslogo std.png100Rift Rivals 2018/NA-EU

Jul 12[]

Biofrost on Summer: “It felt like we were starting over again because there is such a long break.”The ShotcallerParkes OusleyInterviewBiofrost
RNG Mlxg: "LPL is catching up with LCK in the past few years. In the upcoming Worlds, I think LPL has hope."Inven GlobalSihoon "Maloo" Lee,Dasol "Viion" JangInterviewMlxg
Doublelift, Rekkles, Perkz eat crab, talk life and death of MARKSMENYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewDoublelift, Perkz, Rekkles
Dardoch: NA is stronger in standard play, EU understands the new niche meta moreYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewDardoch
EUphoria Season 2 Episode 4 | Denmark vs. Sweden and the Best Team in Europe w/ Sencux & MementoLoL EsportsArticleEU LCS/2018 Season/Summer Season
'Pickea Heimer' - Mic-Check - Esports - League of Legends (Spanish)LoL Esports LASArticleCLS/2018 Season/Closing Season
Consejos para Zoe con Emp y Rakyz (Spanish)LoL Esports LASTommyArticleEmp, RakyzCLS/2018 Season/Closing Season
KZ GorillA: "After the Rift Rivals, I realized that our team really needs to make urgent changes"Inven GlobalKi-Baek "Juneau" Nam, Beom "Nswer" Park,,Woo "Ready" HyunInterviewGorillaLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
EULCS Game Preview: G2 Esports vs Misfits GamingThe Game HausJared WarnkeArticleG2 Esportslogo std.pngG2Misfits Gaminglogo std.pngMSFEU LCS/2018 Season/Summer Season

Jul 13[]

DLim: "If we want to be a top team, there are things we need to fix and be a lot cleaner about."The ShotcallerParkes OusleyInterviewClutch Gaminglogo std.pngCG
Kasing: "My parents were really against me wanting to become a pro. They viewed it as a waste."The ShotcallerDarius MatuschakInterviewKaSingEU LCS/2018 Season/Summer Season
Post Game Lobby - EU LCS Week 4 Day 1 (Summer 2018)LoL EsportsArticleEU LCS/2018 Season/Summer Season
Ready Check - EU LCS Week 4 Day 1 (Summer 2018)LoL EsportsArticleEU LCS/2018 Season/Summer Season
HLE SeongHwan on Advancing to 3rd Place: "I thought no team was unbeatable in the first place."Inven GlobalSihoon "Maloo" Lee,Yudae "Akiin" OakInterviewSeongHwanLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
HLE Key: "We were especially weak against Afreeca, Kingzone, and SKT. Well, after winning them, it feels like the team has improved compared to the past. "Inven GlobalJoonkyu "Lasso" Seok,Yudae "Akiin" OakInterviewKey, LavaLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
Griffin Viper on the Team's Improvement: "I didn’t expect that we’d improve this much."Inven GlobalSihoon "Maloo" Lee, Hee Eun "Youii" Yoo,,Yudae "Akiin" OakInterviewViperLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
GRF Head Coach cvMax on Worlds: "I have high expectations and whether it is fulfilled or not, I have to keep heading to that goal. It’s not just a fantasy."Inven GlobalJoonkyu "Lasso" Seok,Yudae "Akiin" OakInterviewCvMax, TarzanLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season

Jul 14[]

Interview Renato "Renas" Ferreira, captain of Prinfor Esports B (Portuguese)Prinfor EsportsInterviewRenas
Score: The Champion without a ChampionshipInven GlobalDasol "Viion" JangArticleScore
Post Game Lobby - EU LCS Week 4 Day 2 (Summer 2018)LoL EsportsArticleEU LCS/2018 Season/Summer Season
Ready Check - EU LCS Week 4 Day 2 (Summer 2018)LoL EsportsArticleEU LCS/2018 Season/Summer Season