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Jun 10[]


Jun 11[]

Interview with LS: Why he came to Korea, his view on coaching, the game, and moreInven GlobalJoonkyu "Lasso" Seok and Woo "Ready" HyunInterviewLS
HeaQ: 'I Feel Like the Experience Has Kicked In for Me Now'Chase Wassenar for UnikrnInterviewHeaQTeam ROCCATlogo std.pngROCEU LCS/2018 Season/Summer Season

Jun 12[]

FLR JamesPeke: «Мы думаем, что шансов победить у Dragon Army больше»League of Legends CISArticleAVANGARlogo std.pngAVN
KINGZONE should relax heading into the LCK Summer SplitDot EsportsXing LiArticleKingzone DragonXlogo std.pngKZ
Griffin Viper: "It’s really hard to scale ADCs nowadays and even with the growth, there’s no big advantage to it."Inven GlobalYoungbo "Roxyy" Sim,Dasol "Viion" JangInterviewViperLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
Griffin Lehends on Ryze: "He seemed like a good champion whether used in mid lane or bottom."Inven GlobalDasol "Viion" JangInterviewLehends, ChovyLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
MVP Pilot: "The stat nerfs for ranged champions were the most critical. They’re too weak now."Inven GlobalYoungbo "Roxyy" Sim,Dasol "Viion" JangInterviewMax, PilotLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
MVP Ian on Taric: "I didn’t become a mid laner to play this fatso champion."Inven GlobalDasol "Viion" JangInterviewIan, RevengerLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season

Jun 13[]

The Story of Medic: How a Doctor became an esports CasterThe ShotcallerAlexander HugoArticleMedic
Narrative Wake Episode 35: State of Top Lane (feat. Hauntzer and Alphari)YouTubeThorin and Kelsey MoserArticleEU LCS/2018 Season/Summer Season
AFs Kuro: "Those who quickly find the most viable champions will have the upper hand. That's why our team has the upper hand"Inven GlobalHee Eun "Youii" Yoo,Woo "Ready" HyunInterviewKuroLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
Rush On Score's Master Yi: "We let him play Master Yi once, but the result wasn’t good."Inven GlobalYudae "Akiin" OakInterviewRush, UcalLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
KT Mata: "After the Ma-Ta comp became popular, there were less search results on me so I was kind of disappointed."Inven GlobalHee Eun "Youii" Yoo, Changsik "Alle" Son,,Dasol "Viion" JangInterviewMataLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
AFs TusiN: "I don’t expect much from my ADCs since they use champions that they’ve barely used before."Inven GlobalYudae "Akiin" OakInterviewSpirit, TusiNLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
AFs Kiin: "I actually picked Aatrox because there was nothing to play."Inven GlobalHee Eun "Youii" Yoo, Changsik "Alle" Son,,Dasol "Viion" JangInterviewKiinLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
GEN Fly: "KZ's picks were kind of weird."Inven GlobalYudae "Akiin" OakInterviewFly, Haru, RulerLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
GEN Ruler: "I think the meta will go on, but I'll always be there to stop them with an ADC."Inven GlobalKi-Baek "Juneau" Nam, Changsik "Alle" Son,,Dasol "Viion" JangInterviewRulerLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
2018 NALCS Summer Split Power RankingsThe Game HausJared WarnkeArticleNA LCS/2018 Season/Summer Season

Jun 14[]

CLG vs. TSM: The El Clásico of the NA LCSDot EsportsBrian ChangArticleCounter Logic Gaminglogo std.pngCLGTSMlogo std.pngTSM
‘To be coachable is to be willing to bypass your ego’Sector OneArticleExorant
EUphoria Season 2 Episode 1 | What's Happening with Maxlore?LoL EsportsArticleEU LCS/2018 Season/Summer Season
HLE Sangyoon: "Vladimir can instantly kill the enemy on level 2."Inven GlobalHee Eun "Youii" Yoo,Yudae "Akiin" OakInterviewSangyoonLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
Griffin Tarzan: "The match against Kingzone will be the toughest."Inven GlobalHongje "Koer" Kim, Hee Eun "Youii" Yoo,,Yudae "Akiin" OakInterviewTarzanLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
Griffin Viper: "I’m confident about making it to the playoffs."Inven GlobalYudae "Akiin" OakInterviewSword, ViperLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
HLE SeongHwan: "The Master Yi -Taric comp is better than the Karthus - Nunu comp."Inven GlobalHongje "Koer" Kim, Hee Eun "Youii" Yoo,,Yudae "Akiin" OakInterviewSeongHwanLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
Sangyoon on His Victory Against bbq Olivers: "(singing) I feel happy~ I feel happy"Inven GlobalYudae "Akiin" OakInterviewSangyoon, LavaLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
2018 EULCS Summer Split Power RankingsThe Game HausJared WarnkeArticleEU LCS/2018 Season/Summer Season

Jun 15[]

Clutch Gaming Head Sebastian Park on LCS returning, the new meta, and moreYouTubeTravis GaffordInterviewClutch Gaminglogo std.pngCG
The Heist: Step 11100 ThievesArticle100 Thieveslogo std.png100
Liquid’s mental fortitude was tested at MSI, and this LCS split is their chance to fix itDot EsportsAaron MickunasArticleTeam Liquidlogo std.pngTL
Exclusive Q&A with Bwipo of Fnatic (Greek)CowboyTVRigasInterviewBwipoEU LCS/2018 Season/Summer Season
Fnatic have some issues to fix if they want to win the EU LCS againDot EsportsJoe TortoriceArticleFnaticlogo std.pngFNCEU LCS/2018 Season/Summer Season
EU LCS pre-split power rankingsDot EsportsXing LiArticleEU LCS/2018 Season/Summer Season
Post Game Lobby - EU LCS Week 1 Day 1 (Summer 2018)LoL EsportsArticleEU LCS/2018 Season/Summer Season
Ready Check - EU LCS Week 1 Day 1 (Summer 2018)LoL EsportsArticleEU LCS/2018 Season/Summer Season
"I Got The Nats" Highlights and Best Plays of Week 3PG EsportsArticlePG Nationals/2018 Season/Summer Season
CoreJJ: "Each and every team is playing what they think is the most optimal. The tournament is a clash of opinions and preferences"Inven GlobalDongyong "Lubic" Seo,Woo "Ready" HyunInterviewCoreJJLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
GEN Fly on Becoming Friends With Ambition: "I think he opened up to me... he talks to me now"Inven GlobalWoo "Ready" HyunInterviewFly, HaruLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
KZ Bdd on Picking Braum: "I actually haven't played a lot of Braum, I picked him out of confidence"Inven GlobalJoonkyu "Lasso" Seok, Dongyong "Lubic" Seo,,Woo "Ready" HyunInterviewBddLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
KZ Khan on His 'Bow Down and Kneel' Comment: "I said that out of my own will, so the flaks were inevitable, really"Inven GlobalJaehoon "Laffa" Jeong,Woo "Ready" HyunInterviewKhan, PeanutLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
The Late GameThe Player's LobbyArticleKubzEU LCS/2018 Season/Summer Season

Jun 16[]

PG Nationals Predator: Road to Cinecittà World - Chapter IIINicolò Trella for Outplayed.itArticlePG Nationals/2018 Season/Summer Season
Post Game Lobby - EU LCS Week 1 Day 2 (Summer 2018)LoL EsportsArticleEU LCS/2018 Season/Summer Season
Ready Check - EU LCS Week 1 Day 2 (Summer 2018)LoL EsportsArticleEU LCS/2018 Season/Summer Season
Griffin Viper: "It doesn’t make sense for us to get caught off guard by those surprising picks in the current meta."Inven GlobalJoonkyu "Lasso" Seok,Yudae "Akiin" OakInterviewSword, ViperLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
SKT T1 Bang: "Riot was good on their previous patches …… However, this is definitely not the game I used to play."Inven GlobalJoonkyu "Lasso" Seok,Yudae "Akiin" OakInterviewBangLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season
AFs Kuro: "I like to go Support because it's really fun. I’ll probably be good on Mid Braum."Inven GlobalJoonkyu "Lasso" Seok,Yudae "Akiin" OakInterviewKuro, ZefaLCK/2018 Season/Summer Season