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May 07[edit]

SKT coach cCarter on Korean esports market: “Once we play more good games and when it becomes easier to go overseas, I think we’ll get more investments like North America or China.”Segye Ilbo’s Uhm Hyung-joon, translated by Slingshot EsportsInterviewSK Telecom T1logo std.pngSKT
The Perkz of experienceYahoo EsportsInterviewPerkz
Mid Season Invitational Power RankingsThe Game HausChristian MarcaleArticle2017 Mid-Season Invitational

May 08[edit]

SKT coach: “The Flash Wolves are the closest (in MSI) to the play level of LCK teams.”Slingshot EsportsInterviewSK Telecom T1logo std.pngSKT
The Moment: Vietnam's overdue entranceKelsey Moser for Yahoo EsportsArticleMESlogo std.pngGAM
ESL Meisterschaft Frühling 2017EPWArticleWardain
ESL Meisterschaft Frühling 2017EPWArticleInition

May 09[edit]

Eyes on MSI: North America Ep. 2 (2017)LoL EsportsArticleTSMlogo std.pngTSM
Flash Wolves Are Ready to Conquer at MSIXander Torres at Red Bull EsportsArticleYoe Flash Wolveslogo std.pngFW
The Moment: Just how good are the Flash WolvesEmily Rand for Yahoo EsportsArticleYoe Flash Wolveslogo std.pngFW
CLG cook Andrew Tye talks about gamer nutrition, catering meals to individuals and being the central figure in a gaming houseSlingshot EsportsInterviewCounter Logic Gaminglogo std.pngCLG
Volta às aulas: Rafael “Rafes” Peres (Portuguese)LoL Esports BRArticleRafes
The Nexus Podcast: Maxlore on joining Misfits as starting jungler (League of Legends)theScore EsportsInterviewMaxlore
Drakos: “If you want someone to [be like Joe or Deman], you can help.”Blitz EsportsInterviewDrakos
Karma at MSI: Who Played It Best?The Game HausThomas BakerArticle2017 Mid-Season Invitational

May 10[edit]

SKT Faker: "Huni brightened the team's mood up with his 'crazy' vibe."Inven GlobalInterviewFaker
Caps on Broxah: 'It was fun to play with someone that was newer than myself, because it made me feel experienced'theScore esportsInterviewCaps
G2 PerkZ: "SKT will be very hard to defeat, but I'm sure we can do it."Inven GlobalInterviewPerkz
Misfits' Maxlore on his move from ROCCAT: 'I think with this team I can get as good as I can be as a player and as a person'theScore EsportsInterviewMaxlore
SKT Huni: "I wanted to prove that SKT is the best team and Huni is the best top laner."Inven GlobalInterviewHuni
Huni says Hauntzer “didn’t insult Korean top laners.”Slingshot EsportsInterviewHuni
TSM Hauntzer: "After losing versus GAM, we realized that the 1-3-1 split push comp suits us better."Inven GlobalInterviewHauntzer
Top Ten Players at MSIThe Game HausChristian MarcaleArticle2017 Mid-Season Invitational

May 11[edit]

An interview with PapaSmithy, the caster living the history of LCK and writing a new one in APEXInven GlobalHyunJun "Hevve" LeeInterviewPapaSmithy
G2 Zven on Nunu pick: "We've actually practiced it, and it always worked for us."Inven GlobalInterviewZven
WE Mystic on MSI: ‘We definitely think this is a chance to prove our value to our fans’Yahoo EsportsInterviewXiye
Team WE mid laner Xiye on representing China and facing TSM again: 'Coming to this stage, I realize how big the world is'Yahoo EsportsInterviewXiye
SKT Peanut: "I'll say that G2, FW and WE will move on to semis."Inven GlobalInterviewPeanut
WE Mystic on MSI: ‘We definitely think this is a chance to prove our value to our fans’Yahoo EsportsInterviewMystic
WE Mystic: "We are just as strong as RNG and EDG."Inven GlobalInterviewMystic
Mithy on G2's first day and their latest international appearance: 'European teams have a trend to play very weird and bad, in my opinion.'Yahoo EsportsInterviewMithy
FW Karsa: "We are going to work on our mistakes in upcoming games."Inven GlobalInterviewKarsa
Winning Mentality -- Huni on his growth and playing for SKTKien Lam for LoLEsportsArticleHuni
SKT Huni on MSI 2017: ‘I don’t think there’s a really good team that can beat us’Yahoo EsportsInterviewHuni
Hauntzer on facing Huni again, TSM's international appearances, and his response to PerkZYahoo EsportsInterviewHauntzer
Gilius on why LCS franchising is good: “Right now, there’s a situation where teams are really scared to get relegated so they just sign veteran players that are not really even good anymore.”Slingshot EsportsInterviewGilius

May 12[edit]

The life of kkOma: Would you rather be married or a three-time world champion?Andrew Kim for Slingshot EsportsArticleSK Telecom T1logo std.pngSKT
Faker on GAM: 'actually playing them felt like we were playing against solo queue players’Yahoo EsportsInterviewFaker
WE Xiye: "Bjergsen is very good at both laning and teamfight... He is a very strong opponent."Inven GlobalInterviewXiye
Wolf on new roster’s effect on Kkoma: ‘I’m actually quite worried… he’s looking old, losing hair.’Yahoo EsportsInterviewWolf
TSM WildTurtle on the sixth man roster: "I just think it's time to step up."Inven GlobalInterviewWildTurtle
SKT Peanut: "It had been way easier than I thought to play against Svenskeren yesterday."Inven GlobalInterviewPeanut
SKT Peanut on Day 2 of MSI: 'I think I was at my best'Yahoo EsportsInterviewPeanut
Swordart on the addition of Betty and what his hopes are for Flash Wolves at MSI 2017Yahoo EsportsInterviewSwordArt
Gigabyte Marines Stark: "Our goal now is get to the semifinals."Inven GlobalInterviewStark
TSM Bjergsen: "If a team has a good early game and can snowball cleanly, they can beat SKT."Inven GlobalInterviewBjergsen
G2 Mithy: "Brazilian fans were cheering for me whether I win or lose."Inven GlobalInterviewMithy
G2 Expect: ‘Vizicsacsi & Alphari from EU are the most difficult opponents, including MSI top laners’Yahoo EsportsInterviewExpect
Team WE Condi: 'I’m actually out of practice for stealing the baron so I’ll practice harder for the next game'Yahoo EsportsInterviewCondi
EU LCS Summer Split Begins June 1LoL EsportsArticleEU LCS/2017 Season/Summer Season

May 13[edit]

SKT Wolf: "We all tried a little bit harder after losing against FW."Inven GlobalInterviewWolf
SKT Wolf on how he stacks up against other Korean supports: 'I'm a 10/10 in every quality'Yahoo EsportsArticleWolf
SKT Peanut on being focus-banned: "I've been expanding my champion pool since last year."Inven GlobalInterviewPeanut
GAM Optimus: "I hope I can make Vietnam and the whole region stronger."Inven GlobalInterviewSwordArt
FW SwordArt on defeating SKT: "We played very aggressively to find advantages."Inven GlobalInterviewSwordArt
G2 Perkz: 'I think we take the best of ones kind of wrongly. We prepare for the teams themselves instead of focusing on our own strategies.'Yahoo EsportsInterviewPerkz
Betty on his relationship with Swordart and his path from the FW challenger team to starting memberYahoo EsportsInterviewBetty
FW Betty: 'We have to play the meta or it’s going to be a big disadvantage to us'Yahoo EsportsInterviewBetty
Team WE Ben: 'The key to that is we have to trust each other more'Yahoo EsportsInterviewBen
WE 957 on his performance at MSI and what the team hopes to achieveYahoo EsportsInterview957
GAM Levi: ‘Thank you for your kind support from fans in Brazil and all around the world’Yahoo EsportsInterviewLevi
Kobe on casting TSM vs G2 and breaks down the first three days of MSI 2017Yahoo EsportsInterviewKobe
Huni on NA LCS, why the West struggles to catch Korea, and what it’s like playing with FakerYahoo Esports* May 21, Huni before finals: ’For this tournament, I think we will show that SKT is SKT: SKT is best’ with Yahoo EsportsInterviewHuni