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Apr 02[edit]

Top UOL Plays | LCS Week 9 UOL vs OG - Spring Split | Season 7Unicorns of LoveArticleUnicorns Of Lovelogo std.pngUOL
PiraTechnics: "Keine Überraschung, wenn Origen absteigt​"Sport1InterviewPiraTechnicsEU LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
KT Score: "We will live up to your expectations in playoffs."Inven GlobalInterviewScoreLCK/2017 Season/Spring Season

Apr 03[edit]

Deserving the spot: ROCCAT's run and Fnatic's rightful place in playoffsYahoo! EsportsKelsey MoserArticleTeam ROCCATlogo std.pngROCFnaticlogo std.pngFNCEU LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
Satorius: "xPeke ist zu sehr auf Mechanics fokussiert"Sport1InterviewSatoriusEU LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
Enfrentamiento Destacado: emp vs uri (Spanish)Riot MaggicalArticleEmp, UriCLS/2017 Season/Opening Playoffs
Faker (grinning): “I do want to see Bengi, but I don’t really miss him.”Slingshot EsportsArticleFakerLCK/2017 Season/Spring Season

Apr 04[edit]

Merciless atropela a IDM Pirata e garante a vaga da 2ª Etapa do Circuito Desafiante (Portuguese)Promo ArenaArticleMerciless Gaminglogo std.pngMGG
Hastro: "We're going to make this team a powerhouse in the next split."Yahoo! EsportsInterviewTeam EnVyUslogo std.pngNV
Day in the SunLoL EsportsKien LamArticleSsumday
Locodoco on his experience facing Team Liquid alongside FenixYahoo! EsportsInterviewLocodoco
The curious case of nV LirA and the 2017 NA LCS Spring SplitYahoo! EsportsEmily RandArticleLira
Enfrentamiento Destacado: Pride vs Acce (Spanish)Riot MaggicalArticleAcce, PrideCLS/2017 Season/Opening Playoffs
Hastro: "We're going to make this team a powerhouse in the next split."Yahoo EsportsInterviewNA LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
Locodoco on his experience facing Team Liquid alongside FenixYahoo EsportsInterviewNA LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
The curious case of nV LirA and the 2017 NA LCS Spring SplitYahoo EsportsEmily RandArticleNA LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
Trick chats about his pro League of Legends career and his proudest moment so farBlitz EsportsInterviewTrickEU LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
Satorius: “I will give everything I have so that we’ll stay in the EU LCS”The ShotcallerDarius MatuschakInterviewSatoriusEU LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
Zven's playstyle: "Win lane if you can, but don't cost your team the game. Don't try to be a star."Blitz EsportsInterviewZvenEU LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
KT Rolster coach Lee Ji-Hoon: “We lost a lot by not being able to properly team fight at all.”Slingshot EsportsInterviewLCK/2017 Season/Spring Season

Apr 05[edit]

Enfrentamiento Destacado: Kindless vs prodi (Spanish)Riot MaggicalArticleKindless, ProdiCLS/2017 Season/Opening Playoffs
Cop on Dignitas' growth: 'Our in-game communication was really weak when I joined the team but since then it’s improved a ton'The Score EsportsArticleCopNA LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
Aphromoo on filling in for Stixxay as ADC: ‘I haven’t CS’d in 3 years’Yahoo EsportsInterviewNA LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
NV Apollo discusses burning out and why LirA is the best jungler in North America.Yahoo EsportsInterviewNA LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
Perkz considers how to become the best mid-laner: "I think Faker would have to break his hand."Blitz EsportsInterviewPerkzEU LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
Expect talks why he joined G2, and how Mithy and Youngbuck help him improve his communication & playBlitz EsportsInterviewExpectEU LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
Possible Roster Moves For EnVyUs and Team LiquidThe Game HausChristian MarcaleArticleTeam EnVyUslogo std.pngNVTeam Liquidlogo std.pngTLNA LCS/2017 Season/Summer Promotion

Apr 06[edit]

Crown: 'I live every day, day to day, to win'ESPNInterviewCrown
"O ponto mais fraco da Keyd era..." - Confira a entrevista exclusiva com Sacy da RED Canids (Portuguese/Video)EI GamesInterviewSacy
Agenda y animadores de la Final del Apertura (Spanish)TommyArticleCLS/2017 Season/Opening Playoffs
Enfrentamiento Destacado: Newbie vs Tulz (Spanish)Riot MaggicalArticleNewbie, TulzCLS/2017 Season/Opening Playoffs
Mithy on unique styles: "The meta is so set. If you find something.. everyone copies it in a second"Blitz EsportsInterviewMithyEU LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
Ocelote on G2's brand: "You don't create a legacy by winning 2-0, [but rather through] epic moments"Blitz EsportsInterviewEU LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
Player Spotlight: KlajLoL EsportsJeff LathamInterviewKlajEU Challenger Series/2017 Season/Spring Playoffs

Apr 07[edit]

MVP Head Coach Jae-hwan Kwon: "If we use our psychological vantage point, I believe we can beat KT"Inven GlobalInterviewMVPlogo std.pngMVP
FlyQuest - Road to PlayoffsFlyQuest SportsArticleFlyQuestlogo std.pngFLY
Enfrentamiento Destacado: QQmore vs Juliostito (Spanish)Riot MaggicalArticleJuliostito, QQCLS/2017 Season/Opening Playoffs
IMT Pobelter: ‘I kind of had an identity crisis honestly...I was always a consistent player in LCS’Yahoo EsportsInterviewPobelterNA LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
Moon Rising - A Yahoo Esports FeatureYahoo EsportsInterviewMoonNA LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
Player Spotlight: PowerOfEvilLoL EsportsJeff LathamInterviewPowerOfEvilEU LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
Player Spotlight: MikyxLoL EsportsJeff LathamInterviewMikyxEU LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
IgNar discusses Misfits' communication issues and working on team synergyBlitz EsportsInterviewIgNarEU LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
PowerOfEvil talks respect for his teammates on Misfits and what he learned from UOL and OrigenBlitz EsportsInterviewPowerOfEvilEU LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
Video Interview- SKT T1 Blank “It always turns out positive as long as I enjoy myself”Inven GlobalInterviewLCK/2017 Season/Spring Season
MVP Head Coach Jae-hwan Kwon: "If we use our psychological vantage point, I believe we can beat KT"Inven GlobalInterviewLCK/2017 Season/Spring Season
Lo bueno y lo malo de LLN S11: Listos para la final (Spanish)Staff de eSportsArticleLLN/2017 Season/Opening Season
Team Spotlight: Misfits AcademyLoL EsportsJeff LathamInterviewMisfits Gaminglogo std.pngMSF.AEU Challenger Series/2017 Season/Spring Playoffs
CLG’s Playoff Profile: United They Stand, Or Divided They Will FallThe Game HausJared MacAdamArticleCounter Logic Gaminglogo std.pngCLGNA LCS/2017 Season/Spring Playoffs
Phoenix1’s Playoff Profile: Roster Swap Trial By FireThe Game HausRodger CaudillArticlePhoenix1logo std.pngP1NA LCS/2017 Season/Spring Playoffs
TSM Playoff Profile: Long Live the KingsThe Game HausThomas BakerArticleTSMlogo std.pngTSMNA LCS/2017 Season/Spring Playoffs

Apr 08[edit]

CLG's Aphromoo: 'I hate playing FlyQuest'ESPN EsportsTyler ErzbergerArticleFlyQuestlogo std.pngFLY
FlyQuest Hai on playing in Vancouver: ‘It’s been a long time since I played on a big stage’Yahoo EsportsInterviewHai
Isurus Gaming se corona campeón de la CLS Apertura 2017 (Spanish)Riot MaggicalArticleIsuruslogo std.pngISGCLS/2017 Season/Opening Playoffs
FlyQuest Hai on playing in Vancouver: ‘It’s been a long time since I played on a big stage’Yahoo EsportsInterviewNA LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
Doublelift on his return: ‘I’m going to try out for TSM and hopefully we’ll be a solid 6-man roster’Yahoo EsportsInterviewDoubleliftNA LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
Player Spotlight: CapsLoL EsportsJeff LathamInterviewCapsEU LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
El Heraldo: promo/relegación - LLN Apertura ’17 – semifinales - Esports (Video) (Spanish)RiotLANArticleLLN/2017 Season/Opening Playoffs
And the All-Pro LCS teams of the Spring Split are...LoL EsportsAaron "Medic" ChamberlainArticleEU LCS/2017 Season/Spring Season
Flyquest’s Playoff Profile: Live and Die by the CheeseThe Game HausChristian MarcaleArticleFlyQuestlogo std.pngFLYNA LCS/2017 Season/Spring Playoffs
Dignitas Playoff Profile: The One Man Ssumday Army or the Unsung Duo to Victory?The Game HausJared MacAdamArticleDignitaslogo std.pngDIGNA LCS/2017 Season/Spring Playoffs