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Jun 21[edit]

I'm Steve Arhancet, Owner for TL - AMA!LiquidLegendsInterviewLiQuiD112
Doublelift Tells the Full Story About His Injury and MoreGameSpotInterviewDoubleliftNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season

Jun 22[edit]

Shernfire: "My motivation for Rank 1 is to prove to everyone and myself that I can do it."AzubuInterviewShernfire
C9 Hai was the Most Under-Appreciated Player in NALOLviewArticleHai
Benchwarmer to Ace: KT Rolster's SsumdayThe ScoreArticleSsumday
Enfrentamiento Destacado: Gos vs Regi (Spanish)Riot MaggicalArticleRegi
Xiaoweixiao on Incarnation, Innox, TiP's Status, More - Full English InterviewGameSpotInterviewNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season
KiWiKiD talks to Ellektrikk on taking down Team Liquid & Summer goals.Team DignitasInterviewKiWiKiDNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season

Jun 23[edit]

Interview with Ilias "Prince" Soulkas (Greek)GamespaceDimitris MichalakosInterviewDoublePrince
Keith and the Turtle: a look at the battle for TSM's starting AD CarryThe ScoreArticleKeith, WildTurtle
Trick2g on His Desire to Save NA LCS, Open the Gates, Picks CLG over TLGameSpotInterviewNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season

Jun 24[edit]

【專訪】Midnight Sun Esports Ethan:成軍之路(下)garena.twInterviewMidnight Sun Esportslogo std.pngMSE
【專訪】Midnight Sun Esports Ethan:成軍之路(上)garena.twInterviewMidnight Sun Esportslogo std.pngMSE
How Shiphtur Won XiaoWeiXiao's Jacket After Their Match - LCS Interview (video)GamespotInterviewShiphtur
Recall with Thorin - Interview - C9 MeteosHTCInterviewMeteos
Funny friends: H2K's Hjärnan and kaSingLoL EsportsArticleHjarnan, KaSing
Froggen's Faux Pas: Mastering the ElementsThe ScoreArticleFroggenElementslogo std.pngEL
How Shiphtur Won Xiaoweixiao's Jacket After Their Match - LCS InterviewGameSpotInterviewNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season

Jun 25[edit]

dignitas/Obvious: Jungle Meta, Team Dignitas EU & MoreTeam DignitasInterviewObvious
Thorin: "I don't want to be a coach"27in1InterviewThorin
Using gold distribution to understand team dynamic: Global, NA LCS, and LPLThe ScoreArticleNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season
EU LCS Roundup: It's not a Sivir compThe ScoreArticleEU LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season
Using gold distribution to understand team dynamic: EU, LCK, and LMSThe ScoreArticleEU LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season

Jun 26[edit]

YamatoCannon Online #5: featuring VandeRYamatoCannonArticleYamatoCannon
Johnny "Altec" Ru - League Legacies EP. 10AzubuInterviewAltec
Pobelter Discusses CLG's 7-1 Record While His Voice CracksGameSpotInterviewPobelterNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season
“What Are The Chances?” – EU LCS Final Standing PredictionsAzubuArticleEU LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season

Jun 27[edit]

FENIX THE GODlmaojohnArticleFenix
Now or never for Counter Logic GamingLoL EsportsArticleCounter Logic Gaminglogo std.pngCLG
NA LCS 2015: Dominate - "right now we are the strongest team in NA"SK GamingInterviewIWDominate
EU LCS Roundup: Midseason reviewThe ScoreArticleEU LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season
The Road to New York: Faith Rising, Clouds FallingArticleNA LCS/2015 Season/Summer Season