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Apr 26[edit]

KiWiKiD - Insane Alistar Knockup - 4-man Knock up! Part 2XynergyArticleKiWiKiD
KiWiKiD - Insane Alistar Knockup - 5 man Knock up! Part 1XynergyArticleKiWiKiD

Apr 27[edit]

GameSpot Presents: CaptainGameSpotArticleHai
Interview with dignitas/Obvious: "I like to adjust myself to whatever my team needs" (video/text)Team DignitasInterviewObvious
Pobelter - A Wake-Up CallGold Per 10ArticlePobelter
C9 Hai, AMARedditInterviewHai

Apr 28[edit]

Hello, A few months ago I came to you with the statement that it was "Do or die",...BorisArticleBoris
Hai's journey from amateur to legendLoL EsportsArticleHai
Liquid`MarkZ – Fenix Is The Real DealLiquidLegendsInterviewTeam Liquidlogo std.pngTL
Misfits: The Most Fitting NameGold Per 10ArticleRenegadeslogo std.pngREN
Interview with dignitas CoreJJ on relegations against FSN: "Nien's teamfight positioning made things difficult"Team DignitasInterviewCoreJJ
FNATIC eager to face Korean & Chinese teams at MSIFnaticArticle2015 Mid-Season Invitational

Apr 29[edit]

Top UOL Plays - LCS Playoffs Semifinals - Season 5 - Spring SplitUnicorns of LoveArticleUnicorns Of Lovelogo std.pngUOL
The Aegis of T1: an in-depth look at the remnants of SKT T1 StheScore EsportsArticleSK Telecom T1logo std.pngSKT
Interview with Fnatic Steelback: “I feel that I can be one of the best and compete at a really high level.”News of LegendsInterviewSteeelback
Interview with dignitas EU analyst Froskurinn on coaching, casting LPL and her prospects of the Challenger SeriesTeam DignitasInterviewFroskurinn
TIME / EP.1 FakerOGN PlusArticleFaker
MSI: Get to know the EU LCS RegionLoL EsportsArticle2015 Mid-Season Invitational
Tallahassee Nights: potential sleeper picks at MSIGold Per 10Article2015 Mid-Season Invitational

Apr 30[edit]

Xpecial - Alex Ich, WFX, Hai, etc.XpecialArticleXpecial
Ending on a Hai Note: The need for an OP Support…NetworkMindGamesArticleHai
GE Tigers prepare to win KoreaLoL EsportsArticleROX Tigerslogo std.pngROX
dignitas/Shiphtur - Promotion, Summer Split & MoreDignitasInterviewShiphtur

May 01[edit]

Eugene "Pobelter" Park - League Legacies EP. 8AzubuInterviewPobelter
LEAGUE LEGACIES – WFX POBELTER (video)AzubuInterviewPobelter
Loser No More: an in-depth look at the career of GE's SmebThe ScoreArticleSmeb

May 02[edit]

[LOL Champions Finals] “We want to play EDG” SKT T1 Takes the Championship (May 02, 2015)BnununuArticleSK Telecom T1logo std.pngSKT
Mid-Season Invitational event primerLoL EsportsArticle2015 Mid-Season Invitational