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Dec 07[edit]

Shook on Rekkles, the new patch, and why dragon is now criticalTheDailyDotInterviewShook
Travis interviews Adrian - LMQ's new support - at IEM San Jose (video)onGamersInterviewAdrian
IEM San Jose: Chaox "I'm making my comeback to the competitive scene" (video)SK GamingInterviewChaox
IEM San Jose: Vizicsacsi from Unicorns of Love (video)SK GamingInterviewVizicsacsi
PowerOfEvil on playing against meta at IEM San Jose (video)onGamersInterviewPowerOfEvil
Meteos Interview - "Thanks to the fans this event!" (video)ESLInterviewMeteos
Meteos on patch 4.20 jungling and competing at IEM San Jose (video)onGamersInterviewMeteos
Kikis hopes Unicorns of Love will be a top 3 team by the end of 2015TheDailyDotInterviewKikis
Interview with EDG Korean imports Deft and PawNGoldper10InterviewDeft, PawN

Dec 08[edit]

Cloud9 still the team to beat in the West with IEM San Jose winTheDailyDotArticleCloud9logo std.pngC9
Travis and Sneaky on IEM San Jose, Corki OP, and Sneaky's "big play" (video)onGamersInterviewSneaky
"Prove to the world that EU > NA": an interview with ROCCATs Marcin "Jankos" JankowskiESLInterviewJankos

Dec 09[edit]

"We are still one of the strongest teams in Europe": an interview with Konstantin "groove" Pikiner of Gambit GamingESLInterviewGambitLogo std.pngGMB
IEM San Jose: TheOddOne "one ARAM, $10.000 USD, what can I lose?"SK GamingInterviewTheOddOne
Power of Love: How UoL Gamed Champion SelectTinhk PieceArticleUnicorns Of Lovelogo std.pngUOL
IEM San Jose: Locodoco "PowerOfEvil played exceptionally well"SK GamingInterviewLocodoco
'Reflections' with JankosThorinInterviewJankos
Inside the Reactor 3 – GleebglarbuTeam FusionInterviewGleeb

Dec 10[edit]

Complexity left to rebuild after expansion failureDailtDotArticleComplexitylogo std.pngCOL
Pr0lly joins H2k Gaming as Coach, InterviewonGamersInterviewPr0lly
IEM San Jose: Balls and LemonNation after C9 victory (video)SK GamingInterviewLemonNation, Balls
IEM San Jose: Hai on Cloud9’s Secret to SuccessSK GamingInterviewHai

Dec 11[edit]

HotshotGG talks new CLG house, hating Azir, loving Kalista, and wingmanning (video)onGamersInterviewHotshotGG
Past the Friendship Veil - Recognizing Cloud9's Individual TalentsGold per 10ArticleCloud9logo std.pngC9
MonteCristo: by the time Worlds rolls around, Korea will still be the strongest regionSK GamingInterviewMonteCristo

Dec 12[edit]

Zionspartan iBUYPOWER Vlog: Zionspartan joins CLG!DarshanArticleDarshan
Post-Match InterviewBroadcast ExcerptInterviewMizzPeach
Link + Xmithie iBUYPOWER Vlog: Link makes the cut and the return of Xmithie to LCSLinkArticleLink, Xmithie
Thorin's Thoughts: Remembering Xmithie (LoL)ThorinArticleXmithie
The Unicorns of Love, Is Their Skill Merely a Fantasy?Gold per 10ArticleUnicorns Of Lovelogo std.pngUOL
Wildcard: Unicorns of Love's Twisted Fate jungleLoL EsportsArticleUnicorns Of Lovelogo std.pngUOL
KT 롤스터 '스코어' 고동빈, "오래 전부터 정글러 변신 꿈꿨다" (Korean)Inven (English) with Bnu SoapInterviewScore
Thorin's Crucible: Froskurinn - Throwing the Expert Out With the InaccuracyGoldPer10InterviewFroskurinn

Dec 13[edit]

Liquid on the emotional side of selling Curse Academy (video)onGamersInterviewLiQuiD112
NA Expansion: Hauntzer "just trying to copy OGN" (video)SK GamingInterviewHauntzer
Froggen: An E-sports prodigy part 1Gold Per 10ArticleFroggen
Cop talks about climbing back up the 'LCS Mountain' (video)onGamersInterviewCop