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Background Information
NameAndrey Plechistov (Андрей Плечистов)
Country of Birth
BirthdayMay 9, 1993 (age 28)
Favorite Champs

Soloqueue IDsD4rker123
Social Media & Links
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Team History
Oct 2010 - Dec 2010
Logo std.pngMTG (Russian Team)
Jan 2011 - Mar 2011
Logo std.pngLiquicity
Mar 2011 - May 2011
Logo std.pngmyRevenge Russia
Jun 2013 - Jul 2013
GambitLogo std.pngGambit Gaming
Apr 2014 - Apr 2014
RoughNeXlogo std.pngRoughNeX

Andrey "Darker" Plechistov (Cyrillic: Андрей Плечистов) is a retired League of Legends esports player, previously support for RoughNeX.


Darker is a League of Legends player hailing from Kaliningrad, Russia.

His first experience in gaming was at age 3, as he played the Lion King game on PC. He then delved into the Real-Time Strategy genre, playing Civilization and Stronghold. He would then move on to Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) where he played competitively at a high level, participating in LANs in the process.

Along with one of his friends (Vizakenjack), Darker would try the Open Beta of League of Legends. They would stop playing it, only to return months later as the game experience improved. They would also introduce Alex Ich to the game and would play it intensively.


  • The nickname "Darker" is a six-letter compressed form of his former nickname
  • Known for his
    earlier in his career, back in Season 1.
  • Credits former SK player "Rashaasii" for inspiring him to play champions who have good damage output and crowd control, in particular the Magic Penetration-centric Malphite.
  • Introduced Alex Ich to League of Legends. They would go on to play the game intensively.
  • Previous teammates with Alex Ich, Darien, and Genja on MTG.
  • Has temporarily subbed for team White Lotus.
  • His motto is "There is a job, and it needs to be done well."
  • Has a pet cat.
  • Was very much into sports, having practised tennis (semi-competitively), athletics, basketball, swimming and badminton.
  • Hobbies include reading books, listening to music, travelling and meeting people from different cultures, watching movies of all ages
  • Has a taste for history, especially Ancient History (e.g.: Rome, Greece)
  • Likes to drink tea and milk.
  • Likes reading Russian classics and detective novels
  • Cites Walter Scott, Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes series) as his favorite writers.
  • His movie tastes include movies directed by Quentin Tarantino and action movies in general.
  • One of the movies he ranks very high in his favorites is Analyze This.
  • Holds his mother in high regard for her strength and positivity. In general, respects anyone who achieves something as there is much to learn from them.

Tournament Results[edit]

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Minimum place

Darker Tournament Results
DatePlEventLast ResultTeamRoster
2015-12-035 - 8 IeSF 7th e-Sports World Championship
0 : 2Team Chinalogo std.pngCHN
Russia (National Team)logo std.pngRUS BlorN,  Irugat,  Ekka,  Darker,  FaceLess
2014-08-13NQ IWCT 2014
0 - 4Blanklogo std.pngRR
Russian Forcelogo std.pngRF ATRemains,  Dumecha,  Darker,  dayruin,  Archie
2014-01-265 - 8 EUW Challenger Series #18
0 : 2Ninjas in Pyjamaslogo std.pngNIP
No Remorse eSportslogo std.pngNoRe NeeGodbro,  GreatKhaLee,  Forellenlord,  Scottlol,  Darker
2013-10-235 - 8 International Invitational Tournament 2
0 : 2Milllogo std.pngMIL
Eternity Gaminglogo std.pngEG Mozilla,  Brokenshard,  ZiViZ,  Nardeus,  Darker
2013-08-174 EU LCS 2013 Summer
15 - 13Blanklogo std.pngRR
GambitLogo std.pngGMB Darien,  Spontexx,  Diamondprox,  Alex Ich,  Genja,  D4rker,  Voidle
2012-01-227 - 8 IEM Season 6 Kiev
0 - 3Blanklogo std.pngRR
Logo std.pngWHIT Fomko,  D4rker,  FORCE,  spawn33,  Dumecha



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