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Crest of Insight
Crest of Insight.png
Passive Grants 10% cooldown reduction
If you have mana, restores 5 flat mana and 1% of maximum mana per second, and if you have energy, instead restores 5 flat energy and 1% of maximum energy per second. If slain, this buff transfers to the killer.
Additional Information
Map AvailabilitySR
SourceKilling [[
Lost On DeathYes

The Crest of Insight is a neutral buff granted upon killing a [[


  • It is only available on Summoner's Rift.
  • Killing someone with the Crest of Insight transfers it to you and the buff's duration is refreshed.

  • Ivern
    can grant himself and an ally this buff while only defeating one [[
    ]] with his passive Friend of the Forest.png Friend of the Forest.


  • This buff can be identified by swirling blue runes around your champion. Due to such, it is often referred to as Blue Buff
  • The icon of this buff was recycled off Tabu, a champion that was canceled in the Closed Beta of League of Legends.
  • This buff used to be called Crest of the Ancient Golem.

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Patch History[]

Patch 6.24

Duration increased. Red buff’s on-hit tick and Blue buff’s ability power scaling removed.

During the mid-season update, we compressed the power of Red and Blue buff into stronger, shorter versions, with the hope that contesting them could feel like a more valuable objective. However, the power-ups have made fights with the buffs in play too volatile - buffs are accelerating the damage pacing of their wielders more than they should.. We’re reverting the mid-season changes to bring these buffs back to useful - but not overwhelming - levels.
Blue Buff

DURATION : [120 seconds on first buff, 90 seconds thereafter] 120 seconds on all buffs
ABILITY POWER No longer grants +15% ability power

Patch 6.9
Red and blue buffs scale better, but expire faster.

Similar to our goals for the epic monster changes, we want red and blue buffs to be worth contesting. Ol’ Sentinel and Brambleback already had clear reasons to be taken, so we’re compressing their buff durations to accentuate the strengths they offer and scale them better into the late game.

Buff durations

DIMINISHING RETURNS : Red and blue buffs last 120 seconds the first timbuff camp is cleared, and 90 seconds on subsequent clears

Blue buff

ABILITY POWER : [2-36 ability power (at levels 1-18)] +15% bonus ability power
MANA REGENERATION : [5 + 0.5% maximum mana per second] 5 + 1% maximum mana per second
ENERGY REGENERATION : [5 + 0.5% maximum energy per second] 5 + 1% maximum energy per second

Patch 5.22
Health, armor, damage and experience down. Magic resist and gold reward up.

It wouldn't be a preseason without some jungle changes, would it? We're actually pretty happy with where the Jungle sits systems-wise, so we're just doing a tuning pass to keep things in line with the other changes we've made. Simply put, the jungle's a tad easier and gives more gold, but nets less overall experience unless you've got a jungle item to make up the difference.

Blue Sentinel

SENTINEL'S BLESSING Crest of Insight now grants its wearer 2 ability power per level

Patch 4.20

  • Duration reduced to 120 seconds from 150.

Patch 4.19

  • Renamed to Crest of Insight from Crest of the Ancient Golem.

Patch 3.14

  • Cooldown reduction reduced to 10% from 20%.


  • Mana regeneration reduced to 0.5% of maximum mana from 1%.
  • Energy regeneration reduced to 0.5% of maximum energy from 1%.


  • NEW EFFECT: Now grants 25 flat mana regeneration.
  • Mana regeneration reduced to 1% of maximum mana from 1.5%.
  • Energy regeneration reduced to 1% of maximum energy from 1.5%.


  • BUG FIX: Fixed a bug where Crest of the Ancient Golem was not restoring energy.
    • NEW EFFECT: If you have energy, restores 1.5% of your maximum energy per second.


  • Cooldown reduction reduced to 25% from 35%.
  • Mana regeneration reduced to 1.5% of maximum mana from 2%.

Patch July 10, 2009
Added to the game

  • Restores 2% of maximum mana per second.
  • Grants maximum cooldown reduction.
  • Lasts 150 seconds.