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Buff was removed in Patch
Crest of Flowing Water
Crest of Flowing Water.png
Grants 30% bonus movement speed. If the buff holder is slain, this buff is transferred to the killer.
Additional Information
Map AvailabilityTR
SourceKilling [[
Lost On DeathYes

The Crest of Flowing Water is a neutral buff granted upon killing a [[
]], it is only available on the Twisted Treeline.


  • Killing someone with the Crest of Flowing Water transfers it to you and the buff's duration is refreshed.


  • This buff can be identified by swirling grey runes around your champion. Due to such, it is often referred to as Grey Buff
    • Those swirling runes are also re-used on several other maps and game modes when running over a speed shrine.
  • The icon of this buff was recycled off Well, a champion that was canceled in the Closed Beta of League of Legends.
  • This buff was removed in October 2012 along with Twisted Treeline's rework.

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Patch History[]

  • Removed


  • Crest of Flowing Water movement speed buff decreased to 30% from 45%


  • Reduced Crest of Flowing Water's Movement Speed Buff from 50% to 45%