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Corrupting Potion
ItemSquareCorrupting Potion.png
For 12 seconds, regenerates 5.2 health and 3.125 mana every half-second for a total of 125 health and 75 mana. While active, abilities and basic attacks apply a burn that damages enemy champions for 15 bonus magic damage (increased to 20 for manaless champions) over 3 seconds. Bonus damage is halved for area of effect and damage over time effects.
Holds up to 3 charges that refill upon visiting the shop.
Additional Information
LimitationsLimited to one type of Potion.
Map AvailabilityALL
ItemSquareRefillable Potion.png + 350 Goldcurrency.png
Total Cost: 500 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 200 Goldcurrency.png


  • Charges cannot be used at full health.
  • If the user consumes multiple charges of the Hunter's Potion at the same time, charges will queue and start as the previous one expires.
  • Corrupting Potion can be used even at full health and mana.
  • By consuming all three charges you can restore a total of 375 health and 225 mana.

Similar Items[]

Patch History[]

Patch 9.12

Bonus magic damage flattened.

Corrupting Potion is a dominant choice in pro and higher skill play. We're taking it down a notch so other options have an opportunity to shine.

BONUS MAGIC DAMAGE Over Time : [15-30 (level 1-18)] 15 at all levels

Now on Howling Abyss.

Holding on to our ARAM-as-extended-10-man-laning-phase metaphor, ARAM exacerbates the gold drain of potions. Having access to repeatable potions should make players feel better about their ability to withstand heavy poke.

CORRUPTING ABYSS : Corrupting Potion has also been added to Howling Abyss

Gives less health but more mana.

Corrupting Potion was our attempt at allowing champions to declare their intent to fight via its burn effect: compared to the Doran’s items, Corrupting Potion only gets its full value if you take advantage of its burn by trading aggressively with other champions.

Unfortunately, the high sustain on Corrupting Potion also makes it the go-to item for champions who want to passively sit in lane. While the mana enables champions to trade more often, the health is just delaying recalls to base. We’re sharpening the trading aspects of Corrupting Potion while dialing back on the sustain.

HEALTH REGENERATION : [150 health per charge] 125 health per charge
MANA REGENERATION : [50 mana per charge] 75 mana per charge

It's a bad influence on the other potions.

Crystalline Flask (rip) used to be an attractive option for anyone looking to quietly sustain through lane phase. For opponents, on the other hand, it often felt like the only way to get an edge was to burn through a Flask holder's entire reservoir of health, which was no bueno (especially in combination with Teleport's lower cooldown).

Now that Flask's all out of juice, Corrupting Potion's your go-to if you're looking to outlast your opponent. Laners that choose to opt into raw stats will still have a combat advantage as they complete their item builds, but until then, Corrupting Potion's all-in nature once consumed demands respect in lane duels.

TOTAL cost : 500 gold
BUILD path : Refillable Potion + 350 gold
FREE REFILLS? : Consume a charge to restore 150 health and 50 mana over 12 seconds and grants Touch of Corruption during that time. Holds up to 3 charges and refills upon visiting the shop.
BUT AT WHAT COST? : While under Touch of Corruption, your single target spells and attacks burn enemy champions for 15-30 (at levels 1-18) magic damage over 3 seconds