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SL 2021 Closing Season
Claro Stars League.png
Tournament Information
El Comercio
Old Spice
360 Energy Drink
Location & Dates
Latin America
Event TypeOnline
Start Date2021-05-20
End Date2021-07-02
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The Claro Stars League is the biggest League of Legends championship and one of the most important esports events in Peru. The teams compete for a prize pool and the chance to fight for a spot in the LLA. It's organized by the Spanish Liga de Videojuegos Profesional.



  • Eight teams participate
  • 7 weeks.
  • Double Round Robin.
  • Each match is best of one.
  • Regular Season Placement:
    • 1st-6th place advance to the Playoffs, with 1st and 2nd receiving byes.

Prize Pool[edit]

PlacePrizePrize (%)PointsQualificationTeam
PlacementIcon1.png 1-PlayoffsInstinct Gaminglogo std.pngInstinct Gaming
PlacementIcon2.png 2-PlayoffsIncubuslogo std.pngIncubus
PlacementIcon3.png 3-PlayoffsPolaris Gaminglogo std.pngPolaris Gaming
4-PlayoffsCienciano Esportslogo std.pngCienciano Esports
5-PlayoffsDiamond Doveslogo std.pngDiamond Doves
6-PlayoffsDeliverance Esportslogo std.pngDeliverance Peru
75Sport Boys Associationlogo std.pngSport Boys
83Luxor Gaminglogo std.pngLuxor Gaming


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SL 2021 Closing Standings
1Instinct Gaminglogo std.pngInstinct Gaming11 - 379%2L
2Incubuslogo std.pngIncubus10 - 471%1W
3Polaris Gaminglogo std.pngPolaris Gaming110 - 471%3W
4Cienciano Esportslogo std.pngCienciano Esports2,36 - 843%1L
5Diamond Doveslogo std.pngDiamond Doves6 - 843%2L
6Deliverance Esportslogo std.pngDeliverance Esports Peru6 - 843%1L
7Sport Boys Associationlogo std.pngSport Boys Association5 - 936%2W
8Luxor Gaminglogo std.pngLuxor Gaming2 - 1214%1W
1 Week 4: Polaris Gaming was forced to surrender due to internal issues.[1]
2 Week 2: Cienciano Esports was forced to surrender due to technical issues.[2]
3 Week 6: Cienciano Esports was forced to surrender due to internal issues.[3]

Match Schedule[edit]

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Patch: 11.10
Week 1
Thu 20 May - Fri 21 MayFri 21 May - Sat 22 MayFri 21 May - Sat 22 May2021,5,21,00,00 - 2021,5,22,03,00
Thu 2021-05-20
Fri 2021-05-21
Fri 2021-05-21
INSInstinct Gaminglogo std.png10Diamond Doveslogo std.pngDD
PGPolaris Gaminglogo std.png10Sport Boys Associationlogo std.pngSBA
INCIncubuslogo std.png10Cienciano Esportslogo std.pngCCC
DVE.PDeliverance Esportslogo std.png01Luxor Gaminglogo std.pngLXG
Fri 2021-05-21
Sat 2021-05-22
Sat 2021-05-22
DVE.PDeliverance Esportslogo std.png01Cienciano Esportslogo std.pngCCC
PGPolaris Gaminglogo std.png10Instinct Gaminglogo std.pngINS
INCIncubuslogo std.png10Luxor Gaminglogo std.pngLXG
DDDiamond Doveslogo std.png01Sport Boys Associationlogo std.pngSBA
Patch: 11.10
Week 2
Thu 27 May - Fri 28 MayFri 28 May - Sat 29 MayFri 28 May - Sat 29 May2021,5,28,00,00 - 2021,5,29,03,00
Thu 2021-05-27
Fri 2021-05-28
Fri 2021-05-28
SBASport Boys Associationlogo std.png10Luxor Gaminglogo std.pngLXG
PGPolaris Gaminglogo std.png10Deliverance Esportslogo std.pngDVE.P
INCIncubuslogo std.png10Diamond Doveslogo std.pngDD
INSInstinct Gaminglogo std.pngWFFCienciano Esportslogo std.pngCCC1
Fri 2021-05-28
Sat 2021-05-29
Sat 2021-05-29
LXGLuxor Gaminglogo std.png01Instinct Gaminglogo std.pngINS
SBASport Boys Associationlogo std.png01Cienciano Esportslogo std.pngCCC
DDDiamond Doveslogo std.png10Deliverance Esportslogo std.pngDVE.P
PGPolaris Gaminglogo std.png01Incubuslogo std.pngINC
Patch: 11.11
Week 3
Thu 3 Jun - Fri 4 JunFri 4 Jun - Sat 5 JunFri 4 Jun - Sat 5 Jun2021,6,04,00,00 - 2021,6,05,03,00
Thu 2021-06-03
Fri 2021-06-04
Fri 2021-06-04
PGPolaris Gaminglogo std.png10Cienciano Esportslogo std.pngCCC
LXGLuxor Gaminglogo std.png01Diamond Doveslogo std.pngDD
DVE.PDeliverance Esportslogo std.png10Sport Boys Associationlogo std.pngSBA
INCIncubuslogo std.png01Instinct Gaminglogo std.pngINS
Fri 2021-06-04
Sat 2021-06-05
Sat 2021-06-05
DDDiamond Doveslogo std.png10Cienciano Esportslogo std.pngCCC
SBASport Boys Associationlogo std.png01Incubuslogo std.pngINC
INSInstinct Gaminglogo std.png10Deliverance Esportslogo std.pngDVE.P
PGPolaris Gaminglogo std.png10Luxor Gaminglogo std.pngLXG
Patch: 11.11
Week 4
Thu 10 Jun - Fri 11 JunFri 11 Jun - Sat 12 JunFri 11 Jun - Sat 12 Jun2021,6,11,00,00 - 2021,6,12,03,00
Thu 2021-06-10
Fri 2021-06-11
Fri 2021-06-11
INCIncubuslogo std.png10Deliverance Esportslogo std.pngDVE.P
INSInstinct Gaminglogo std.png10Sport Boys Associationlogo std.pngSBA
LXGLuxor Gaminglogo std.png01Cienciano Esportslogo std.pngCCC
2PGPolaris Gaminglogo std.pngFFWDiamond Doveslogo std.pngDD
Fri 2021-06-11
Sat 2021-06-12
Sat 2021-06-12
LXGLuxor Gaminglogo std.png01Deliverance Esportslogo std.pngDVE.P
CCCCienciano Esportslogo std.png10Incubuslogo std.pngINC
SBASport Boys Associationlogo std.png01Polaris Gaminglogo std.pngPG
DDDiamond Doveslogo std.png01Instinct Gaminglogo std.pngINS
Patch: 11.12
Week 5
Thu 17 Jun - Fri 18 JunFri 18 Jun - Sat 19 JunFri 18 Jun - Sat 19 Jun2021,6,18,00,00 - 2021,6,19,03,00
Thu 2021-06-17
Fri 2021-06-18
Fri 2021-06-18
SBASport Boys Associationlogo std.png01Diamond Doveslogo std.pngDD
LXGLuxor Gaminglogo std.png01Incubuslogo std.pngINC
INSInstinct Gaminglogo std.png10Polaris Gaminglogo std.pngPG
CCCCienciano Esportslogo std.png01Deliverance Esportslogo std.pngDVE.P
Fri 2021-06-18
Sat 2021-06-19
Sat 2021-06-19
CCCCienciano Esportslogo std.png01Instinct Gaminglogo std.pngINS
DDDiamond Doveslogo std.png01Incubuslogo std.pngINC
DVE.PDeliverance Esportslogo std.png01Polaris Gaminglogo std.pngPG
LXGLuxor Gaminglogo std.png01Sport Boys Associationlogo std.pngSBA
Patch: 11.12
Week 6
Thu 24 Jun - Fri 25 JunFri 25 Jun - Sat 26 JunFri 25 Jun - Sat 26 Jun2021,6,25,00,00 - 2021,6,26,03,00
Thu 2021-06-24
Fri 2021-06-25
Fri 2021-06-25
INCIncubuslogo std.png10Polaris Gaminglogo std.pngPG
DVE.PDeliverance Esportslogo std.png10Diamond Doveslogo std.pngDD
CCCCienciano Esportslogo std.png10Sport Boys Associationlogo std.pngSBA
INSInstinct Gaminglogo std.png10Luxor Gaminglogo std.pngLXG
Fri 2021-06-25
Sat 2021-06-26
Sat 2021-06-26
INSInstinct Gaminglogo std.png10Incubuslogo std.pngINC
SBASport Boys Associationlogo std.png01Deliverance Esportslogo std.pngDVE.P
DDDiamond Doveslogo std.png10Luxor Gaminglogo std.pngLXG
3CCCCienciano Esportslogo std.pngFFWPolaris Gaminglogo std.pngPG
Patch: 11.13
Week 7
Thu 1 Jul - Fri 2 JulFri 2 Jul - Sat 3 JulFri 2 Jul - Sat 3 Jul2021,7,02,00,00 - 2021,7,03,03,00
Thu 2021-07-01
Fri 2021-07-02
Fri 2021-07-02
LXGLuxor Gaminglogo std.png01Polaris Gaminglogo std.pngPG
DVE.PDeliverance Esportslogo std.png10Instinct Gaminglogo std.pngINS
INCIncubuslogo std.png01Sport Boys Associationlogo std.pngSBA
CCCCienciano Esportslogo std.png10Diamond Doveslogo std.pngDD
Fri 2021-07-02
Sat 2021-07-03
Sat 2021-07-03
DDDiamond Doveslogo std.png01Polaris Gaminglogo std.pngPG
CCCCienciano Esportslogo std.png01Luxor Gaminglogo std.pngLXG
SBASport Boys Associationlogo std.png10Instinct Gaminglogo std.pngINS
DVE.PDeliverance Esportslogo std.png01Incubuslogo std.pngINC
1 Cienciano Esports was forced to surrender due to technical issues.[2]
2 Polaris Gaming was forced to surrender due to internal issues.[1]
3 Cienciano Esports was forced to surrender due to internal issues.[3]

VODs & Match Links[edit]

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VODs & Match Links
Week 1
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorInterviewWithBlueRedMHVODsMVP
Instinct Gaminglogo std.pngINSDiamond Doveslogo std.pngDD1 - 0PolaridadThunderLinkXamexxDDINSLinkPBStartXamex
Polaris Gaminglogo std.pngPGSport Boys Associationlogo std.pngSBA1 - 0PolaridadThunderLinkFraGiovaNPGSBALinkPBStartVVvert
Incubuslogo std.pngINCCienciano Esportslogo std.pngCCC1 - 0PolaridadThunderLinkShallINCCCCLinkPBStartKanra
Deliverance Esportslogo std.pngDVE.PLuxor Gaminglogo std.pngLXG0 - 1PolaridadThunderLinkRickjuDVE.PLXGLinkPBStartZeldris
Deliverance Esportslogo std.pngDVE.PCienciano Esportslogo std.pngCCC0 - 1PolaridadThunderLinkJealowDVE.PCCCLinkPBStartJealow
Polaris Gaminglogo std.pngPGInstinct Gaminglogo std.pngINS1 - 0PolaridadThunderLinkFraGiovaNPGINSLinkPBStartFraGio
Incubuslogo std.pngINCLuxor Gaminglogo std.pngLXG1 - 0PolaridadThunderLinkCevicheINCLXGLinkPBStartScenari0
Diamond Doveslogo std.pngDDSport Boys Associationlogo std.pngSBA0 - 1PolaridadThunderLinkKhaelSBADDLinkPBStartByFalco
Week 2
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorInterviewWithBlueRedMHVODsMVP
Sport Boys Associationlogo std.pngSBALuxor Gaminglogo std.pngLXG1 - 0PolaridadThunderLXGSBALinkPBStartByFalco
Polaris Gaminglogo std.pngPGDeliverance Esportslogo std.pngDVE.P1 - 0PolaridadThunderLinkDewPGDVE.PLinkPBStartDew
Incubuslogo std.pngINCDiamond Doveslogo std.pngDD1 - 0PolaridadThunderLinkCevicheINCDDLinkPBStartScenari0
Instinct Gaminglogo std.pngINSCienciano Esportslogo std.pngCCCW - FF
Luxor Gaminglogo std.pngLXGInstinct Gaminglogo std.pngINS0 - 1PolaridadThunderLinkEmpanaditaINSLXGLinkPBStartEmpanadita
Sport Boys Associationlogo std.pngSBACienciano Esportslogo std.pngCCC0 - 1PolaridadThunderLinkJealowCCCSBALinkPBStartNashejkz
Diamond Doveslogo std.pngDDDeliverance Esportslogo std.pngDVE.P1 - 0PolaridadThunderLinkVirus04DVE.PDDLinkPBStartSuperbia
Polaris Gaminglogo std.pngPGIncubuslogo std.pngINC0 - 1PolaridadThunderLinkShallPGINCLinkPBStartShall
Week 3
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorInterviewWithBlueRedMHVODsMVP
Polaris Gaminglogo std.pngPGCienciano Esportslogo std.pngCCC1 - 0PolaridadThunderLinkVVvertCCCPGLinkPBStartVVvert
Luxor Gaminglogo std.pngLXGDiamond Doveslogo std.pngDD0 - 1PolaridadThunderLinkVirus04LXGDDLinkPBStartSuperbia
Deliverance Esportslogo std.pngDVE.PSport Boys Associationlogo std.pngSBA1 - 0PolaridadThunderLinkSBADVE.PLinkPBStartKurckoo
Incubuslogo std.pngINCInstinct Gaminglogo std.pngINS0 - 1PolaridadThunderLinkEmpanaditaINCINSLinkPBStartXamexx
Diamond Doveslogo std.pngDDCienciano Esportslogo std.pngCCC1 - 0PolaridadThunderLinkVirus04CCCDDLinkPBStartJuanDeDios
Sport Boys Associationlogo std.pngSBAIncubuslogo std.pngINC0 - 1PolaridadThunderLinkShallINCSBALinkPBStartShall
Instinct Gaminglogo std.pngINSDeliverance Esportslogo std.pngDVE.P1 - 0PolaridadThunderLinkGontiDVE.PINSLinkPBStartMaster Jos
Polaris Gaminglogo std.pngPGLuxor Gaminglogo std.pngLXG1 - 0PolaridadThunderLinkBucketLXGPGLinkPBStartMystr
Week 4
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorInterviewWithBlueRedMHVODsMVP
Incubuslogo std.pngINCDeliverance Esportslogo std.pngDVE.P1 - 0PolaridadThunderLinkCevicheINCDVE.PLinkPBStartScenari0
Instinct Gaminglogo std.pngINSSport Boys Associationlogo std.pngSBA1 - 0PolaridadThunderLinkEdoINSSBALinkPBStartMaster Jos
Luxor Gaminglogo std.pngLXGCienciano Esportslogo std.pngCCC0 - 1PolaridadThunderLinkJealowLXGCCCLinkPBStartvSack
Polaris Gaminglogo std.pngPGDiamond Doveslogo std.pngDDFF - W
Luxor Gaminglogo std.pngLXGDeliverance Esportslogo std.pngDVE.P0 - 1PolaridadThunder, Zui de HieloLinkLionDVE.PLXGLinkPBStartNurtz
Cienciano Esportslogo std.pngCCCIncubuslogo std.pngINC1 - 0PolaridadThunderLinkNashejkzCCCINCLinkPBStartvSack
Sport Boys Associationlogo std.pngSBAPolaris Gaminglogo std.pngPG0 - 1PolaridadThunderLinkFraGioPGSBALinkPBStartFraGio
Diamond Doveslogo std.pngDDInstinct Gaminglogo std.pngINS0 - 1PolaridadThunderLinkEmpanaditaINSDDLinkPBStartMaster Jos
Week 5
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorInterviewWithBlueRedMHVODsMVP
Sport Boys Associationlogo std.pngSBADiamond Doveslogo std.pngDD0 - 1PolaridadThunderLinkHarryLaCruDDSBALinkPBStartHarryLaCru
Luxor Gaminglogo std.pngLXGIncubuslogo std.pngINC0 - 1PolaridadThunderLinkCevicheINCLXGLinkPBStartShall
Instinct Gaminglogo std.pngINSPolaris Gaminglogo std.pngPG1 - 0PolaridadThunderLinkXamexxINSPGLinkPBStartXamexx
Cienciano Esportslogo std.pngCCCDeliverance Esportslogo std.pngDVE.P0 - 1PolaridadThunderLinkKUCCCDVE.PLinkPBStartCatzzz
Cienciano Esportslogo std.pngCCCInstinct Gaminglogo std.pngINS0 - 1PolaridadThunderLinkGontiCCCINSLinkPBStartMaster Jos
Diamond Doveslogo std.pngDDIncubuslogo std.pngINC0 - 1PolaridadThunderLinkCevicheINCDDLinkPBStartTerco
Deliverance Esportslogo std.pngDVE.PPolaris Gaminglogo std.pngPG0 - 1PolaridadThunderLinkPanchtDVE.PPGLinkPBStartBucket
Luxor Gaminglogo std.pngLXGSport Boys Associationlogo std.pngSBA0 - 1PolaridadThunderLinkKhaelSBALXGLinkPBStartLeonHart
Week 6
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorInterviewWithBlueRedMHVODsMVP
Incubuslogo std.pngINCPolaris Gaminglogo std.pngPG1 - 0PolaridadLenoreLinkLetoñeINCPGLinkPBStartShall
Deliverance Esportslogo std.pngDVE.PDiamond Doveslogo std.pngDD1 - 0PolaridadLenoreLinkKUDDDVE.PLinkPBStartAllerz
Cienciano Esportslogo std.pngCCCSport Boys Associationlogo std.pngSBA1 - 0PolaridadLenoreCCCSBALinkPBStartVSack
Instinct Gaminglogo std.pngINSLuxor Gaminglogo std.pngLXG1 - 0PolaridadLenoreLinkXkey DestinyINSLXGLinkPBStartXamexx
Instinct Gaminglogo std.pngINSIncubuslogo std.pngINC1 - 0PolaridadLenoreLinkEdoINSINCLinkPBStartMaster Jos
Sport Boys Associationlogo std.pngSBADeliverance Esportslogo std.pngDVE.P0 - 1PolaridadLenoreLinkCaTzzzDVE.PSBALinkPBStartCaTzzz
Diamond Doveslogo std.pngDDLuxor Gaminglogo std.pngLXG1 - 0PolaridadLenoreLinkSuperbiaLXGDDLinkPBStartLeinad
Cienciano Esportslogo std.pngCCCPolaris Gaminglogo std.pngPGFF - W
Week 7
Team 1Team 2ScorePBPColorInterviewWithBlueRedMHVODsMVP
Luxor Gaminglogo std.pngLXGPolaris Gaminglogo std.pngPG0 - 1PolaridadNikLinkMystrLXGPGLinkPBStartMystr
Deliverance Esportslogo std.pngDVE.PInstinct Gaminglogo std.pngINS1 - 0PolaridadNikLinkHelcrankDVE.PINSLinkPBStartHelcrank
Incubuslogo std.pngINCSport Boys Associationlogo std.pngSBA0 - 1PolaridadNikLinkKhaelINCSBALinkPBStartByFalco
Cienciano Esportslogo std.pngCCCDiamond Doveslogo std.pngDD1 - 0PolaridadNikLinkJealowCCCDDLinkPBStartFresco
Diamond Doveslogo std.pngDDPolaris Gaminglogo std.pngPG0 - 1PolaridadNikLinkVVvertPGDDLinkPBStartAlex Mercer
Cienciano Esportslogo std.pngCCCLuxor Gaminglogo std.pngLXG0 - 1PolaridadNikLinkRickjuCCCLXGLinkPBStartThoughless
Sport Boys Associationlogo std.pngSBAInstinct Gaminglogo std.pngINS1 - 0PolaridadNikLinkKhaelINSSBALinkPBStartByFalco
Deliverance Esportslogo std.pngDVE.PIncubuslogo std.pngINC0 - 1PolaridadNikLinkCevicheINCDVE.PLinkPBStartScenari0


Week 1
1Incubuslogo std.png2-02-0
1Polaris Gaminglogo std.png2-02-0
3Cienciano Esportslogo std.png1-11-1
3Instinct Gaminglogo std.png1-11-1
3Luxor Gaminglogo std.png1-11-1
3Sport Boys Associationlogo std.png1-11-1
7Deliverance Esportslogo std.png0-20-2
7Diamond Doveslogo std.png0-20-2
Week 2
1Incubuslogo std.png2-04-0
21Instinct Gaminglogo std.png2-03-1
21Polaris Gaminglogo std.png1-13-1
41Cienciano Esportslogo std.png1-112-21
41Sport Boys Associationlogo std.png1-12-2
61Diamond Doveslogo std.png1-11-3
63Luxor Gaminglogo std.png0-21-3
81Deliverance Esportslogo std.png0-20-4
Week 3
1Incubuslogo std.png1-15-1
11Instinct Gaminglogo std.png2-05-1
11Polaris Gaminglogo std.png2-05-1
42Diamond Doveslogo std.png2-03-3
51Cienciano Esportslogo std.png0-22-4
51Sport Boys Associationlogo std.png0-22-4
71Deliverance Esportslogo std.png1-11-5
71Luxor Gaminglogo std.png0-21-5
Week 4
1Instinct Gaminglogo std.png2-07-1
21Incubuslogo std.png1-16-2
21Polaris Gaminglogo std.png1-126-22
41Cienciano Esportslogo std.png2-04-4
4Diamond Doveslogo std.png1-14-4
61Deliverance Esportslogo std.png1-12-6
61Sport Boys Associationlogo std.png0-22-6
81Luxor Gaminglogo std.png0-21-7
Week 5
1Instinct Gaminglogo std.png2-09-1
2Incubuslogo std.png2-08-2
31Polaris Gaminglogo std.png1-17-3
4Diamond Doveslogo std.png1-15-5
51Cienciano Esportslogo std.png0-24-6
6Deliverance Esportslogo std.png1-13-7
6Sport Boys Associationlogo std.png1-13-7
8Luxor Gaminglogo std.png0-21-9
Week 6
1Instinct Gaminglogo std.png2-011-1
2Incubuslogo std.png1-19-3
3Polaris Gaminglogo std.png1-18-4
4Diamond Doveslogo std.png1-16-6
5Cienciano Esportslogo std.png1-135-73
51Deliverance Esportslogo std.png2-05-7
71Sport Boys Associationlogo std.png0-23-9
8Luxor Gaminglogo std.png0-21-11
Week 7
1Instinct Gaminglogo std.png0-211-3
2Incubuslogo std.png1-110-4
21Polaris Gaminglogo std.png2-010-4
41Cienciano Esportslogo std.png1-16-8
41Deliverance Esportslogo std.png1-16-8
4Diamond Doveslogo std.png0-26-8
7Sport Boys Associationlogo std.png2-05-9
8Luxor Gaminglogo std.png1-12-12
1 Cienciano Esports was forced to surrender due to technical issues.[2]
2 Polaris Gaming was forced to surrender due to internal issues.[1]
3 Cienciano Esports was forced to surrender due to internal issues.[3]

Individual Awards[edit]

"Player of the Game" Standings[edit]

MVP Standings
15Instinct Gaminglogo std.png Master Jos
24Sport Boys Associationlogo std.png ByFalco
24Incubuslogo std.png Scenari0
24Incubuslogo std.png Shall
24Instinct Gaminglogo std.png Xamex
Click for Full Standings
63Cienciano Esportslogo std.png vSack
72Deliverance Esportslogo std.png CaTzzz
72Polaris Gaminglogo std.png FraGio
72Polaris Gaminglogo std.png Mystr
72Diamond Doveslogo std.png Superbia
72Polaris Gaminglogo std.png VVvert
121Polaris Gaminglogo std.png Alex Mercer
121Deliverance Esportslogo std.png Allerz
121Polaris Gaminglogo std.png Bucket
121Polaris Gaminglogo std.png Dew
121Instinct Gaminglogo std.png Empanadita
121Cienciano Esportslogo std.png Fresco
121Diamond Doveslogo std.png HarryLaCru
121Deliverance Esportslogo std.png Helcrank
121Cienciano Esportslogo std.png Jealow
121Diamond Doveslogo std.png JuanDeDios
121Incubuslogo std.png Kanra
121Deliverance Esportslogo std.png Kurckoo
121Diamond Doveslogo std.png Leinad
121Sport Boys Associationlogo std.png LeonHart
121Cienciano Esportslogo std.png Nashejkz
121Deliverance Esportslogo std.png Nurtz
121Incubuslogo std.png Terco
121Luxor Gaminglogo std.png Thoughless
121Luxor Gaminglogo std.png Zeldris



Broadcast Talent[edit]

  • Alejandro "Polaridad" Apau – Play-by-play Caster/Analyst

  • David "Thunder" Pulido – Color Caster/Analyst