Circuito Piazza eSports/Season 0/Circuit Points

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Circuit Points[edit]

Circuito Piazza eSports Season 0
SeedTeamTournament 1Tournament 2Tournament 3Total
1Playground Esports Publogo std.pngPlayground Esports Pub471021
1Playstrong eSportslogo std.pngPlaystrong eSports101718
1Local Hostlogo std.pngLocal Host010111
4Salerno Guiscardslogo std.pngSalerno Guiscards7108
5Atlas (Italian Team)logo std.pngAtlas1416
5Adriatic Wolveslogo std.pngAdriatic Wolves11146
5Logo std.pngSuperteam0 della disperazione liceale-4-4
8No Sponsor Givenlogo std.pngNo Sponsor Given0044
8YouPorologo std.pngYouPoro4--4
10Clock is Tickinglogo std.pngClock is Ticking1012
10WNKRlogo std.pngWNKR-112
12Le banane di Giambologo std.pngLe banane di Giambo1--1
1Adriatic Wolves acquires roster and points of Import Escort.
Point Distribution
Place Points
1 10
2 7
3-4 4
5-8 1
9-64 0
NQ -
Playground Esports Pub and No Sponsor Given withdraw before Final Phase starts. Final Phase's teams are deduced to 6.