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Background Information
NameCamila Benavides
Country of Birth
BirthdayJanuary 27, 1992 (age 29)
Latin America
TeamRiot Games Inc.logo std.pngRiot Games Inc.
Favorite Champs

Social Media & Links
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Team History
Oct 2017 - Oct 2017
Riot Games Inc.logo std.pngRiot Games Inc.
Jan 2018 - Sep 2018
LVPlogo std.pngLVP
Feb 2019 - Apr 2019
Riot Games Inc.logo std.pngRiot Games Inc.
Jan 2020 - Dec 2020
LVPlogo std.pngLVP
Jan 2021 - Present
Riot Games Inc.logo std.pngRiot Games Inc.

Camila "Chunilda" Benavides is a League of Legends esports player, currently caster for Riot Games Inc..


Camila Benavides is from Santiago, Chile.


  • Has been playing since Season 2.
  • Her favorite champion is
    Jarvan IV
  • Her favorite videogame saga is Final Fantasy.
  • She usually plays Jungle and ADC.
  • Used to play in semiprofessional teams.
  • Loves and teaches about cooking and patisserie.

Casting History[]

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Casting History - Chunilda
DateEventRoundTeam 1Team 2ScoreVODsPBPColor
2021-09-04 20:00:00LLA 2022 Opening PromotionFinalsFurious Gaminglogo std.pngFGXTEN Esportslogo std.pngXTN1 - 31ChunildaRelic
2021-09-04 17:00:00LLA 2022 Opening PromotionFinalsTeam Azelogo std.pngAZEGlobant Emeraldlogo std.pngGET3 - 01ChunildaTyrone
2021-09-02 22:00:00LLA 2022 Opening PromotionDay 2Team Azelogo std.pngAZEKaos Latin Gamerslogo std.pngKLG1 - 01ChunildaRelic
2021-09-02 20:00:00LLA 2022 Opening PromotionDay 2Kaos Latin Gamerslogo std.pngKLGGlobant Emeraldlogo std.pngGET1 - 01ChunildaTyrone
2021-09-01 23:00:00LLA 2022 Opening PromotionDay 1Furious Gaminglogo std.pngFGGlobant Emeraldlogo std.pngGET1 - 01ChunildaRelic
2021-09-01 21:00:00LLA 2022 Opening PromotionDay 1Globant Emeraldlogo std.pngGETTeam Azelogo std.pngAZE0 - 11ChunildaJirall
2021-09-01 19:00:00LLA 2022 Opening PromotionDay 1Team Azelogo std.pngAZEXTEN Esportslogo std.pngXTN1 - 01ChunildaJirall
2021-08-28 22:00:00LLA 2021 Closing PlayoffsFinalsInfinity Esports (Latin American Team)logo std.pngINFEstral Esportslogo std.pngEST3 - 21ChunildaRelic, Jirall
2021-08-21 22:00:00LLA 2021 Closing PlayoffsRound 2Estral Esportslogo std.pngESTFurious Gaminglogo std.pngFG3 - 11ChunildaRelic
2021-08-14 22:00:00LLA 2021 Closing PlayoffsRound 1Isuruslogo std.pngISGFurious Gaminglogo std.pngFG1 - 31ChunildaJirall

Notable Events Cast[]




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