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Stealth Mechanics[edit]

Camouflage: Longer duration ‘strategic’ stealth. Revealed by proximity, turrets, and Control Wards.

  • Evelynn’s Passive Shadow Walk.png Shadow Walk
  • Rengar’s R Thrill of the Hunt.png Thrill of the Hunt
  • Twitch’s Q Ambush.png Ambush

Invisibility: Shorter duration ‘tactical’ stealth. Revealed only by turrets.

  • Akali’s W Twilight Shroud.png Twilight Shroud
  • Kha’Zix’s R Void Assault.png Void Assault
  • LeBlanc’s R Mimic.png Mimic
  • Shaco’s Q Deceive.png Deceive
  • Talon’s R Shadow Assault.png Shadow Assault
  • Teemo’s Passive Guerilla Warfare.png Guerilla Warfare (formerly “Camouflage”)
  • Vayne’s R Final Hour.png Final Hour
  • Wukong’s W Warrior Trickster.png Decoy

Shimmer: Hitting stealthed units (an Invisible or Camouflaged) briefly cause them to shimmer, temporarily revealing their location but not making them targetable or canceling the stealth

  • Champions only shimmer up to once per second, even if they take additional damage during that time

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