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Item was removed in Patch 10.23.
Boots of Mobility
ItemSquareBoots of Mobility.png
UNIQUE - Enhanced Movement: +25 flat movement speed, increased to +115 flat movement speed when out-of-combat. Receiving damage, dealing damage or debuffing units will put you in-combat, disabling this passive for 5 seconds.
Additional Information
LimitationsLimited to 1 Boots item.
Map AvailabilityALL
ItemSquareBoots of Speed.png + 700 Goldcurrency.png
Total Cost: 1000 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 700 Goldcurrency.png


  • The flat movement speed bonus of Boots of Speed and everything that it builds into is unique and thus does not stack with other boots.
  • When being invulnerable (such as being under the effect of KayleSquare.pngKayle's Intervention.png Intervention), basic attacks and non-crowd control abilities received will not put you in-combat.
  • Healing and buffing allies does not count as in-combat.
  • Damage over time abilities reset the timer with each tick of damage.
  • Attacking wards does not count as in-combat.


  • CassiopeiaSquare.pngCassiopeia is the only champion that can't buy boots.

Similar Items[]

Patch History[]

Patch 10.5

Cost increased.

Mobi's heavily increase the ability to snowball in higher ranked games, allowing very strong lanes to spread their leads easily and decreasing diversity in your shoe choices. We're making them a bit more of a premium boot to buy, instead of something you can easily get once you're in that position.

COST : [900] 1000 gold

Cost up.

While the cost is increasing for Mobi's, we're off-setting that upgrade with a power boost to keep them worth the tradeoffs you make to take them. Unlike the others, Mobility's risk/reward paradigm stays constant throughout the whole game - so get out there and make the best of your zoom-zoom.

TOTAL COST : [800 gold] 900 gold

“As the premiere set up boots for getting into - and initiating - fights, we’re introducing a strategic tradeoff. There has been some discussion that this change will hurt some junglers, so we’ll keep an eye on this change.”

  • MOVEMENT SPEED: 45 in combat / 105 out of combat ⇒ 25 in combat / 105 out of combat
  • TOTAL COST: 1000 gold ⇒ 800 gold


  • Items that build out of Boots of Speed have had their recipe costs increased by 25


  • Limited to 1 Boots item at a time


  • Boots of Mobility will now show a cooldown for their passive effect


  • Unique Passive changed to "Enhanced Movement: +45 Movement Speed. Increases to +105 Movement Speed when out of combat for 5 seconds."


  • Will now mark you in combat for receivin/dealing any damage, even if it is shielded


  • Passive is no longer removed by combat dehancers such as WarwickSquare.pngWarwick's Blood Scent


  • Fixed an issue cuasing you to retain the Movement Speed 5 despite dealing damage
  • Reduced Movement Speed 5 reset time from 7 seconds to 5
  • Updated tooltip


  • Out-of-combat time reduced from 8 seconds to 7