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Item was removed in Patch 5.4.
Bonetooth Necklace
ItemSquareBonetooth Necklace.png
UNIQUE - Mementos of the Hunt: Rengar collects trophies when killing champions and gains bonus effects based on how many trophies he has. Rengar gains one Trophy whenever he scores a kill or assist.
  • 3 TROPHIES: Rengar gains flat movement speed while out of combat or while in brush.
  • 6 TROPHIES: Unseen Predator gains 125 bonus range.
  • 12 TROPHIES: Thrill of the Hunt's stealth duration is increased.
  • 20 TROPHIES: Thrill of the Hunt's bonus movement speed is doubled.
Scoring a kill or assist on Kha'Zix during The Hunt is On! causes this item to upgrade into the Head of Kha'Zix, which grants the effects of all 20 trophies.
Adaptive depending on Trinket selected:
Additional Information
LimitationsExclusive to RengarSquare.pngRengar
Map AvailabilityALL
Total Cost: None Goldcurrency.png


  • Exclusive to RengarSquare.pngRengar.
  • Bonetooth Necklace is the first item to feature multiple names and icons.
  • Bonetooth Necklace can gather only up to 20 trophies, with further kills or assists granting no additional bonuses.
  • Rengar can still accumulate trophies from kills and assists even while dead.
  • It takes 12 stacks to activate The Hunt is On!
    • If Kha'Zix is victorious, he gains a fourth evolution point.
    • If Rengar is victorious, his Bonetooth Necklace turns into a Head of Kha'Zix, which has all the effects of a fully stacked Bonetooth Necklace.


  • The Bonetooth Necklace was first discovered through an erroneous update of the items page at leagueoflegends.com.
  • Prior to patch v4.5, Bonetooth Necklace was a regular item that costed 800 gold.


Requirements Normal Yellow Red Blue Green
0-2 ItemSquareBonetooth Necklace.png Bonetooth Necklace Yellow.png Bonetooth Necklace Red.png Bonetooth Necklace Blue.png Bonetooth Necklace Green.png
3-5 BonetoothNecklace3.png Bonetooth Necklace Yellow3.png Bonetooth Necklace Red3.png Bonetooth Necklace Blue3.png Bonetooth Necklace Green3.png
6-11 BonetoothNecklace6.png Bonetooth Necklace Yellow6.png Bonetooth Necklace Red6.png Bonetooth Necklace Blue6.png Bonetooth Necklace Green6.png
12-19 BonetoothNecklace9.png Bonetooth Necklace Yellow12.png Bonetooth Necklace Red12.png Bonetooth Necklace Blue12.png Bonetooth Necklace Green12.png
20 BonetoothNecklace14.png Bonetooth Necklace Yellow20.png Bonetooth Necklace Red20.png Bonetooth Necklace Blue20.png Bonetooth Necklace Green20.png
Winning the Hunt HeadofKhaZix.png HeadofKhaZix.png HeadofKhaZix.png HeadofKhaZix.png HeadofKhaZix.png

Patch History[]

  • Item removed and integrated directly into Unseen Predator (Passive).


"Haha oh dear."
  • Bonetooth Necklace Yellow20.png Bonetooth Necklace
    • WHOOPS : Bonetooth Necklace actives no longer benefit from cooldown reduction



  • ITEM TYPE: Basic item ⇒ Trinket (different versions for Warding Totem, Scrying Orb and Sweeping Lens trinket lines)
  • COST: 800 gold ⇒ Free
  • TROPHY GAIN: Unchanged (+1 per kill or assist)
  • "REMOVED" DEATH PENALTY: -1 stack on death
  • "REMOVED" BONUS ATTACK DAMAGE: +5 attack damage (+2 additional Attack Damage per level)
  • 3 TROPHY BONUS: +10 armor penetration, +5% cooldown reduction ⇒ +25 movement speed out of combat and in brush
  • 6 TROPHY BONUS: +25 movement speed ⇒ +125 Unseen Predator leap range, Tier 2 vision active
  • "REMOVED" 9 TROPHY BONUS: +150 Unseen Predator leap range
  • "NEW" 12 TROPHY BONUS: +5 seconds to Thrill of the Hunt duration
  • "REMOVED" 14 TROPHY BONUS: +3 seconds to Thrill of the Hunt duration, first ability used after Thrill of the Hunt generates an additional point of Ferocity
  • "NEW" 20 TROPHY BONUS: Thrill of the Hunt movement speed bonus doubled to +30% movement speed, Tier 3 vision active (Warding Totem version gains Greater Stealth Totem active)


  • Bonetooth Necklace now grants +5 Attack Damage


  • Bonetooth Necklace no longer grants a base +10 attack damage



  • Bonetooth Necklace added