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Item was removed in Patch 10.23.
Enchantment - Bloodrazor.png
UNIQUE - Bloodrazor: Basic attacks deal [+4% target’s max] as bonus physical damage on-hit, capped at 75 damage against minions and monsters.

Additional Information
Map AvailabilitySR, TR, NB
Jungle Item.png Stalker's or Skirmisher's + 625 Goldcurrency.png
Total Cost: 2625 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 1837 Goldcurrency.png
Builds Into
Stalker's Blade - Bloodrazor.png Skirmisher's Sabre - Bloodrazor.png


  • Unlike most other physical on-hit effects, the bonus damage does not apply lifesteal.


  • This enchantment replaced the
    enchantment in patch V6.9.


Stalker's Blade - Bloodrazor.png Skirmisher's Sabre - Bloodrazor.png Tracker's Knife - Bloodrazor.png

Similar Items[]

Patch History[]


The new Bloodrazor allows junglers like Shyvana and Master Yi to feel more comfortable interacting with other players early on, rather than obligated to farm the jungle for twenty minions. That said, thanks to the relatively weak combat strength of Bloodrazor, they’re not enjoying the results of those interactions. Without being pinned to farming, attack speed junglers have reasons to duel enemy junglers, gank, or otherwise scrap for early-mid game advantages - they just need reasons to believe they can win those duels. Upping combat strength is the solution here.

ATTACK SPEED : [40%] 50%
ON-HIT DAMAGE : [3% of the target’s maximum health] 4% of the target’s maximum health

Everything old is new again.

Bloodrazor’s back from its years of traveling the world to be the jungle item we deserve. Attack speed junglers break down into different audiences, and Bloodrazor caters to both. Tankier on-hit champions (like Shyvana and Warwick) will find it an appropriate centerpiece to their natural synergies, while Kindred and Master Yi can pair it with Blade of the Ruined King and armor penetration for scaling builds.

The removal of Devourer and the inclusion of Bloodrazor means that junglers will feel better about jumping directly into battle after finishing their item rather than waiting for it to up. There will always be junglers who prioritize farming, and there will always be junglers that will rarely gank your lanthe key is that these decisions will be up to the player and their champion’s kits, not forced by the items they buy into.

TOTAL COST : 2625 gold
BUILD PATH : Tier 2 Jungle Item + Recurve Bow + 625 gold
BLOODRAZOR : UNIQUE Passive - Basic attacks deal 3% of the target’s maximum health as bonus physical damage (maximum 75 damage vs minions and monsters)