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Blast Cone
Blast Cone.png
Knocks away (up to 900-units) all nearby units, including the attacker. This can send units over terrain.
Additional Information
Health1 Health
Map AvailabilitySummoner's Rift

Blast Cones are a type of plant native to Summoner's Rift with explosive fruit. Their explosive properties are powerful enough to fling a humanoid several meters away.



  • Blast Cones have 1 Health and can only be triggered via normal attacks (untargetable by spells).
  • They display a self-only indicator to champions in the blast radius, showing where they'll land if it's detonated.
  • Blasting an ally will give an assist if that ally kills an enemy champion afterwards.
  • Plants are immune to critical strikes and lifesteal.


  • Plants spawn as inactive seeds and take 60 seconds to become usable. The spawn locations for the first wave of plants is predetermined, while subsequent plants can spawn in at least one other spot.
  • Blast Cones spawn in two spots per jungle quadrants and are divided by inner and outer spawns.
    • The first inner cones spawn between 1:15 and 1:25.
    • The first outer cones spawn between 5:00 and 5:30.
    • Inner cones respawn time is between 5 and 7 minutes.
    • Outer cones respawn time is between 5.5 and 6.5 minutes.

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Placements of Blast Cones (Indicated by red dots).

An in-game Blast Cone.

Patch History[]

Patch 8.4

Outer 4 blast cones spawn later in the game.

The river-accessing blast cones (especially in top lane) put too much pressure on laners to not only win lane, but also control the early blast cone to avoid ganks. That gameplay is cool, but having it show up that early in the game is a bit much.

FIRST SPAWN TIME : Between [125 and 140]
300 and 330 seconds

Patch 7.6

LANDING INDICATOR : Now made more fluid and color slightly changed

Patch 7.1

New mechanics come with some growing pains, so we’re still clearing up a few odd interactions with plants. Right now we see some room to add clarity and consistency by introducing a few quality of life changes that make the effects of plants easier to predict and read.


FLOWING IN THE BREEZE : Once scouted, plants continue emitting idle VFX through fog of war
VEGETARIAN : Attacking plants no longer puts Kha'Zix in combat, preventing Evolved R - Void Assaults out-of-combat invisibility from activating upon entering brush

Blast Cone

HELPING : Malzahar and Rengar can now be affected by allied Blast Cone triggers during their spell immunity effects

Patch 6.24
Plants generally behave like wards, with a few intentional exceptions.

In general, while activating plants uses the basic attack animations, plants shouldn’t trigger combat interactions. In other words, activating plants should feel similar to attacking wards: a tactical action that happens to be done with a basic attack. Two notable exceptions: it feels really bad to have to chase down a Draven axe or Poppy shield after triggering Blast Cone, so we’re cleaning up those interactions.

PLANTS AREN’T PEOPLE : Champion passives which proc on basic attack (ex. Caitlyn’s Passive - Headhunter, Nocturne’s Passive - Umbra Blades) are no longer consumed when attacking a plant (similar to attacking turrets or wards)
DRAAAAAVEN : Draven’s Q - Spinning Axe no longer bounces off plants. Instead, the duration is refreshed (similar to attacking turrets)
NOT LIKE THIS : Poppy’s Passive - Iron Ambassador now bounces back to her when attacking a plant (similar to killing a unit)

Patch 6.23
One patch later, everyone’s still feeling out how the new plants fit into their matches. We’re waiting until players have time to integrate plants into their understanding of the Rift before making big changes, but in the meantime, have some bugfixes!


GREEN THUMB : Plants are now immune to critical strikes and lifesteal

Blast Cone

HORSE PLANT : Fixed a bug where Hecarim’s E - Devastating Charge caused Blast Cones to launch him forward instead of backward
THEY LOOK SMALL UP HERE : Fixed a bug where enemies sometimes flickered out of vision when jumping with a Blast Cone

Patch 6.22
Introducing plants to the Rift.

Plant Spawn Locations.jpg
Pre-season is here and with it are new things to explore in the jungle. We want to make Summoner’s Rift feel more alive and that’s where Plants come into play. Plants create new ways for teams to take control of the map and approach objectives, as well as how you engage in future fights. Different plants spawn in on the map during certain parts of the game in order to provide interesting combat situations and rewarding players who adapt to them.

Plants have evolved pretty significantly during their time on PBE, and we’ll continue iterating on them throughout pre-season. We’re excited to see how you use them!

Spawn locations

  • Red = Blast Cone
  • Blue = Scryer’s Bloom
  • Green = Honeyfruit
General mechanics
FOLIAGE : Plants are stationary, neutral units with 1 health. Destroying them (via basic attack) triggers an effect.
NURTURE : Plants spawn as inactive seeds and take 60 seconds to become usable. Each seed type has a unique appearance.
FIRST SPAWN : First spawn locations for all plants are pre-determined
SPAWN NATURE : Each plant has its own set of spawn rules - see below
STARTER GARDEN : The first wave of plants is identical in every game

Blast Cone

FLY AWAY : Knocks away nearby units (including the attacker) when destroyed—even over walls
AIM THERE : Blast Cone displays a self-only indicator to champions in the blast radius, showing where they’ll land if it’s detonated
SPAWN POINTS : Blast Cones spawn in two spots per jungle quadrant, an inner point toward the center of the quadrant, and an outer point near Baron/Dragon
OUTER CONE RESPAWN TIME : 5.5 - 6.5 minutes