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Black Market Brawlers
First AppearanceJuly 30th, 2015
#PlayersFive per team
Rotating QueueNot Included
MapSummoner's Rift


"In Bilgewater, anything can be bought. In the aftermath of the destruction of the Dead Pool, Gangplank’s spoils-filled warehouses have been plundered, and those who followed the dread pirate have forfeited their allegiance."

Earn and spend Krakens to enlist brawler minions and upgrade their abilities, offense, or defense. Once hired, they’ll replace regular minions and spawn in every wave of all three lanes for the rest of the game on Summoner's Rift.

  • Morellonomicon
    is disabled in this mode.
  • Destroying inhibitors now buffs your Brawler minions instead of summoning super minions.


Players earns in addition to gold:

  • 1 Kraken is earned every 60 seconds.
  • For each champion kills, 2 Krakens are earned.
  • For each champion assists, 1 Kraken is earned.
  • Each allied player earns 1 Kraken for epic monsters kills.
  • 1 Kraken is earned for each large monster kills in the enemy's hald of the jungle.


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RazorfinSquare.png Razorfin

Black Market Items[]

Typhoon Claws


Mirage Blade

Lost Chapter

Netherstride Grimoire

Rite of Ruin

Pox Arcana

Staff of Flowing Water

Trickster's Glass

Dead Man's Plate

Martyr's Gambit



Swindler's Orb

Globe of Trust

Enchantment - Teleport