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The Belgian Tour 2022 ("BT") awards Championship Points throughout the 2022 Season which is then used to determine teams qualifying to the Tour Masters.


  • The two teams that accumulate the most points across Spring and Summer qualify to the Tour Masters.
  • If two or more teams have the same number of points, the team with the most points obtained in the Summer Split receives the highest place.

Points Distribution[]

Place Spring Points Summer Points
1 105 140
2 75 100
3 60 80
4 45 60
5 30 40
6 15 20


1Association de Gaming et d'Esport de Monslogo std.pngAGEM105140245
2Adverselogo std.pngAdverse75100175
3ZennITlogo std.pngZennIT306090
4Once Upon A Teamlogo std.pngOnce Upon A Team-8080
5Team 7AM Academylogo std.pngTeam 7AM Academy60-60
6Bastards Esportslogo std.pngBastards Esports154055
7Silver Wolveslogo std.pngSilver Wolves45-45
8Activit-Elogo std.pngActivit-E-2020