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Item was removed in Patch May 15, 2009.
Bag of Tea
ItemSquareBag of Tea.png
Restores 400 health and 200 mana over 10 seconds. It can only be used after scoring a killing blow on a champion.
Additional Information
Total Cost: Free Goldcurrency.png


  • During the Alpha of League of Legends, the item used to be a point and click 3 seconds silence. It was deemed too strong and reworked completely.
  • The effect of the item is probably a reference to tea-bagging, a gesture of disrespect found in video gaming, particularly in first person shooters. Tea-bagging is done by crouching repeatedly on an opponent's corpse, the performer's genitals acting as some form of 'tea bag', usually performed after scoring the kill, as an additional insult to injury, hence why the item can only be used after scoring a kill.

Patch History[]

May 15, 2009 Patch
  • Bag of Tea removed

Alpha Week 4

  • Fixed a bug where it was showing the wrong particle effect.

Alpha Week 2

  • Effect changed.