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Aspect of the Dragon
Aspect of the Dragon.png
Dealing damage to non-turrets burn the target for 45 + (45 per Elemental Dragon Slain) bonus true damage over 3 seconds and reveals them for the duration
Also increases the strength of all  Dragon Slayer buffs by 50%.
Additional Information
Map AvailabilitySR
Lost On DeathYes

The Aspect of the Dragon is a team-wide neutral buff granted upon slaying the [[
]]. This buff is not to be confused with  Dragon Slayer, the buff granted upon killing Elemental Dragons.


  • This buff is lost upon death and cannot be transferred from champion to champion upon takedowns.
  • Aspect of the Dragon will increase the bonuses granted by  Dragon Slayer by 50%.
  • Upon killing a second Elder Dragon, this buff is transformed into Empowered Aspect of the Dragon.
    • This effect increases the passive damage of Aspect of the Dragon to 135 + (90 per Elemental Dragon Slain).
    • Additionally, any bonuses granted by  Dragon Slayer are increased by a total of 100%.
    • The duration of the buff is also doubled to 5 minutes.

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Patch History[]

Patch 8.4

Elder Dragon respawn time decreased. Elder dragon buff duration increased for buffs beyond the first. Burn damage increased for elder dragon buffs beyond the first.

Late game Elder Dragon buffs should be hugely impactful, allowing a team which takes them to successfully siege those tough inhibitor turrets. It doesn't look like it's doing its job well enough, so we're buffing all Elder Dragon buffs beyond the first, and dialing down the respawn timer for those games which dragon.

ELDER-ER Elder Dragon buffs beyond the first grant even stronger effects. The first buff is unchanged; we're listing the values below for comparison.
BUFF DURATION : 150 seconds for the first buff; 300 seconds for subsequent buffs
BURN DAMAGE : 45 (+45 per drake or dragon killed) for the first buff; 135 (+90 per drake or dragon killed) for subsequent buffs
ELEMENTAL BUFF : +50% effectiveness of Elemental Drake stacks for the first buff; +100% for subsequent buffs

Patch 7.3

BUGFIX : Made the Mark of the Elder Dragon buff visuals more consistent on lower graphical settings

Patch 6.22
Elder Dragon is no longer more difficult for each drake you’ve taken. Aspect of the Dragon duration up.

Elder Dragon is supposed to be an epic late game objective that helps secure a win. The teams who should feel best about taking Elder Dragon are the ones who have already secured a few dragons. However, the more dragons you’ve already taken, the harder it is to take down. When Elder Dragon takes that long to kill, starting it can feel like a mistake, because it opens up baron to the other team. This is only compounded by the fact that Elder Dragon buff lasts half as long as Baron buff.

ANGER MANAGEMENT Elder Dragon no longer deals more damage and takes less damage based on how many elemental drakes your team has secured
ASPECT OF THE DRAGON : [120 seconds] 150 seconds

Patch 6.9
Grants a powerful burn-over-time on spells and attacks. Increases the strength of your Elemental Drake buffs.

Previously, Aspect of the Dragon was a full closing tool -assuming the game ever hit a point where you could get it. Part of the promise of Elemental Dragons is that no matter which spawn in what order, controlling them is always valuable for you in the long run. Elder Dragon lets us kill two birds with one buff a cashing in on your hard-earned stacks and ensuring that both teams can leverage its strength (or steal it) to close out a game in style.

DRAGON TYRANT : After 35 minutes, Elemental Dragons will no longer spawn. In their place, the Elder Dragon will spawn every 10 minutes.
CRUEL ULTIMATUM : For the next 120 seconds, basic attacks and spells burn the target for 45 (+45 per stack of Elemental Drake buff) damage over 3 seconds
ELDER MASTERY : For the next 120 secconds, increases the strength of Elemental Dragon buffs by 50%