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Ardent Censer
ItemSquareArdent Censer.png
UNIQUE - Sanctify: Heals and shields on allied champions (excluding yourself) enhance you with +10% - 30% (based on target's level) attack speed and 5 - 20 (based on target's level) bonus on-hit magic damage.


Heal and Shield Power10%
Additional Information
Map AvailabilityALL
ItemSquareAmplifying Tome.png + ItemSquareForbidden Idol.png + ItemSquareAmplifying Tome.png + 630 Goldcurrency.png
Total Cost: 2300 Goldcurrency.png
Sold For: 1610 Goldcurrency.png


  • Ardent Censer's bonus healing and shielding passive stacks additively with
    Forbidden Idol
    Mikael's Crucible
    , and
    • It stacks multiplicatively with
      Spirit Visage
      , giving a 40.4% total increase when directly healing with the item.
  • The healing bonus only affects direct healings so health regen will be unaffected.
    • Health regeneration abilities or items, such as SingedSquare.pngSinged's Insanity Potion will not be affected.


  • A censer is "a container in which incense is burned, typically during a religious ceremony".
  • The bonus on-hit magic damage given by the item's passive appears as a critical strike for the wielder, but appears as standard magic damage for the buffed allied.

Similar Items[]

Patch History[]



Attack speed and on-hit damage reduced.

Ardent Censer has been making waves (and winds) in bot lane for some time. For enchanters’ purchasing decisions—and as a result, the support landscape—to remain robust, this item needs more clear points of weakness. These changes make Ardent Censer weaker early on, so rushing Ardent Censer won’t always be the best choice for enchanters.

ATTACK SPEED BUFF : [20-35%] 10-30%

Ardent Censer’s buff no longer restores health. The buff’s attack speed and damage scale with level again. Censer’s owner now also gets buffed when its user heals or shields an ally.

What we like about Ardent Censer: it gives Enchanters a way to spec into offense, versus defensive builds around Locket, . What we don’t like: it’s relegating supports to heal/shield batteries and acting as a lifesteal item for carries, meaning they aren’t forced to make itemization tradeoffs between sustain and damage. Crit builds just get to have both. More than “Censer OP”, this is a problem with the item’s design. Solving that problem means significant shifts in the support landscape, so in order to keep things stable for Worlds, we’ve avoided tackling that challenge until now. To wit, we’re replacing Ardent Censer’s on-hit heal with a duplicate buff for its wielder. This gives supports a way to participate in Censer’s offensive game plan while removing its function as a proxy sustain item for carries. Aggressive enchanters will still find success with the item, but those who prefer more defensive playstyles should look for greener pastures.

SAME Healing or shielding an allied champion now also grants you Ardent Censer’s buff, instead of only your ally
ON-HIT HEAL Ardent Censer’s buff no longer restores health
ATTACK SPEED : [25%] 20-35% (at levels 1-18)
ON-HIT DAMAGE : [25] 20-35 (at levels 1-18)

Attack speed buff and health drain buff decreased.

Ardent Censer already offers a lot of power as a rush item: attack speed and lifesteal for carries who are still building their multiplicative items. It doesn’t need to scale nearly so well into the late game on top of that.

ATTACK SPEED BUFF : [20-35%] 25%
HEALTH DRAIN BUFF : [20-35] 25

Attack speed and health drain buffs now scale with target’s level.

Ardent Censer isn’t living up to its promise of empowering attack speed carries in late-game teamfights. We’re adding some scaling so Enchanters get more bang for their buck as the game progresses.

ATTACK SPEED BUFF : [20%] 20% - 35% based on target's level
HEALTH DRAIN BUFF : [20] 20 - 35 based on target's level

Grants less on-hit damage, but now grants an on-hit heal.

Ardent Censer embodies a simple concept—keep your carries alive and make them hit harder—but the on-hit buff was only doing one of those things. By shifting some of the damage to sustain, we’re giving supports the ability to enhance trades and duels by keeping their carries alive, not just giving them more damage.

COMBINE COST : [700 gold] 650 gold
TOTAL COST : [2400 gold] 2300 gold
SO ARDENT : Your heals and shields on another allied champion grant them [15% attack speed and 30 magic damage on-hit] 20% attack speed, 20 magic damage on-hit, and cause their basic attacks to restore 20 health

Heal/shield bonus no longer stacks across multiple Ardent Censers.

We're glad Enchanter-types are experimenting with the heal/shield bonus on Forbidden Idol and friends, but hoarding Censers (or Crucibles) isn't what we had in mind. The three different sources of the effect still stack with each other, but we're ensuring Censer users aren't abandoning the rest of the shop.

ARDENT HEALING : +15% heal and shield power is now a UNIQUE Passive

Cost and ability power increased. Mana regen decreased. Now amplifies heals and shields.

Moar AP for moar heals costs moar money.

COMBINE COST : [800 gold] 700 gold
TOTAL COST : [2200 gold] 2400 gold
MANA REGEN : [100%] 50%
ARDENT HEALING +15% bonus healing and shielding power


TOTAL cost : [2100 gold] 2200 gold
BUILD path : Forbidden Idol + Aether Wisp + 800 gold

Ardent Censer now gives slightly less attack speed but now grants +30 bonus magic damage on hit to the buffed target. Also doesn't work on creeps anymore. Sorry Alistar.

"The real important thing here is the crit text. It looks all floaty and satisfying for people who like to buff other people.
When Ardent Censer was first released it had a lot of potential for shield / heal-based champions but they often found themselves trying to decide what to give up for what was effectively an attack speed buffing item. On reconsideration, we think this item could be a pretty sparkly pickup if it just had a wider range of applications. Now it's like a mini Help, Pix! that can scale off your allies' attack speed!"
  • [NEW] BUFFS ON BUFFS : Ardent Censer's attack speed buff now also grants +30 magic damage on hit
  • ATTACK SPEED BUFF : Your heals and shields on another unit grant them +25% bonus attack speed +15% bonus attack speed
  • [NEW] TEXTUAL SATISFACTION : Magic damage proc shows critical hit texts for the champion who buffed his/her/its (hi Bard) friends
  • [REMOVED] SORRY ALISTAR : Ardent Censer's buff is now only applicable to champions, as giving an entire creep wave +30 magic damage on hit would be obnoxious

+10 AP. Literally. "We were also pretty conservative with Arden Censer, given its high potential as an item (attack speed for everyone!). So... we gave it more AP."

  • ABILITY POWER: 30 ⇒ 40

NEW ArdentCenser.png Ardent Censer added

    • UNIQUE PASSIVE: Your heals and shields on another unit grant them +25% Attack Speed for 6 seconds
    • UNIQUE PASSIVE: +8% movement speed
    • ABILITY POWER: +30
    • MANA REGENERATION: 10 mana per 5 seconds
    • TOTAL COST: 2200 gold
    • RECIPE: Forbidden Idol + Aether Wisp + 550 gold