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15 Minutes with Gambit Gaming's Diamondprox - 2014 EU LCS Week 4 Interview

During W4D1 of the EU LCS, our writer, Adel Chouadria, had some time to catch up with Gambit Gaminglogo std.pngGambit Gaming's Diamondprox after their win against the Copenhagen Wolveslogo std.pngCopenhagen Wolves.

The interview transcript that follows has three parts:

  1. Reflections of last week
  2. Postgame, vs Copenhagen Wolves
  3. Tomorrow's game against SHC & the future

Reflections of last week

Leaguepedia: So first of all, you guys came off of beating the [then] undefeated Fnaticlogo std.pngFnatic last week. What reflections do you have about that?

Diamondprox: It was really great to beat them again after IEM Cologne. It feels nice, it feels like you can beat everyone and they are not our nemesis or something like that. It was interesting to play against them, it was very tough.

What was the difference maker that allowed you to defeat them? I don't know, we just didn't make many mistakes; we only failed early when our bot lane died. Then we just didn't make many mistakes.. maybe we died a couple times but they couldn't get any advantage off that, just 200 gold and nothing else. We were taking all the objectives and we were playing very good with our team composition.

Postgame, vs Copenhagen Wolves

Evelynn Splash 0.jpg

Talking about today's game now against the Copenhagen Wolves, how did you prepare for them? What were your thoughts going into the ban/pick phase?

Our thoughts were just to ban OP junglers because they can first pick them and maybe do something with them. Then, I wanted to play EvelynnSquare.pngEvelynn but I didn't think they wouldn't ban it - that surprised me. We wanted Lulu because she is a great mid laner, no matter what, so it was good that they first picked KayleSquare.pngKayle and then we took LuluSquare.pngLulu and ThreshSquare.pngThresh, who is a great support as well. So the pick/ban phase went pretty much in our favor.

Can you explain to me why Lulu is a good pick in this composition?

Lulu is always a good mid laner if you know how to play her and if you know how to build her, because she brings a lot of utility to our team. She allows you to catch someone with movement speed to boost up some teammates like WukongSquare.pngWukong or ZacSquare.pngZac with your W. She deals a lot of damage; she can push really quick with her Q. The only thing that she lacks is mana, so she needs early blue buffs which I gave to her.

Now about your pick, Evelynn. Since there is no longer an Oracle item, how do you play her? How did you expect your opponents to react to the pick?

I think Evelynn is a really strong champion and you should always be afraid of her, especially if they are not seeing her anywhere for a couple of minutes. Maybe she is just farming jungle or maybe she is staying behind them and ready to kill them, so they're all playing kinda safe. They can leave but nobody wants to risk - that's the thing. Evelynn overall, when Lee SinSquare.pngLee Sin and EliseSquare.pngElise are banned, I think she is the best champion.

Looking into your build, you built a mix of AP and some attack damage with some magic resist. You had a Maw of Malmortius with the Spectral Wraith among other items. Can you explain why you chose that mix in particular?

That is because you can't really stack either AD or AP because stacking AD is useless; you can't get an advantage from it unless you're building something like attack speed or critical strike but you don't need it on Evelynn. To make AP useful you should stack Rabadon's really, that's not the point of jungle Evelynn though as you should be early ganking right now in this meta. So I'm building items which are bringing me some damage and at the same time maybe slows for enemies like [Randuin's] Omen or just damage like Maw of Malmortius. Spectral Wraith is just a usual jungle item that you do. And for anything else, you can just build a tanky jungle item.

S3 Darien.jpg

You also said something in an interview that's been released recently: that you like to fight 2v2 with Darien. That was actually the case today as you guys got first blood. How did you prepare that?

Can you remind me of where we took first blood? It was up top, you [and Darien's TrundleSquare.pngTrundle] were collapsing into AnnieSquare.pngAnnie and LucianSquare.pngLucian; they did a lane swap. Oh yeah, that was interesting because I got my level six really fast. I don't remember if I had a buff or not but it doesn't matter because I already had an item for 20 AP and CDR so I was really, really strong and I was really tanky because of my ultimate so it was just a matter of bursting Q and E and seeing how your opponents die. Trundle had his ultimate as well so they couldn't fight us or kill him since he is just sucking their life.

How did you transition into the mid game and how did you complete the game? What was your mindset as your team was making the rotations?

So we were trying to not fall behind in any lanes and then take as many objectives that we could. I almost took all the camps that were respawning in my jungle just in time, so I got really ahead in terms of gold in comparison to the enemy jungler, so I was really really strong in the mid game. Enemies just couldn't fight us 2v2 or 3v3, et cetera, that's what pretty much gave us our late game. In the late game it was about taking objectives as well but we couldn't really take inhibitor turrets because it was too hard against Annie. Alex [Ich] was dying really really fast so we decided to just wait a bit and prepare for Nashor, then we had a really great fight that we won and we also took the buff, so it was pretty much over.

Tomorrow's game against SHC & the future

Going ahead against SUPA HOT CREWlogo std.pngSUPA HOT CREW, they're a team that is on quite a roll right now. You guys scrimmed against them a week ago when they were preparing; what do you think about them?

I don't really remember if we were scrimming because we are usually losing our scrims. *chuckles* Really, we're losing a lot of our scrims. The only thing I can say is that they're great players, especially their AD carry MrRallez who I really like to play with in solo queue and also really like to watch him play in LCS - so I'm looking forward to this match to see what will happen.

What is in the future for Gambit? Also, are there any people that you'd like to give a shout out to?

We will prepare ourselves for next events like LCS and also IEM Katowice is very very soon, it's the finals of IEM this year and there is going to be another world championship against all the Korean teams and Chinese teams and it's going to be really interesting and we want to prepare ourselves for it as good as we could so we will get bootcamps on for that.

People who I want to thank is all the fans who are here and cheer for us and to all the fans who are sitting at home or anywhere else and watching us, thank you guys as well. I really appreciate everything that you are doing for us. My wife is here with me this week and she really motivates me to play better *chuckles* so I'd like to thank her as well.

And thanks to all my friends and our sponsors; SteelSeries and Pringles.

We would like to thank Diamondprox for holding this interview with us. Tune in to Gambit Gaming's match against Supa Hot Crew and to the other exciting matchups today at LoLeSports.com!

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Written by Adel Chouadria - @hypealgerian
Edited by Jordan Spence - @SanctifiedLoL

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