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League Team Official Summoner Name Tricode Position Legal First Name Legal Family Name Start Date (MM,DD,YY) End Date (MM, DD, YY) Availability Residency Team Contact Information
LCO Dire Wolves Claire DW Top Brandon Nguyen - Resident DW
LCO Dire Wolves Only DW Jungle Jordan Middleton - Resident
LCO Dire Wolves Praelus DW Jungle Jordan Fernandes - Resident
LCO Dire Wolves Shok DW Mid Ari Greene-Young - Resident
LCO Dire Wolves gunkrab DW Bot Vincent Lin - Resident
LCO Dire Wolves kalroc DW Bot Kalvik Raajendran -
LCO Dire Wolves Cupcake DW Support Andrew van der Vyver - Resident
LCO Dire Wolves Farmer DW Coach George Normore - Resident
LCO Dire Wolves Cane DW Coach Cane Neilson -
LCO Dire Wolves loki DW Coach Laughlin Norney -
LCO Gravitas N0body GRV Top Lachlan Keene-O'Keefe - Resident GRV
LCO Gravitas Safa GRV Top Mahmoud Safa -
LCO Gravitas Azus GRV Jungle Blake Schlage -
LCO Gravitas Kyose GRV Mid Nathan Bacha -
LCO Gravitas Rizza GRV Mid Riley McKay -
LCO Gravitas Thomas Shen GRV Bot Chen Yi Shen -
LCO Gravitas Piglet GRV Bot Reuben Salb -
LCO Gravitas Aziyah GRV Support Jayden Dao -
LCO Gravitas Candence GRV Coach Hugo Chang -
LCO Gravitas Valixas GRV Coach Joseph Tselios -
LCO Gravitas Poltron GRV Coach Kim Nicholls -
LCO Legacy Esports Winterer LGC Top Donggeun Kim - LGC
LCO Legacy Esports Sybol LGC Jungle Lachlan Civil - Resident
LCO Legacy Esports Whynot LGC Jungle Raaz Alfassi Berman - Resident
LCO Legacy Esports Incursio LGC Mid Daniel Brkic -
LCO Legacy Esports Styled LGC Bot Gian Leon - Resident
LCO Legacy Esports emelg LGC Support Andy Chen -
LCO Legacy Esports Ceres LGC Coach Evan Mascarenhas -
LCO Mammoth Nectaar MMM Top Dominic Crothers - MMM
LCO Mammoth Buggy MMM Jungle Deane Xie -
LCO Mammoth JGM29 MMM Jungle George Mei -
LCO Mammoth Wayy MMM Mid Ryan Nicholls -
LCO Mammoth Shyfrit MMM Bot William Wu -
LCO Mammoth Kanade MMM Support CK Wong -
LCO Mammoth Shinki MMM Support Brendan Ngo -
LCO Mammoth Threshy MMM Coach Heyu Zeng -
LCO Mammoth Sa11y MMM Coach Jake Everson -
LCO Mammoth Jellal MMM Coach Kevin Yu -
LCO ORDER Maximize ORD Top Maximus Yaremenko - ORD
LCO ORDER Vengeance ORD Jungle WIlliam Blackmore -
LCO ORDER Chungy ORD Mid Jerome Chung -
LCO ORDER Puma ORD Bot Nathan Puma -
LCO ORDER Beats ORD Support David Duy Nguyen-Dang -
LCO ORDER Calvin ORD Coach Ching Chak Magnes Lee -
LCO ORDER OMO ORD Coach Leonard Loh -
LCO Peace Apii PCE Top Jianjing Yao - PCE
LCO Peace Leesa PCE Jungle Thomas Ma -
LCO Peace Kevy PCE Jungle Shane Allen - Resident
LCO Peace Halo PCE Middle James Giacoumakis - Resident
LCO Peace Violet PCE Bottom Vincent Wong -
LCO Peace Chayon PCE Bottom Yuncheng Wang -
LCO Peace Aladoric PCE Support Ryan Richardson - Resident
LCO Peace Coach Daniel PCE Coach Shiao Cheng -
LCO Peace Midlord PCE Coach Yusheng Xiao -
LCO Pentanet.GG BioPanther PGG Top Brandon Alexander Resident PGG
LCO Pentanet.GG Pabu PGG Jungle Jackson Pavone Resident
LCO Pentanet.GG Chazz PGG Mid Jesse Mahoney Resident
LCO Pentanet.GG Praedyth PGG Bot Mark Lewis Resident
LCO Pentanet.GG Decoy PGG Support Daniel Ealam Resident
LCO Pentanet.GG DSN PGG Support Diana Nguyen
LCO Pentanet.GG PGG Coach
LCO The Chiefs Lived CHF Top Tristan Fulcher Resident CHF
LCO The Chiefs Swathe CHF Jungle Ryan Gibbons Resident
LCO The Chiefs Kisee CHF Middle Bao Vo
LCO The Chiefs Mboma CHF Bottom Matthew Desa Resident
LCO The Chiefs Dragku CHF Support Dragon Guo Resident
LCO The Chiefs Cuden CHF Coach Mike Le Resident
LCO The Chiefs Caleb CHF Coach Caleb Tagliaferri Resident