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League Team Official Summoner Name Legal First Name Legal Family Name End Date (Month, Day, Year) Team Contact Information
LJL DetonatioN FocusMe Ceros Kyohei Yoshida 2021/11/16 DFM ml-lol@team-detonation.net
LJL DetonatioN FocusMe Evi Shunsuke Murase 2021/11/16
LJL DetonatioN FocusMe Yutapon Yuta Sugiura 2021/11/16
LJL DetonatioN FocusMe Gaeng Gwangyu Yang 2021/11/16
LJL DetonatioN FocusMe Steal Geonyeong Mun 2021/11/16
LJL DetonatioN FocusMe Kazu Kazuta Suzuki 2021/11/16
LJL DetonatioN FocusMe Gismo Haruhiko Aoki 2021/11/16
LJL DetonatioN FocusMe Marimo Mizuki Inoue 2021/11/16
LJL DetonatioN FocusMe Fujimoto Ryo Fujimoto 2021/11/16
LJL DetonatioN FocusMe Aria Gaeul Lee 2021/11/16
LJL DetonatioN FocusMe Yang Gwangpyo Yang 2021/11/16
LJL Burning Core Proud Jeongjae Lee 2021/11/15 BC burningcore.jp@gmail.com
LJL Burning Core Rayfarky Nanto Shinohara 2021/11/15
LJL Burning Core 3 4 Donghun Kim 2021/11/15
LJL Burning Core Yuhi Yuhi Nakanishi 2021/11/15
LJL Burning Core Once Seyeong Jang 2021/11/15
LJL Burning Core Gariaru Yoshimasa Sato 2021/11/15
LJL Burning Core Kreative Riku Komuro 2021/11/15
LJL Burning Core Akabuff Ryouta Sakura 2021/11/15
LJL Fukuoka Softbank HAWKS gaming Tussle Moonyong Lee 2021/11/15
LJL Fukuoka Softbank HAWKS gaming DasheR Deokbeom Kim 2021/11/15
LJL Fukuoka Softbank HAWKS gaming Zenit Taegwon Jeon 2021/11/15
LJL Fukuoka Softbank HAWKS gaming apaMEN Ryo Odagirii 2021/11/15
LJL Fukuoka Softbank HAWKS gaming Corporal Ian Pearse 2021/11/15
LJL Fukuoka Softbank HAWKS gaming Sweet Junghee Chun 2021/11/15
LJL Fukuoka Softbank HAWKS gaming Squirtle Hyunwoo Park 2021/11/15
LJL Fukuoka Softbank HAWKS gaming Ibuki Ibuki Nago 2021/11/15
LJL V3 Esports Ace Kotoji Mugita 2021/11/16
LJL V3 Esports HW4NG Youngsik Hwang 2021/11/16
LJL V3 Esports Dragon Junyong Lee 2021/11/16
LJL V3 Esports Raina Shin Okubo 2021/11/16
LJL V3 Esports Cogcog Ryohei Matsuda 2021/11/16
LJL V3 Esports MooJin Moojin Kim 2021/11/16
LJL V3 Esports Hollow Yongjin Shin 2021/11/16
LJL V3 Esports Yunika Reo Komoda 2021/11/16
LJL V3 Esports Marble Rei Shimaya 2021/11/16
LJL Crest Gaming Act Nap Akihito Ono 2021/11/16 CGA info@crestgaming.com
LJL Crest Gaming Act Alchemy Shintaro Kaneko 2021/11/16
LJL Crest Gaming Act Qoo Shogo Fukuda 2021/11/16
LJL Crest Gaming Act Kaito Kaito Mitsufuji 2021/11/16
LJL Crest Gaming Act Milan Ryo Nakamoto 2021/11/16
LJL Crest Gaming Act Cassin Daehui Kim 2021/11/16
LJL Crest Gaming Act Naehyun Naehyun You 2021/11/16
LJL Crest Gaming Act Ping9 Ryu Jaekeon 2021/11/16
LJL AXIZ Ino Fumiya Aino 2021/11/15 AXZ axiz-info@ntv.co.jp
LJL AXIZ Megmiin Hayate Kubo 2021/11/15
LJL AXIZ Nemoh Keisuke Koresawa 2021/11/15
LJL AXIZ Honey Bohun Park 2021/11/15
LJL AXIZ Hoglet Gwanghyeop Kim 2021/11/15
LJL AXIZ Dicey Daisuke Ashida 2021/11/15
LJL AXIZ Jerophilip Jaepil Ha 2021/11/15
LJL AXIZ Lago Taewoon Lee 2021/11/15
LJL AXIZ Cube Changsung Kim 2021/11/15
LJL Sengoku Gaming Enty Ryosei Tanioka 2021/11/16
LJL Sengoku Gaming Ramune Osamu Ozawa 2021/11/16
LJL Sengoku Gaming Paz Shiro Sasaki 2021/11/16
LJL Sengoku Gaming Crash Dongwoo Lee 2021/11/16
LJL Sengoku Gaming Gango Sehun Byeon 2021/11/16
LJL Sengoku Gaming Son Jaeseok Son 2021/11/16
LJL Sengoku Gaming tete Nozomi Mizo 2021/11/16
LJL Rascal Jester VicaL Sunmook Kim 2021/11/16 RJ
LJL Rascal Jester Kinatsu Yuto Enomoto 2021/11/16
LJL Rascal Jester hachamecha Dai Takai 2021/11/16
LJL Rascal Jester Recap Norifumi Yamazaki 2021/11/16
LJL Rascal Jester Ssol Jinsol Seo 2021/11/16
LJL Rascal Jester Secret Kiseon Park 2021/11/16
LJL Rascal Jester Rando Saeki Tada 2021/11/16
LJL Rascal Jester Curep Hiroki Iida 2021/11/16
LJL Rascal Jester Cosmic Koki Hanada 2021/11/16
LJL Rascal Jester Sirotama Hikaru Kiyonaga 2021/11/16