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League Team Official Summoner Name Legal First Name Legal Family Name End Date (Month, Day, Year) Team Contact Information
LJL DetonatioN FocusMe Evi Shunsuke Murase 11/20/2018 DFM DetonatioN FocusMe
LJL DetonatioN FocusMe Steal Geonyeong Mun 11/20/2018
LJL DetonatioN FocusMe Ceros Kyohei Yoshida 11/20/2018
LJL DetonatioN FocusMe Yutapon Yuta Sugiura 11/20/2018
LJL DetonatioN FocusMe viviD Kihoon Han 11/20/2018
LJL PENTAGRAM Paz Shiro Sasaki 10/31/2018 PGM PENTAGRAM
LJL PENTAGRAM Once Seyeong Jang 10/31/2018
LJL PENTAGRAM Ramune Tong Ye 10/31/2018
LJL PENTAGRAM YutoriMoyasi Yuta Noguchi 10/31/2018
LJL PENTAGRAM Gaeng Gwangyu Yang 10/31/2018
LJL 7th heaven Rokenia Yeong-dae Jun 11/18/2018 7h 7th heaven
LJL 7th heaven Savage Jang Seong Gyu 11/15/2018
LJL 7th heaven SatoRy Yuhki Tange 11/15/2018
LJL 7th heaven ThintoN Junya Matsuoka 11/15/2018
LJL 7th heaven Haretti Sota Nakamura 11/18/2017
LJL Rascal Jester Alleycat Masaaki Yamaguchi 11/19/2018 RJ Rascal Jester
LJL Rascal Jester Wyvern Jonggyoon Lee 11/19/2018
LJL Rascal Jester Fanxy Hyeok Kim 11/19/2018
LJL Rascal Jester NoA Shunya Honda 11/19/2018
LJL Rascal Jester Meron Kiichi Watanabe 11/19/2018
LJL Rascal Jester Yuki Yuki Takahashi 11/19/2018
LJL Rascal Jester Mai Hongxiang Kim 11/19/2018
LJL Rascal Jester Lem0n Yuya Kobayashi 11/19/2018
LJL Unsold Stuff Gaming apaMEN Ryo Odagiri 11/31/2018 USG Unsold Stuff Gaming
LJL Unsold Stuff Gaming Tussle Moonyong Lee 11/31/2018
LJL Unsold Stuff Gaming Gariaru Yoshimasa Sato 11/31/2018
LJL Unsold Stuff Gaming Gango Sehun Byun 11/31/2018
LJL Unsold Stuff Gaming Enty Ryosei Tanioka 11/31/2018
LJL Unsold Stuff Gaming Alt Maiki Tanaka 11/31/2018
LJL V3 Esports cogcog Ryohei Matsuda 4/30/2018 V3 V3 Esports
LJL V3 Esports E hi Hangyeom Kim 11/15/2018
LJL V3 Esports Smile Jongha Won 10/30/2018
LJL V3 Esports Keymaker Hiroto Ito 5/30/2018
LJL V3 Esports Kazu Kazuta Suzuki 7/30/2018
LJL V3 Esports uinyan Takashi Inoue
LJL V3 Esports maplestreet Ainslie Eric Wyllie 4/30/2018
LJL V3 Esports Tom Jefferson Hsiao Kuan Chu 10/30/2018
LJL V3 Esports RayFarky Shinohara Shinohara 10/30/2018