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League Team Official Summoner Name Legal First Name Legal Family Name End Date (Month, Day, Year) Team Contact Information
LCL M19 Shellkunchik Nikita Yulskii M19 mikheev@m19.team
LCL M19 NNS 1 Gleb Fedorov
LCL M19 Shlyapojor Nikita Gudkov
LCL M19 Valhalla Ilia Atnazhev
LCL M19 Miracle Ruslan Zainulin
LCL M19 Negativve Denis Golovin
LCL Unicorns of Love BOSS Vladislav Fomin 18 Nov 2020 UOL MagisterElk@gmail.com
LCL Unicorns of Love AHaHaCiK Kirill Skvortsov 18 Nov 2020
LCL Unicorns of Love Nomanz Lev Yakshin 18 Nov 2020
LCL Unicorns of Love Gadget Ilya Makavchuk 18 Nov 2020
LCL Unicorns of Love Santas Alexander Lifashin 18 Nov 2020
LCL Unicorns of Love Invi Dmitrii Protasov 18 Nov 2020
LCL Unicorns of Love Sheepy Fabian Mallant 18 Nov 2020
LCL Dragon Army Dimonko Dmitry Korovushkin DA gavrillevi@gmail.com
LCL Dragon Army Paranoia Ivan Tipukhov
LCL Dragon Army LeX Alexei Chitac
LCL Dragon Army itsCORTEZ Illia Pihulov
LCL Dragon Army Aoi Haru Kirill Kolupaev
LCL Dragon Army Hokage Veaceslav Garichin
LCL Elements pro gaming Smurf Dmitry Ivanov EPG manager@elements-pro.com
LCL Elements pro gaming Kreox Ilya Grom
LCL Elements pro gaming Kira Mikhailo Garmash
LCL Elements pro gaming Kinzu Vladislav Belokon
LCL Elements pro gaming JestkuiMax Maxim Philipenko
LCL Elements pro gaming selfdestruct Denis Merkulov
LCL ROX DREAMPYLLA Mark Lexin ROX Igor.utkin@powerducks.pro
LCL ROX Four Stanimir Penchev
LCL ROX Phlaty Alexey Lemeschuk
LCL ROX Shiganari Artjoms Pervušins
LCL ROX Lekcyc Alexander Lexikov
LCL ROX SaDJesteRRR Evgeny Starosvesky
LCL Gambit Esports Doxy Rafael Adl Zarabi GMB pikiner.konstantin@gmail.com
LCL Gambit Esports Diamondprox Danil Reshetnikov 18 Nov 2020
LCL Gambit Esports Lodik Stas Kornelyuk 18 Nov 2020
LCL Gambit Esports Sencux Chres Laursen
LCL Gambit Esports ATRemains Igors Radkevics 18 Nov 2020
LCL Gambit Esports Kayos Vladimir Ivanov
Gambit Esports Seigimitsu Evgeniy Podlobnikov
LCL CrowCrowd NoNholy Alexander Ovchinnikov CC Apnumen@crowcrowd.net
LCL CrowCrowd Rein Artem Zenyan
LCL CrowCrowd XoNix Khaled Noman
LCL CrowCrowd Haninger Stepan Grabik
LCL CrowCrowd SKasH Artur Ermolaev
LCL CrowCrowd Starky Artem Starkov
LCL CrowCrowd Apnumen Alexey Peskov
LCL Vega Squadron Charger Oleg Zhuravlyov VEG boss@vega-squadron.com
LCL Vega Squadron MightyDragon Yaroslav Svystun
LCL Vega Squadron Keysie Nikita Popov
LCL Vega Squadron Optimas Rolandas Vincalovičius
LCL Vega Squadron SimSin Vladislav Samokha
LCL Vega Squadron JamesPeke Kirill Katashov