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Item was removed in Patch 6.9.
Enchantment - Alacrity.png
UNIQUE - Alacrity: Grants +20 bonus movement speed.
Additional Information
Map AvailabilityALL
Tier 2 Boots + 450 Goldcurrency.png
Builds Into
Berserker's Greaves - Alacrity.png Boots of Mobility - Alacrity.png Boots of Swiftness - Alacrity.png Ionian Boots of Lucidity - Alacrity.png Mercury's Treads - Alacrity.png Ninja Tabi - Alacrity.png Sorcerer's Shoes - Alacrity.png

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Patch History[]


With Homeguard no longer being tied to the enchantment system, almost all of the remaining options are very broad bonuses to movement. As seen earlier this season, bonus movement speed is a dangerous thing to stack, with boot enchants being a major contributor. When considering how warping Alacrity’s been toward introducing movement speed into the item system (and how potentially warping Captain or Fervor can be), we’re pulling the system to put a tighter leash on the ways champions can gain extra speed.

It’s possible that we’ll revisit the concept of boot enchants in the future, but only after we find ways for it help dodge mobility creep

DISENCHANTED Boot enchantments have been removed from the shop


TOTAL cost : [475 gold] 450 gold


  • MOVEMENT SPEED: +15 movement speed ⇒ +20 movement speed


  • Alacrity enchantment added.