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As announced on April 15th, 2016, the seeding for the 2016 Season World Championship is variable and depends on the results of the 2016 Mid-Season Invitational.[1] Regions whose MSI representatives perform well are rewarded with higher seeding.

The total number of teams and regional distribution of total seeds is unchanged from 2015. The only changes are to seeding within the tournament.

Pool 1[]

Pool 1 consists of the #1 seed from each of the top 4 regions at MSI. If an International Wildcard team places top 4 at MSI, then that region is promoted to being a premier region for 2016 only with one direct seed to the World Championship (which will be seeded in Pool 1), and only one team from the 2016 IWCQ will qualify for Worlds. (Example: If Brazil places 3rd/4th at MSI, then the CBLOL winner will be at Worlds 2016 in pool 1 automatically)

Pool 3[]

Pool 3 is guaranteed to have at least one IWC team, one NA team, and one EU team. The fourth team will be from the 6th-place MSI region, and may be a second IWC, NA, or EU team if one of those regions places 6th at MSI.

Pool 2[]

Pool 2 has all teams not in Pools 1 or 3.


If IWC is top 4[]

Pool Participants
1 [MSI-1], [MSI-2], [MSI-3], [MSI-4]
2 [MSI-5], Remaining Teams
3 1x IWC, 1x NA, 1x EU, [MSI-6]

If IWC is 5th[]

Pool Participants
1 [MSI-1], [MSI-2], [MSI-3], [MSI-4]
2 1x IWC, Remaining Teams
3 1x IWC, 1x NA, 1x EU, 1x [MSI-6]

If IWC is 6th[]

Pool Participants
1 [MSI-1], [MSI-2], [MSI-3], [MSI-4]
2 [MSI-5], Remaining Teams
3 2x IWC, 1x NA, 1x EU

What regions get the IWC seeds?[]

  • If the MSI IWC team places top 4, that team's region automatically gets one of the two IWC seeds at worlds. The other seed (and region) is determined at IWCQ.
    • The second-place team from the automatically-qualified IWC region would then attend IWCQ, so in theory there could be 2 teams from the same IWC region present at Worlds.
  • In every other scenario, both IWC seeds and regions are decided at IWCQ.

Final Results[]

At MSI, Royal Never Give Up, Flash Wolves, Counter Logic Gaming, and SK Telecom T1 advanced to the semifinals (in qualification order), and so the pool 1 seeds were given to China, Taiwan, North America, and Korea. Europe had two seeds in pool 2 and one in pool 3, and both IWC regions' seeds went to pool 3.