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Circuit points[]

SeedTeamWi 13-14 OGN Wi 13-14 NLBSp 14 OGNSp 14 NLBSu 14 OGNSu 14 NLBTotal
1Samsung Bluelogo stdSamsung Blue-50400-225-675
2Samsung Whitelogo stdSamsung White1225-150-150-525
3SK Telecom T1 Klogo stdSK Telecom T1 K1400--50-75525
4KT Rolster Arrowslogo stdKT Rolster Arrows-20-20400-440
5NaJin White Shieldlogo stdNaJin White Shield100-225--50375
6KT Rolster Bulletslogo stdKT Rolster Bullets150--40-10200
7CJ Entus Blazelogo stdCJ Entus Blaze-75100--20195
8SK Telecom T1 Slogo stdSK Telecom T1 S-10-20100-130
9CJ Entus Frostlogo stdCJ Entus Frost-20-75-20115
10NaJin Black Swordlogo stdNaJin Black Sword-60-60-6060
11Jin Air Green Wings Stealthslogo stdJin Air Stealths-10-10-4050
12Incredible Miracle 2logo stdIncredible Miracle 2-10-10-2020
12Jin Air Green Wings Falconslogo stdJin Air Falcons-----2020
12Prime Optimuslogo stdPrime Optimus---20--20
15Anarchylogo stdAnarchy-----1010
15Incredible Miracle 1logo stdIncredible Miracle 1---20-1010
15MKZlogo stdMKZ-----1010
1Samsung White won a tiebreaker match against SK Telecom T1 K for the second seed from Korea.
1 400 75
2 225 60
3 150 50
4 100 40
5-8 [1] 20
9-12 [1] 10


  1. 1.0 1.1 Teams that fail to reach the half-final stages of OGN The Champions continue playing in NLB

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